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Oregon Jesuit becomes chaplain to the U.S. House

May 31, 2011 --

Oregon Jesuit becomes chaplain to the U.S. House of Representatives
By Oregon Christian Post,

Father Patrick Conroy, 60, if confirmed is the new chaplain of the U.S. House of Representatives.  Father Conroy will be the first Jesuit, and the second Catholic chaplain to serve in this position.  Father Conroy is a Jesuit priest from the Oregon Province of the Society of Jesus, which recently agreed to a $166.1 billion settlement, involving sexual or physical abuse.

Father Conroy told the Oregonian in a recent article, “I will be the chaplain for all the House staffers, for the Capitol police and security guards, kitchen workers and people in the mailroom employees. But I won’t be their pastor.” Father Conroy continues to say, “In such a highly charged environment, where people are given great power and great responsibility that goes with it, an environment that is highly competitive and combative, it’s good to have a person who’s not in that dogfight, who won’t talk about what you say”.

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Bill helps honor fallen veterans in Oregon

May 30, 2011 --

Bill helps honor fallen veterans in Oregon
— House Bill 3658 would provide a medal given to Gold Star families
Oregon House Democrat Press Release

SALEM – The Oregon House today passed HB 3658, which creates a medal honoring Oregon soldiers who have died as a result of their military service. This bill results from the collective work of Rep. Brad Witt (D-Clatskanie) and Rep. Dave Hunt (D-Clackamas County), along with Rep. Sal Esquivel (R-Medford) “This medal is one tangible way that we as a state can thank Gold Star families for the sacrifices they have made for Oregon and America,” said Rep. Witt. “It’s time for our state to show our gratitude for those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in defense of our state and our nation.”

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Coalition issues Jewish-Christian statement of understanding

May 29, 2011 --

A coalition group called the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) has issued a statement on Jewish understanding of Christians. See the full statement here at the CJCUC website.

Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation– After collaborating and working with various Christian organizations, leaders, and scholars over the past three years, the staff members of the Center for Jewish-Christian Understanding and Cooperation (CJCUC) in Efrat and Jerusalem have released a statement of a Jewish Understanding of Christians and Christianity. CJCUC is the first orthodox Jewish entity to engage in dialogue with the Christian world.

In partnership with The Witherspoon Institute in Princeton, NJ, CJCUC recently unveiled their scholarly work at the Van Leer Institute in Jerusalem as well as at Yale University on the topics of “Covenant & Mission” and “Hope & Responsibility in the 21st Century.” In addition, CJCUC has collaborated with scholars connected with the Hebraic Heritage Christian Center in Atlanta, GA, in discussing the issues of “Evangelization” and “Jewish Understanding of Christianity.”

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Iran Religious Persecution: Remembering the victims

May 27, 2011 --

Kathy Norquist
Executive Assistant to Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministries
Sandy Oregon

Please pray for our persecuted brothers and sisters in Iran who are imprisoned for their faith. A few years ago a man named Farshid, featured along with many others in the two-and-a-half minute video below, visited our EPM office. It was a privilege to meet him and the director of Elam Ministries and hear stories of what God is doing in Iran. It’s now heartbreaking to think of Farshid presently in prison, enduring much hardship, and separated from his dear family.

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Oregon help in Japan quake zone

May 26, 2011 --

Oregon church takes hope to Japan
By Sheila Allen

SENDAI, Japan — While streams of devastating images of suffering along the Japanese coast continue to touch many Americans following the 9.0 earthquake and resulting tsunami, the devastation hit much closer to home for members of Japanese International Baptist Church in Tigard, Ore.  With friendships and family relations stretching across the Pacific Ocean, church members freely gave of their time, money and resources to ease the crushing needs.
The church came together in the weeks following the tragedy to raise funds and gather many needed items to be taken to Japan by a four-member team from Japanese International.

