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NY mosque debate: Whoopi walks off the View

October 15, 2010

By Beaver State Believer,
Oregon blogger

The religious debate in America is reaching new lows when people yell, scream and just flat out walk away over an important topic like the Ground Zero area Mosque debate question. Here we have video of Bill O’Reilly in a shouting match with Whoopi Goldberg and others during a showing of the View show on ABC. Poor Barbara Walters tried to restore order but failed. The fact that Bill O’Reilly was shouting as well meant that everyone was on their worst behavior (except Barbara of course). The NY Ground Zero Mosque is an important discussion America needs to ave and we can’t have it if both sides of the mosque debate do not listen to each other.

Please leave us your thoughts on what happened with O’Reilly and Whoopi and crew.

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Cory October 15, 2010

I totally agree with Bill. It was Islamic Terrorists who flew the planes into the buildings. And now they want a Mosque a few blocks away. Bullshit. And as far as the comment about there being terrorists in all religions. Yes but where do most of them come from?

All Muslims are not terrorists, but let me ask this question. What will happen when muslims become the majority? They are after all outbreeding us and immigrating here in droves. Think about it. Do you want to live in a country with a Muslim Majority? Look to the middle east. I sure don’t.

George October 15, 2010

This land is MY land, this land is YOUR land, This land was made for ALL OF US !!!

NOT JUST Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, Barbara and the rest of the gang on the
View as well as the nation. Every RE ACTION is a direct result of an INITIATED ACTION.
Everyone in the nation has their own right to pursue their happiness in the USA without being
hurt by someone else along the way. If you don’t hurt me while I am trying to pursue MY happiness,
I won’t hurt you while you are trying to pursue yours.

Yes, Barbara, you cannot solve any problems by walking off stage and not talking about sensitive issues
in a well civilized manner. YES, Muslim extremist “Islamic Terrorists ” commited the acts of 9/11.
YES, not ALL Muslims should be accused. YES, Elisabeth, ALL religious faiths “COULD” have have their own set of
“extremists”. BUT these terrorists were MUSLIMS. And if this type of thing was caused by extremists
of my religion or any other religion, I can understand how those families may feel.
This is NOT , by any means, a light matter. This will be forever in our minds. We, as a NATION, need
to stand together as ONE and do what is right, what is proper, what is moral and ethical.
70 % of americans don’t want the mosque there but 30 % , more than likely, wouldn’t know the difference !

m October 15, 2010

“Americans” need to quit trying to walk on egg shells and kick the freaks (Muslims) out of this country! They are ruining this nation. How pathetic we look to the world right now.

thinkpink October 15, 2010

Really george? “everyone in the nation has their own right to pursue happiness in the USA without being hurt by someone else along the way?” It’s funny that christian white americans are so quick to forget that they and their ancestors hurt, maimed and killed many african americans in this country and have gone out of their way to ensure that they don’t have the right to happiness and equality in america after dragging us from another continent might I add. Last i checked no one considered how my family felt about that. Every race has committed some kind of atrocity in this country but we all still have freedom. You don’t get to change the constitution because you “feel” like it and i’m sorry but people in america shouldnt always get what they want. The majority of white americans in this country wanted slavery, and inequality among the races…does that mean it was right?

Sha October 15, 2010

Didn’t realise a cultural centre for faith was a mosque. Perhaps in the UK we see things for whst they are and not what we think they are

ABray October 15, 2010

Its seems there are certain races of people that the majority
deems it acceptable to be prejudice towards today – they even look
to Americans who in the past where un desired to side with them in the hate. Not all muslims are realated to terroist, that’s ignorant, not all Spanish are illegal, very disturbing. Ive had people ask when they share in ther racist rants about certain types of people – why do I always defend? – because at one time I qualified as an undesireable – My race was the topic of the disgust. The acceptable race to be racist – prejudice to – the race to sit around and talk about as unwanted, but thats not cool anymore so move on the muslims and Spanish 🙁 – but vote for me, Se Habla espanol- when in your face.

Mark October 15, 2010

Im a democrat. Im not religious.
I understand the importance of freedom of religion, and how important it is that they have a right to build a mosque where ever they choose.
However, I fail to comprehend how a religion of peace does not consider buildig elsewhere to avoid hurting the feelings or angering fellow human beings.
They should show some grace. Just cause you have the right to do something does not always make it the right choice.

howitis October 15, 2010

Yes, thinkpink, slavery happened (obviously). It was horrible and inhumane, thankfully it has been abolished.

“christian white americans are so quick to forget that THEY and their ancestors hurt, maimed and killed many african americans in this country”.

