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MTV Skins: 51% audience drop, 6 lost sponsors

January 31, 2011 --

MTV Skins Sex doesn’t sell after all MTV Skins sinks
By Beaver State Believer
Oregon writer,

MTV new highly controversial show Skins is reeling in bad news.   The new show, Skins, has been under fire for underage sexuality and drug exploitation.   The latest week viewer ratings show that Skins’ second episode sank 51% in viewership ratings. Several advertisers have already pulled out of the show.  Most notable of the advertising sponsors have been  L’Oreal, Wrigley, Taco Bell, Foot Locker,  Schick and Subway.

The rampant pull-out of sponsors resulted in MTV showing station promos. Oddly, the one organization that has stepped forward to be a sponsor for Skins has been PETA –the Peoples Ethical Treatment of Animals organization.  There is even talk of the show being cancelled. This means Skins is in trouble.

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Angry young men

January 30, 2011 --

Angry Young Men
by Rick Johnson
from Better Dads Minsitries, Oregon

Ever notice we have a lot of angry young men running around today? One of the reasons is that our boys today have a certain amount of repressed anger. It results in more bullying in school, but also in a more escalated level of violence. This is caused by not allowing young males to solve their social issues as they have for thousands of years—on their own. In the past when two young males disagreed about something, they went on the playground and tussled around until one or the other acceded—generally they both just got too tired to continue and quit. They then shook hands and forgot about it. In fact many boys I fought with we went on to be good friends. Today however, with adult (feminine) interference, boys are not allowed to solve their own problems. They are taught that any kind of aggression or (gasp) violence is bad. So they are forced to repress those feelings which eventually cause them to fester into frustration, anger, resentment, and bitterness–far more powerful feelings than they were originally faced with. Eventually those powerful repressed emotions spill over and explode into greater levels of violence evidenced by the shootings and stabbings we see of young men across the country.

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At 40 and she is adopting twins? She's crazy

January 29, 2011 --

At 40 and she adopting twins? She’s crazy
by Jane Ballback
Holt International
Based in Eugene, Oregon

[Are you crazy?] My friends were too polite to say that to me, but I am often asked why I adopted twins? There are several good reasons for that. The idea first came from the social worker who knew I wanted more than one child. She probably got the idea because I am a twin myself. I was, and remain very grateful for this suggestion.

When I first began to think about adoption, I only thought about adopting one child. I figured I could handle that. As I was beginning the adoption process my own mother died. As usual my twin sister and I comforted each other a great deal as we went through the process of loss and grieving. That’s when I began to think about how incredibly alone this one adopted child would be — especially since our family was small, older, and mostly childless.

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Family-Faith Review: The Mechanic


Family-Faith Review: The Mechanic
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

The Mechanic 00 This violence-fueled remake of the 1972 Charles Bronson thriller focuses on the relationship between a crack assassin-for-hire (Jason Statham) and the ne’er-do-well son (Ben Foster) of his murdered mentor (Donald Sutherland), whom he takes on as an apprentice. But the methodical killer’s new protege proves to be a careless, vengeance-hungry loose cannon. Though director Simon West pulls off some clever plot turns, they too often result in blood-spattered scenes of mayhem. Meanwhile, the central characters’ pursuit of base physical satisfaction leads them — and the audience — into a sleazy underworld of brothels. Excessive gory violence, some of it sadistic; strong sexual content, including graphic scenes of prostitution, lesbian-themed pornography and nongraphic male homosexual activity; upper female and brief rear nudity; a half-dozen uses of profanity; and much rough and crude language. O — morally offensive. (R) 2011

Full Review

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Family-Faith Film Review: No Strings Attached

January 28, 2011 --

Family-Faith Film Review: No Strings Attached
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