Team heads to Japan

The team departed for Japan on April 8, returning April 22. Church members raised more than $10,000 by selling baked goods and other items, while many companies offered services and donated one ton of merchandise that was shipped at no cost to the church.

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Oregon Christian history shared at State Capital

May 25, 2011 --

Oregon Christian hostory shared at State Capital
By John Fortmeyer,
CNNW Newspaper

SALEM — For starters, the fact that both “cowboys and Indians” were on the Oregon State Capitol steps in unity perhaps indicated how unusual the next four to five hours would be. Close to 500 people on Saturday, April 16 witnessed an event some might consider unprecedented, but for which organizers saw much historic precedent — a Christ-centered recognition of the spiritual underpinnings behind settlement of Oregon and the larger Pacific Northwest.

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NW Faith-healer insider breaks silence

May 24, 2011 --

Faith News Note: Local faith healing deaths involving children related to the Followers of Christ church in Oregon City have been in the headlines recently. There has been a faith-healing trial and the Oregon Legislature has been debating a bill which removes the faith-healing exemption which provides legal protection for parents who refuse medical treatment for their children. The issue is very alive in Idaho which for which there were two children who died in a faith-healing situation. KATU-2 News ran an exclusive news story on a former member of a faith healing church in Idaho who wanted to express his opposition. See video below.

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Changing how churches address the gay debate

May 23, 2011 --

Georgene Rice interviews Debbie Thurman, founder of Sheer Faith Ministries and author of “Post Gay? Post Christian? The Anatomy of  a Cultural and Faith Identity Crisis”. The book discusses how the church can approach the homosexual issue in a more effective and Christ-like way. In Amazon’s review of her book, they state that the book accomplishes two important things. She uses a wealth of information to present an objective picture of the state of American gay politics and church politics, and she provides intriguing solutions for the church.

Georgene: The question looms. Are homosexuals winning the decades long cultural and spiritual clash with Christians? Debbie offers an updated response and urges her readers to look at the debate in a new light, demystifying and humanizing homosexuality in a way that elicits compassion. I have read the book and find you a serious thinker and this is a serious book on the subject. Let me first ask you why you believe this is an important subject for the church to get right.

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MTV rejects pregnancy help TV ad

May 22, 2011 --

MTV rejects pregnancy help TV ad by Heroic Media
BY Heroic Media Press Release

AUSTIN, Texas — MTV has banned a media campaign of life-affirming, call-for-help commercials produced by Heroic Media which were scheduled to run on the network during May 2011. MTV notified the press of their decision to pull the call-for-help commercials on May 5th, but did not inform Heroic Media until the following afternoon. An MTV sales representative who notified Heroic Media’s advertising agency of the decision indicated that MTV President, Stephen Friedman, made the decision.

According to the sales representative, MTV, “Was in the works with doing a partnership with Planned Parenthood and different opportunities for PSA’s when he decided that he did not want to run Heroic Media on MTV.”

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Family-Faith Film Review: Pirates-Caribbean, On Stranger Tides

May 20, 2011 --

Family-Faith Film Review: Pirates-Caribbean, On Stranger Tides
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

Pirates of the Caribbean- On Stranger Tides:
In the adequate fourth movie inspired by the amusement park ride, Captain Jack Sparrow (Johnny Depp) leads various seafarers — his nemesis Captain Barbossa (Geoffrey Rush), an old flame (Penelope Cruz) and the evil pirate Blackbeard (Ian McShane) — to the Fountain of Youth. Applying a Broadway musical sensibility, director Rob Marshall (“Chicago”) cannot dispel the feeling that the franchise has grown long in the tooth. Although admirably straightforward, the picture lacks visual grandeur and the jolly, swashbuckling energy that has made the series so popular. Recurring action-adventure violence and peril, including nongraphic knife play and swordplay; some lightly suggestive humor and innuendo; several scary sequences; one rude expression; and frequent alcohol consumption. A-II — adults and adolescents. (This movie is rated PG-13) 2011

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