It was not THEY and their ancestors, it was their freaking ancestors. There is no need to constantly bring something up when there is nothing left to be done about it and guess what else: the majority of people in this country (WHITE, black, hispanic, WHATEVER..) agree that slavery was disgusting and should have never happened, so stop shoving that in people’s faces as if they had anything to do with it.. There is really no need to play the race card, because you are right, every race commits atrocities in this country: there are plenty of african americans in America committing crimes “hurting, maiming, and killing” people on a daily basis, so why bring that up as if it has any significance in this discussion??

PLENTY of people “considered how your family felt about that”..hence, the abolishing of slavery and HUGE improvement in America in regards to racism. (Yes, there are still some crazy racists out there, but that goes for every race and will probably never change). If you’re referring to asking how your family felt about being brought from another continent? By all means, go back (this is AMERICA, you have the choice and opportunity to do make that decision for yourself).

The mosque (or “cultural center for faith”..WHATEVER..) is a huge issue because, as many people have pointed out, it is disrespectful to those who passed away on 9/11. If it was not to support any type of extremists, this group would have no problem moving to a different location to show some RESPECT to those who passed. If there was an attack from a christian group on a building in a muslim country, there’s no way a CHURCH would be built right down the street (let’s face it, there would never be a church built ANYWHERE in the country). It’s not about “changing the constitution because we feel like it.” It’s about what is RIGHT and what is WRONG. If our founding fathers knew was what going on they would spit on the constitution and write up a new one, these people are making America look like a joke. We should not be working so hard against our own people and defending those who are attacking us!

By the way, it’s funny how you’re quick to defend the constitution because the majority of those writing it had slaves working for and being injured/raped by them. Just because they had a change of heart and “didn’t believe it in anymore” does not negate the fact that they actually HAD slaves.

I really don’t see what slavery has to do with this mosque situation. Trust me, people in American don’t always “get what they want.” DID WE WANT 9/11? Did we WANT our president to fund a trip to muslim countries to rally up funds for the mosque? (Another funny question, why are muslim countries investing so much money into ONE mosque in AMERICA, when thousands of their own are DYING in Pakistan from the flood and from horrible living conditions in their OWN countries?? Hmm..I wonder).

So stop arguing with those inside your country and being so IGNORANT. Stop overanalyzing the past and focus on the PRESENT. Come together and stand up for what is RIGHT (not what is politically correct..). Thinkpink, you may have been preaching something different if your family were “hurt, maimed, and killed” in the terrorist attacks on 9/11..

george October 15, 2010

Why is everyone still lying and saying that the proposal is to build a mosque? It’s not a mosque, people!!! There already is a mosque there, should we tear it down? The proposal is for a community center open to people of all faiths.

Hugh October 15, 2010

I personally don’t believe in any particular religion. I hated the attacks on the Twin Towers and the horrific loss of innocent lives. These attacks were carried out by a group of hate filled extremists that have no place in our world. This is the view of all my UK Christian & Muslim friends.
A Mosque is a building where people express LOVE. After the horrific attacks and loss of life at the Twin Towers I would like to see new building celebrating love and devotion being built around that area. But I do understand that these plain and clear facts get muddied by your government and media.
George… Your comment of “BUT these terrorists were MUSLIMS”. By that rational, if a Murderer has loved, followed and devoted himself to the Miami Dolphins, does that make all Miami Dolphins fans that share his devotion and love murderers? I accept that my point is a little silly but so is the mindless grouping of all Muslims. It must make your tiny little brain feel so much better to group all Muslims together and make it all so easy for yourself
M… Your war cry is disgusting! And sums up the inward looking narrow minded America of today. You say “How pathetic we look to the world right now” for not kicking out the Muslims… Your young Country looks pathetic to the whole world because of comments like yours, not by your inability to kill Muslims. 6,000,000 innocent children, women and men in Iraq & Afganistan have been killed, injured or forced from their home since you started your “War on Terror”. 6 MILLION!!! (CNN probably doesn’t report this)…
America loves making their lists of terror and threatening the world… Name the one country that has dropped nuclear weapons on heavy populated cities?

Simon October 15, 2010

Good to see the moronic right wing is still plodding along.

BTW, someone wants to open a hairdresser near ground zero, and I hear that ALL the terrorists used to get haircuts. Also, a guy wants to open a deli 2 blocks away, and its a fact that several of the terrorists liked pastrami.

marion October 15, 2010

O’Reilly, give us back that Irish name,you don’t deserve it.. you have no right to say what you did, it shows total IGNORANCE and hatred for Muslims.
O’ Reilly please change your name!!!!!!!

Muslims are the most lovable humane people I have ever met.

