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Ending Human Trafficking in Oregon

February 28, 2011 --

Georgene Rice interviews Shoshon Tama-Sweet, the Executive Director for the Oregon Center for Christian Values (OCCV), to discuss legislation they have introduced on human trafficking. They would like to see human trafficking criminalized and hopefully end in the state of Oregon.     

Georgene: The truth is sex trafficking of minors doesn’t just happen overseas. It unfortunately happens right here in Oregon. For those who are not familiar with what human trafficking is and why it is a concern to us here, could you please start there?

Shoshon: Human trafficking  is basically modern day slavery. People are held against their will, forced to do labor, and have all of their earnings from that labor taken by those who are holding them as slaves.  Here in Portland and Oregon we are talking about holding young women and boys as sexual slaves. They are forced into prostitution.

Georgene: It is shocking to imagine what you have just described is happening across the state. Tell us what you at the Center are doing to address this plague.

Shoshone: OCCV feels this is something that we are called to do as Christians. When Jesus unrolled the scroll in the temple and said that he came to set the captives free, he meant that spiritually, metaphorically, and he also meant it literally. These young boys and girls who are being held captive need to be set free. One of the most practical things we can do as Christians is to work together and convince the elected officials to focus on this issue and take concrete steps to get rid of the problem.

Georgene: I understand there are about five pieces of legislation. Could you tell us about them?

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Longest marriage at 82 honored

February 27, 2011 --

Worldwide Marriage Encounter honors longest married couple
By Worldwide Marriage Encounter,

The Longest Married Couple from Randy Brown on Vimeo.

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif., — The response across the country to the Longest Married Couple Project sponsored by Worldwide Marriage Encounter, the original faith based marriage enrichment program in this country, was marked as extremely positive.

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Faith Writers Conference April 2nd

February 26, 2011 --

Faith & Culture Writers Conference
— Taking our writing to the streets, the coffee shops,
and yes, the church.

By Western Seminary,
Multnomah University & Corban University

PORTLAND, Oregon  – A diverse group of 20 presenters, ranging from contemporary theologians, ministers, and publishers to literary agents and award–winning authors come together to share their passion for bringing faith to the streets through writing, Saturday, April 2nd at Western Seminary’s southeast Portland campus.

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Family-Faith Film Review: Hall Pass

February 25, 2011 --

Family-Faith Film Review: Hall Pass
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

Hall Pass — Directors and co-writers Peter and Bobby Farrelly take a low-road journey through contemporary marital mores as two sex-obsessed suburban husbands (Owen Wilson and Jason Sudeikis) are given permission by their exasperated mates (Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate) to ignore their wedding vows for a week. Though the primary joke in the brothers’ script (penned in collaboration with Pete Jones and Kevin Barnett) concerns how little productive use the would-be studs make of their supposed freedom — an arrangement referred to by the slang phrase of the title — at least two instances of flat-out infidelity are treated as minor, if regrettable, indiscretions. A juvenile view of human sexuality also prevails throughout. The relentlessly vulgar bedroom banter is interspersed, on occasion, by repellant sight gags. Strong sexual content including adultery, a homosexual rape, masturbation, full nudity and pervasive coarse dialogue, drug use, graphic scatological humor, much rough and crude language. O — morally offensive. (R) 2011

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Family-Faith Film Review: Of Gods and Men


Family-Faith Film Review: Of Gods and Men
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

Of Gods and Men — Brilliant dramatization of real events, recounting the fate of a small community of French Trappists (led by Lambert Wilson and including Michael Lonsdale ) living in Algeria during that nation’s civil war in the 1990s. Targeted by violent Muslim extremists, the monks must decide whether to continue their medical and social work for the local population or abandon them by fleeing to safety. Using the tools of the monastic life itself, director Xavier Beauvois finds a path to the heart of the Gospel through simplicity, a compassionate sense of brotherhood and an atmosphere of prayer enriched by sacred music and potent silence. The result, a profound mediation on the cost of discipleship, is a viewing experience from which every adult as well as many mature teens can expect to profit. In French. Subtitles. Brief gory violence, some unsettling images and a single instance each of rough and crass language. A-III — adults. (PG-13) 2011