No Strings Attached– Morally unmoored relationship comedy about a commitment-averse doctor (Natalie Portman) and a romantically disillusioned TV producer (Ashton Kutcher) who agree to an emotionless sexual arrangement, only to find their feelings for each other getting in the way after all. As charted by director Ivan Reitman, the predictable arc of their ascent from the freedom of the barnyard to something resembling responsible human interaction is punctuated by such crude humor as that entailed when his immature father (Kevin Kline) turns out to be shacking up with his son’s ditzy ex-girlfriend (Ophelia Lovibond). Strong sexual content, including graphic nonmarital and homosexual activity, brief rear and partial nudity, drug use, pervasive bedroom humor, at least one instance of profanity, much rough and crude language. The Catholic News Service classification is O — morally offensive. The Motion Picture Association of America rating is R — restricted. Under 17 requires accompanying parent or adult guardian.

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Family-Faith Film Review: The Way Back


Family-Faith Film Review: The Way Back
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

The Way Back — Inspirational, partly fact-based portrayal of a 4,000-mile trek by escaped prisoners from a Russian gulag to political asylum in India. Director and co-writer Peter Weir’s superbly made drama sees an ensemble of skilled actors (Jim Sturgess, Ed Harris, Colin Farrell, Saiorse Ronan) displaying deeply-felt emotions along with stunning courage, although “The Long Walk” — the 1956 book on which the script is based — has been shown to fall short of the truth. Probably acceptable for older teens. Fleeting rough language. A-III — adults. (PG-13) 2011.

(The Way Back has a 72% positive Tomato rating)

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Court upholds hiring of people who share same faith

January 27, 2011 --

By World Vision,

World Vision applauds today’s action by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit, upholding our legally protected practice of hiring people who share the same faith.

The court rejected a petition to re-hear a case involving three former employees terminated in 2007 because, after several years working for the Christian humanitarian organization, they no longer agreed with World Vision U.S.’s statement of faith. The court ruled 2-1 last August that World Vision qualifies as a religious organization under the 1964 Civil Rights Act, thereby, upholding the terminations. We hope today’s action by the court settles this dispute.

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Bill could cause widespread shut-downs of crisis pregnancy centers

January 26, 2011 --

Georgene interviews Dr. Thomas Glessner, President of the National Institute of Family and Life Advocates, and the founder of the first Crisis Pregnancy Center in Seattle. Their legal organization, based in Washington D.C., provides services to Pregnancy Resource Centers all across the country. They discuss a piece of legislation in Washington State, HB1366, that targets the Pregnancy Resource Centers.

Georgene: Last year, you might recall, the Pregnancy Resource Centers in Washington faced legislation that meant to close them down. It was soundly defeated. However the National Abortion Rights Action League (NARAL), Pro-Choice America, Planned Parenthood, and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) have submitted another bill after changing the wording. Dr. Glessner, tell us what they have submitted in the legislation.

Dr. Glessner: The legislation they have introduced this year is the most dangerous bill I have yet seen. It is dangerous not only in what it says but because it appears it will pass. If it passes, it will be the death of Pregnancy Resource Centers in the state of Washington.

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Oregonian pens two books to celebrate 400th King James Bible anniversary

January 25, 2011 --

400th Anniv. of the KJV Sees Two Ground-Breaking Books from Dr. Brake
By Multnomah University

2011 is a big year for the King James Version Bible. Not only is it the 400th Anniversary, but Dr. Donald L. Brake, dean emeritus of Multnomah Biblical Seminary and avid Bible collector, will release two important books on the topic:

— A Visual History of the King James Bible

— A Royal Monument of English Literature: The King James Version 1611-2011.

(Rumor has it that “A Royal Monument…” has some big news that will astound Bible scholars)

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Religion trends of the new Congress

January 24, 2011 --

By Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life

Many analysts described the November 2010 midterm elections as a sea change, with Republicans taking control of the U.S. House of Representatives and narrowing the Democratic majority in the Senate. But this political overhaul appears to have had little effect on the religious composition of Congress, which is similar to the religious makeup of the previous Congress and of the nation, according to an analysis by the Pew Research Center’s Forum on Religion & Public Life.

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