Well done girls!!! Whoopi I love you:)

Marion in Dubai

ElreyJones October 16, 2010

Africans (so-called African Americans) have killed over 300,000 non-africans (mostly white) in America since MLK marched on DC. Most of these murders were terroristic acts. So the african in America is now the terrorist. Sure whites may have lynched a few hundred africans and a few of those (just a handful) may not have been lynched for murder or rape. So what? A few hundred doesn’t compare whatsoever to 300,000. And there have been millions of non-african Americans who have been ethnically and racially cleansed from their homes due to african agitation and criminal activities. It is no wonder we are self-segregating again. Free people have the right to demand freedom from terrorism and oppression. And the doors are open for any people to get on planes and return to the homelands. American citizens will not miss you as you return to Africa. Please fly first class. You deserve it!

Jimmy October 16, 2010

m October 15, 2010
“Americans” need to quit trying to walk on egg shells and kick the freaks (Muslims) out of this country! They are ruining this nation. How pathetic we look to the world right now.
I think you’ll find it’s aipac that runs our congress. Alot of the media is Jewish owned not Muslim!!!!

EDDIE October 16, 2010


Kevin October 18, 2010

What I don’t see here is the fact that when Muslim Extremists want to build a Mosque somewhere, it is meant to be a sign of victory. Allowing THIS Mosque to be built in THIS location is like admitting that the extremists won. The extremists have not won in this country. Allowing this Mosque to be built on this site will be seen as a sign of weakness by the world, and especially by the extremists around the world. We are slowly losing our freedoms every day, yet Whoopi and Joy seem to think it’s OK, that some how we deserve to lose those freedoms. I imagine they might, just might, change their minds when this nation is faced with having to obey Sharia law. When it comes down to that, then they and every other female in this nation will become less than human and subjected to the inhumane treatment that women in the Muslim world now face.

Spotty October 19, 2010

I understand Whoopy’s sentiments, but these are terrorists. You have to go behind their curtains to hear what they say about you and me. I know we are too nice to these barbaric people because we are civilized. Go to Dubai or Saudi Arabia with a bible in your handbag and call me when they seize it and throw it in the garbage and you can do NOTHING about it. These are terrorists and that is what they are, whether you like it or not.

Spotty October 19, 2010

Let’s form a coalition and stand up for our rights and NOT let this happen in our backyard. I, for one, will be there to stand hand in hand with the civilized world, to bring their freaking mosque to the ground. They want to blow up our buildings, well, let’s not go there…

Spotty October 19, 2010

Hatred for Muslims? Did you hear what the top court is the freaking UAE ruled? It is OK for a man to beat the shit out of his wife and children, but please don’t leave any marks!!! What has the Quran written about a woman wanting to discipline a man? Hey, go figure! Hypocrites!

Anne October 21, 2010

Do you honestly think that Muslims would allow a Catholic church to be put up in their country in a place where Christians had killed hundreds of people including many Muslims, in the name of their God-Of course they would not,
Here are a few examples of what happens to Christian churches in Muslim countries:


Islamists looted, and burned to the ground, a Pentecostal church in Tizi Ouzou on January 9, 2010. The pastor was quoted as saying that worshipers fled when local police left a gang of local rioters unchecked.[88]

In January 1999, anti-Christian violence erupted by local Muslims.[89][90] “Tens of thousands died when Moslem gunmen terrorized Christians who had voted for independence in East Timor.”[91]

tim November 24, 2010

This one is for thinkpink. You know I am tired of hearing about the slaves back in 1800’s we are now in 2010. That all happened over 200 years ago let’s just leave it alone. I am sorry, but I am not prejudice, but I am tired of everytime something happens the racism card get’s thrown in there. If you look at america’s history we are all immigrants to this fine country. My ancestry is American Indian Cherokee, but you don’t see me bringing that up everytime. That happened way before my time. I believe that all ethinicities deserve the right to reside in this country. Sorry, but that is the way this country is built and if we do not want it that way. Then we need to change the constitution that our founding fathers wrote and that is a part of our history.

Neutralmen December 7, 2010

I understand Whoopy’s sentiments, but these are terrorists. You have to go behind their curtains to hear what they say about you and me. I know we are too nice to these barbaric people because we are civilized. Go to Dubai or Saudi Arabia with a bible in your handbag and call me when they seize it and throw it in the garbage and you can do NOTHING about it. These are terrorists and that is what they are, whether you like it or not.

No,they are not,Muslim would ever kill you,extremist would,it’s not my foult some fucken terorists attacked you and now you just waited that attack so you can say we are terorists.You are saying this because you are affraid.Americans want to get rid of muslims because they know that muslims will be the leading religion in 200 years.Not all Americans are like this,and do not be offended

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