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NW Church hit with string of car thefts

February 24, 2011 --

NW Church hit with string of car thefts

By Oregon Faith News Note:

St. Joseph Catholic Church in Vancouver has been hit three straight weeks with car break-ins. As people worship thieves are raiding the parking lot. St. Joseph has resorted to handing out warning notices in the church bulletin and hiring private security. The sense of security people have at church seems to be what some local criminals prey upon. For more on the St. Joseph Catholic Church parking lot thefts click here or watch the video

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Oregon to end faith healing exemption

February 23, 2011 --

By Oregon Christian Post,

The Oregon Legislature is moving closer to ending religious protection for parents who deny medical treatment to their children based on personal religious beliefs. Lawmakers say that the recent deaths of three children from the Followers In Christ church in Oregon City as the reason. The bill at the center of the change is HB 2721. Under HB 2721 parents would be subject to prison sentencing. The bill summary reads “Eliminates reliance on spiritual treatment as defense to certain crimes in which victim is under 18 years of age. Modifies effect of reliance on spiritual treatment in determining whether youth is subject to juvenile court’s dependency jurisdiction.” and is sponsored by State Representatives Carolyn Tomei, Dave Hunt and Mitch Greenlick.

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Your family may need a technology detox

February 22, 2011 --

When the Whole Family Is Staring at Screens, Time to Try a Tech Detox
By Oregon Family Council

The Wall Street Journal in a recent article by Elizabeth Bernstein addresses the issue of technology, social networking and its impact on family life and then describes the need and benefits that come from going tech-free. The article used the Broadnax family as an example of a modern tech-obsessed household. Ms. Broadnax described their evenings as each individual going to their own screen, whether it was watching cartoons, using Facebook, emailing, or watching a movie, each activity was completely independent from one another. She then described the horrific reality that, “days were going by and we weren’t talking”. The last thing that anyone would expect to come from their own household of people living under the same roof would be a lack of communication. But sadly most families are giving into the technology craze and are resorting to Facebook, texting, and Twitter to keep in touch with their own children or spouse.

In the article, Ms. Broadnax became fed up with the road her family was down and called for a household tech detox. As anyone can imagine this was not easy for neither the children or for the adults. It felt more like punishment than a method of relaxing and spending more time together. But in the end it forced their family to interact together such as playing board games, and to participate in activities that most children and adults have forgotten about over the years, such as reading books, playing with toys, or cooking.

If you feel that your family could benefit from taking a vacation from their own gadgets try a few of these tips. Begin by taking baby steps, like any drastic diet it requires gradually building up a routine, for example instead of cutting out all electronics from the get-go, allow an hour of TV or computer a night before cutting out all technology completely. And it is equally important to not allow the family to go back to old habits as soon as the cleanse is finished, but to set a new standard that focuses on family first. By changing the focal point from media, networking, and technology we can start to bring back traditional values and priorities to our American households to create healthy relationships.

Click here to read the entire article.

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Take the marriage nice test

February 21, 2011 --

Paul Coughlin,
Oregon author of No More Christian Nice Girls

Marriage: How Nice Messes Up Matrimony

So you’ve found your Mr. Right. You have my best wishes and this warning: false niceness can mess up a marriage. But before we show you the mess and how to clean it up, it’s time for a quiz! It’s written for wives, but you could apply current or past dating relationships to the questions as well.

Are You a Desperate Nice Wife?

True or False: 1. My husband tells me that I do too much for other people.

True or False: 2. I almost never spend any money on myself.

True or False: 3. I rarely feel better after my husband and I try to talk things out.

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Video: When the Word reaches an untouched tribe

February 19, 2011 --

By Randy Alcorn,
Eternal Perspectives Ministry

Sandy, Oregon

My friend Tim Challies recently placed a ten minute video on his blog, documenting what happened earlier in 2010: the receiving of the completed translated New Testament by the Kimyal Tribe in Papua, Indonesia.

If your heart does not overflow with gratitude, or even if it does, for the Word of God that has been given to you in your language, watch this video and see through the eyes of these brothers and sisters in this tribe.

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