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Unsung heroes of the "Dark Knight" tragedy

July 31, 2012 --

By Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministries, Sandy Oregon
Author of Heaven

I was looking over their excellent young adult website,, and read the following article concerning the young men who gave their lives to protect the women they loved. I found it touching, inspiring and insightful:

Real Heroes at ‘The Dark Knight’ Shootings
by Matt Kaufman

“I pray that in the days to come, we might also catch some small glimmer of God’s redemptive hand at work, as impossible as that may seem in this horrible moment,” Adam Holz wrote on this site a few days ago in “Prayer and Mourning After ‘The Dark Knight.’ “

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Marriage measure makes Washington ballot

July 30, 2012 --

Christian News Northwest

It really wasn’t a surprise when Washington’s secretary of state’s office announced June 12 that this November’s statewide ballot will include at least one measure related to marriage.

During the previous week, opponents of same-sex marriage had submitted more than twice the number of signatures required to get their Referendum 74 on the fall ballot. The petition drive — led largely by concerned Christian groups — had resulted in the most signatures ever collected for a referendum in the state — 247,331. A minimum of 120,577 valid voter signatures was required.

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Stark media bias over bishop-nun dispute

July 29, 2012 --

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Media coverage of both the “Fortnight for Freedom” events sponsored by the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), and the competing “Nuns on the Bus” campaign, reveal interesting results.

A total of 141 dioceses, involving tens of thousands of Catholics, participated in the USCCB events; it ended with a crowd of 5,000 at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception on July 4. Although Bill Moyers wrote that “a bus filled with nuns” participated in the “Nuns on the Bus” campaign, in actual fact a total of two nuns made the entire bus trip; there were never more than six at any one time on the bus. No matter, CNN did eight stories on the nuns, and none on the bishops; MSNBC did six on the nuns, and one on the bishops; and CBS News did two on the nuns and none on the bishops.

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Oregon faith writers event in August

July 28, 2012 --

By Oregon Christian Writers

The 2012 Oregon Christian Writers Summer Conference will be held August 13-16 at the Aldersgate Conference Center near Salem, Oregon. Evening keynoter is James L. Rubart, bestselling author, popular speaker, and marketing consultant. Cecil Murphey, Thursday morning keynoter speaker, is a New York Times best-selling author and co-author of more than 120 books that have sold millions of copies and been translated into more than 40 languages.

Other faculty includes author, Susan May Warren, award winning novelist of over 30 novels and founder of, and Lonnie Hull DuPont, editor at Revell/Baker Publishing Group.

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Pastor dies right after sermon

July 27, 2012 --

Rev. Jerome McNeil, a Pastor at Christian Chapel CME Church in Dallas Fort Worth gave a moving sermon and then afterwards had a heart attack and died. It shocked the congregation and yet reinforced on how the here and now can be there and went when eternity calls. See the news video below.

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Study: Clues behind first-time church guests

July 26, 2012 --

Churches with 300-500 in Weekly Attendance Rate Higher with First-Time Guests
By Melanie Smollen, Faith Perceptions,

After four years of sending mystery guests into churches to evaluate the first-time guest experience, Faith Perceptions has again released their findings in its annual Church Index. It shows that “large” churches (300 – 500 in average weekly attendance) performed better than both their smaller and larger counterparts in nine of fifteen categories. Key areas of strength for these large churches were pre-service greeting, seating, in-service greeting, and friendliness. Large church visits comprise 24% of the 1,152 worship services measured in the Church Index.

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Ex-rap star becomes Portland pastor

July 25, 2012 --

By Guest Opinion,

Portland pastor Cole Brown used to work in the hip-hop industry. While there, he found Jesus, came back to Portland, and wrote a book—Lies My Pastor Told Me. Now he’s written a new book: Lies Hip-Hop Told Me, due to be released on July 2.

When he was a student at Grant High School in Northeast Portland, Brown was that nerdy kid that no one liked. He did have one friend, like every nerd, but his whole life was wrapped up in his music. He particularly adored R&B singer and producer Teddy Riley, author of hits for Michael Jackson and Keith Sweat. One day, Brown decided to send Riley a piece of fan mail. A few weeks later, Riley called him and said that fan mail like Brown’s was a reminder that his job was about the music, not about the money.

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Why men need honor

July 24, 2012 --

By Rick Johnson
Better Dads Ministry, Oregon

Perhaps no character trait embodies healthy masculinity more than that of honor. Honor is the soul of masculinity. It is a code that a man lives by that lifts him above mere mediocrity and survival. It allows him to use the incredible power that God has endowed him with to lift the lives of others beyond what they could ever be without his broad shoulders to stand upon. Honor allows a man to stand tall among lesser members of his gender. It allows him to reject and ignore involvement in self-gratifying activities (like adultery, drugs, lying, or stealing) that sap his ability to live a life of integrity and wholeness. It motivates him to live his life to a higher standard.

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Teen's help nearly kills woman outside church

July 23, 2012 --

By Guest Opinion,

In a case of a good Samaritan deed gone horribly wrong, a 17 year old teen tried to help an 82-year old woman trying to park her car at the Holy Rosary Church in Portland.    The woman, Mary Hart, accepted the help. Upon backing up the car the teen accidentally left the car in reverse (or did not release the brake) causing the car to move backwards. The car door was open which hit Hart as it rolled backwards. The injury sent Hart to the hospital for three weeks.  Hart suffered brain injury and is currently living in a nursing home with severe dementia.

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Important week for religious freedom

July 22, 2012 --

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

This week, Daniel Cardinal DiNardo heralded the inclusion of the Abortion Non-Discrimination Act, and key provisions from the Respect for Rights of Conscience Act, in the appropriations bill for Fiscal Year 2013 of the House Appropriations Subcommittee on Labor/HHS. These measures would strengthen the right of health care providers not to provide for abortion, and would protect religious entities who object to those parts of ObamaCare they deem objectionable.

Also this week, while the seven states that filed suit against the so-called contraception mandate lost when a U.S. District judge said they lacked standing, he noted something important: Judge Warren K. Urbom cited the fact that “the rule is currently undergoing a process of amendment to accommodate these organizations.”

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