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Ohio case tests religious freedom of science teachers

July 13, 2012

By The Rutherford Institute,

The Ohio Supreme Court has granted The Rutherford Institute’s appeal to hear the case of John Freshwater, a Christian teacher who was fired for keeping religious articles in his classroom and for using teaching methods that encourage public school students to think critically about the school’s science curriculum, particularly as it relates to evolution theories. Freshwater, a 24-year veteran in the classroom, was suspended by the Mount Vernon City School District Board of Education in 2008 and officially terminated in January 2011. The School Board justified its actions by accusing Freshwater of improperly injecting religion into the classroom by giving students “reason to doubt the accuracy and/or veracity of scientists, science textbooks and/or science in general.” The Board also claimed that Freshwater failed to remove “all religious articles” from his classroom, including a Bible.

The Rutherford Institute’s appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court is available online.

“Academic freedom was once the bedrock of American education. That is no longer the state of affairs, as this case makes clear,” stated John W. Whitehead, president of The Rutherford Institute. “What we need today are more teachers and school administrators who understand that young people don’t need to be indoctrinated. Rather, they need to be taught how to think for themselves.”

In June 2008, the Mount Vernon City School District Board of Education voted to suspend John Freshwater, a Christian with a 20-year teaching career at Mount Vernon Middle School, citing concerns about his conduct and teaching materials, particularly as they related to the teaching of evolution. Earlier that year, school officials reportedly ordered Freshwater, who had served as the faculty appointed facilitator, monitor, and supervisor of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes student group for 16 of the 20 years that he taught at Mount Vernon, to remove “all religious items” from his classroom, including a Ten Commandments poster displayed on the door of his classroom, posters with Bible verses, and his personal Bible which he kept on his desk. Freshwater agreed to remove all items except for his Bible. Showing their support for Freshwater, students even organized a rally in his honor. They also wore t-shirts with crosses painted on them to school and carried Bibles to class. School officials were seemingly unswayed by the outpouring of support for Freshwater.

In fact, despite the fact that the Board’s own policy states that because religious traditions vary in their treatment of science, teachers should give unbiased instruction so that students may evaluate it “in accordance with their own religious tenets,” school officials suspended and eventually fired Freshwater, allegedly for criticizing evolution and using unapproved materials to facilitate classroom discussion of origins of life theories. Freshwater appealed the termination in state court, asserting that the school’s actions violated his rights under the First and Fourteenth Amendments to the United States Constitution and constituted hostility toward religion. A Common Pleas judge upheld the School Board’s decision, as did the Fifth District Court of Appeals, without analyzing these constitutional claims. In appealing to the Ohio Supreme Court, Institute attorneys argued that the Board through its actions violated the First Amendment academic freedom rights of both Freshwater and his students.

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Q Patch July 13, 2012

Facts of the case important to me are contextual. Why is it a big deal, many ask?

The answer to the questions of origins lays the cornerstone to the foundation of one’s worldview. Made or fallen-together by a happy chain of accidents? It’s not incidental, it’s the whole ballgame.

Darwinians can’t win on facts. They lose all debates. They must resort to censorship and lawsuits to mono[lize the microphone.

They believe, with all Communists, a lie is as good as the truth, or truth means whatever gets the audience in front of you to agree to your agenda. They teach their kids to fight dirty at a young age. It’s all about politics Chicago-style and nothing to do with the purity of science teaching.

Controversy is the best thing to motivate students of both persuasions, design and accidentalism. The provocation of a challenge makes them go deeper to build their case from the ground up. Darwinians’ offspring discover at once a Grand Canyon of doubt through that ‘mountain of evidence’ they’ve been told proves their faith. The say-so science by show of hands they’ve been fed seems too weak a bridge to carry one’s weight safely over the chasm. If they want to live atheist, they’ve got to dedicate a portion of their life to structuring a stronger apologetic. Why would their parents fight to keep them sidelined, insulated from such good motivation? They might succeed and achieve a name above Darwin’s on the list of champion God-killers.

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