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Tips For Moms Raising Sons

January 5, 2009

By Rick Johnson
Founder of Better Dads ministry, Oregon

• Boys need clear, unambiguous boundaries

• Boys need to be held accountable for their actions and decisions

• Boys need to learn the correlation between taking risks and success in life

• Boys need to not acquire the habit of quitting early in life

• Boys need positive male role models in their lives

• Speak to your son in simple, short sound bite sentences

• If you need to discuss something in depth, take a walk or other physical activity with your son

• Women have much better communication skills than a boy. It is intimidating to sit across the table, eye to eye from someone so much more skilled in an area than he is

• Start discussing sexuality early in your son’s life—it will be easier later on

• Don’t be discouraged–millions of good men have been raised by just their mothers.

Find out more in Rick’s book, That’s My Son—How Moms Can Influence Boys to Become Men of Character, by Revell Publishing. Go to for more information.

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Suz January 5, 2009

Do not be discouraged. It is hard, no easy way around it. The rewards comes when boys mature (usually age 30+) : )

Judy Dippel January 6, 2009

Hi Rick…and dads and moms!
This is marvelous advice. As a mom whose son was the inspiration of my first book, (Refreshing Hope in God), I’m here to confirm to other mothers and fathers out there, it’s worth the effort…and one day, usually somewhere between 26-30, your son will tell you how much all you did made “the difference” in the outcome of his life. Dont be fooled…he REALLY is hearing the positive things you are saying and doing. It’s a glorious day when he finally acknowldeges it!!
My son will be 30 next month, and those precious words finally heard from my him a few years back, have been the greatest gift to me…a mere mom! It erased lots of heartache and regret I experienced from some of the “stretching” his choices brought me. Hang in there, moms and dads! It’s worth every step!
Judy Dippel
Refreshing Hope in God: A Mother’s Journey of Joy and Pain

Kay January 7, 2009

Looking back in retrospect, now having college aged sons, I can say your advice is spot on! Any young moms out there?! Take note.

Marie January 7, 2009

I especially noted your comment about positive male role models. My experience has been “a good mom will produce GOOD young men, and alongside her, a good dad will produce GREAT young men.”

Toni January 7, 2009

So agree Marie, dads just naturally approach their sons along the recommendations listed…probably why they can have such a great impact in their lives, where moms may have a natural inclination to do things differently and that approach may have to be consciously redirected.

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