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Professor challenges torture poll of evangelicals

October 31, 2008 --

George Fox professor, Mark David Hall, wrote a well-received guest opinion article in The Sunday Oregonian about faulty logic used on evangelicals views on torture.  Here is a sample of that article.

There are lies, damn lies and statistics. Manipulation of the latter serves as the basis of Tom Krattenmaker’s smear of evangelicals published in The Sunday Oregonian (“Torture and evangelicals: Faith takes back seat to power and politics,” Oct. 19).  Krattenmaker breathlessly compares one poll reporting that 57 percent of white Southern evangelicals think torture can “often” or “sometimes” be justified, with another showing that 48 percent of the general public has identical views.

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MTI airlifts emergency medicines into Honduran disaster zone

October 30, 2008 --

Medical Teams International provides emergency medicines to Honduran flood survivors
Portland Agency provides nearly $1 million in aid this year

Medical Teams International Release  (PORTLAND, ORE.—Oct. 28, 2008)   Medical Teams International is mobilizing a second emergency relief shipment of medical supplies, worth $482,000, to Honduras where thousands of families fighting floods still struggle to find food, shelter, medicines and clean water.

The relief items, including urgently need antibiotics, bandages and water purification kits, will help Honduran families displaced by tropical storms that swept the country last week. Subsequent torrential rains have flooded houses, destroyed crops, and washed out bridges and roads in Central America’s second poorest country.

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Showing Our Kids the Whole Spectrum of Virtue

October 29, 2008 --

Oregon Author Spotlight: Paul Coughlin
Article: Showing Our Kids the Whole Spectrum of Virtue

Wisdom often leads to conflict, and it is spiritually neglectful not to explain to our children that if they align their lives with God’s will, they will be met with challenges.  If we don’t, we can be sure we’ll be raising a generation of what I call Second-Seed people—those who walk away from their faith when the going gets tough.

When we read Jesus’ parable of the sower (Matthew 13; Mark 4; Luke 8), which describes why faith grows in some but not others, we hope we’ll only find our inner lives described in one key passage.  When we find our faithlessness laid bare on the page, we sometimes fail to understand the real reason: We simply don’t have the backbone to withstand the difficulties that come from being the oddballs God wants us to be.

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X-cops run camp teaching kids virtue over violence

October 28, 2008 --

By Rick Johnson, Better Dads, Oregon

During our recent trip to Texas, my wife Suzanne and I visited a remarkable facility located in the urban, inner city area of Fort Worth. We were blessed to spend some time with Gary Randle and Noble Crawford the co-founders of H.O.P.E Farm. The acronym H.O.P.E. stands for Helping Other People Excel.

Both Randle and Crawford are former law enforcement officers who felt a calling to help young, fatherless, African-American boys become men. As they say, “All boys deserve a chance to become men.” The “farm” consists of several buildings that were formerly drug houses for local gangs. Randle, an imposing figure at 6’ 8” tall, is a former TCU college basketball player who believes that without positive male role models these boys are doomed to end up involved in drugs or in prison.

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Another battle of the religion films hits October

October 27, 2008 --

By Beaver-Believer, Portland

Two different spiritual movies debuted during the same weekend of October 17th. One was the small budget movie that was embraced by the faith community (Secret Life of Bees) and it out-performed the much celebrated film (W) which depicted people of faith in a negative light.

The Secret Life of Bees is a film that was promoted by three faith-based marketing companies; Motive Entertainment (Passion, Narnia), Grace Hill Media (Evan Almighty, Pursuit of Happyness) and Liquid Soul (The Gospel). Clergy and ministries were mailed teaching materials for the movie and given a website.

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Portland: Emotional reunion with Ethiopian Dr. and adoptive parents

October 24, 2008 --

From Holt International Newsletter 10/08.

Ethiopian Adoption–‘a good thing’.  Parents reunite with a key person in their recent adoptions.  Parents carrying young children enter the small dining hall, scanning the faces for Dr. Fikru. When they spot him, they move quickly across the room to greet him with hugs and laughter. Some have traveled for hours and some from as far away as Maryland to see this charismatic man they first met on the other side of the world–in Ethiopia.  The expressions of joy and familiarity spread across their faces as he greets them with a warm Ethiopian-style handshake or embrace. Several parents address him as “Dr. F,” and some hold his hand as he listens to excited stories about the newest tricks and developments of their new sons or daughters. For these parents, he is a friend who played a key role in a unique journey of love.

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Local filmaker showcases new film at Corban College

October 23, 2008 --

From Corban College,

Lord, Save Us From Your Followers” gets “followers” thinking. Corban welcomed Portland-area Film-Maker Dan Merchant to campus and his recently produced documentary, “Lord, Save Us From Your Followers” (Lightning Strikes Entertainment, LLC).  The Caulkins Fall Lectureship in combination with Chapel and ASB, sponsored this October event for students.  Merchant spoke during Chapel, spent most of the day with students, and discussed the movie with viewers after the evening showing.  

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First Run: Fight global prostitution with midnight walk on New Years

October 22, 2008 --

Compassion First is hosting a New Year midnight walk event called First Run to help rescue kids from global prostitution.   The Beaverton based ministry travels dangerous areas in the Pacific and Asia helping young prostitution victims escape the sex-trade.   The First Run event encourages people to start the “first” act of the year as an act of service to others by raising funds and awareness to this escalating cause.   The First Run is catching on across the country.

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Northwest Students Join Thousands in Germany

October 21, 2008 --

By Sheila Allen, NW Baptist Witness,

VANCOUVER – A contingent of Northwest Baptist teenagers and leaders joined over 6,800 students from around the world in Leipzig, Germany, for the Baptist Youth World Conference in recent weeks.  The 47-member group worshiped with others from 69 countries and took advantage of the opportunity to meet in small groups to gain a greater understanding of each other and how God is at work among them.  The first night of the conference participants experienced a theme interpretation about the history of Germany that moved many of them to tears.

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Jewish Scholar to read Kaaterskill Falls tonight in Portland


Announcement from University of Portland,

Reading of Kaaterskill Falls set for Tuesday Oct. 21 is part of a series led by professor and Jewish scholar Matthew WarshawskyThe book Kaaterskill Falls by Allegra Goodman will be discussed in a reading set for 6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 21 in Room 163 of Buckley Center on the University of Portland campus, 5000 N. Willamette Blvd. The event is free and open to the public. Registration is required.  The reading is the fourth part of the series “Between Two Worlds, Stories of Estrangement and Homecoming.” The session is led by University of Portland professor and Jewish scholar Matthew Warshawsky. The University’s Clark Memorial Library will provide all books and materials. For more information and registration, please contact the library at (503) 943-7778 or online at

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