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Entire freshman class volunteers

August 29, 2014 --

By University of Portland

Entire University of Portland freshmen class to volunteer around the Portland metro area on Saturday, Aug. 30
The entire University of Portland freshmen class will volunteer on Saturday, Aug. 30 as part of the University’s “Building Community: Serving to Learn” event. All students from the class of 2018 – a record-setting estimated 1,085 — will participate in a half day program, which marks their first full weekend as University of Portland students. The freshmen will be joined by current students, faculty, and staff, sending more than 1,200 UP volunteers into the community.

University of Portland began “Building Community: Serving to Learn” in 2005 as a way to unite all of its first-year students in a day of service. The service program aims to build community among new students in a non-traditional setting and to teach practices of sustainability and service in the surrounding area.

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Vatican approves force against terrorist state


By Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights

Bill Donohue comments on the Vatican’s response to the Islamic State terrorists:

The Catholic Church’s just-war doctrine allows for a military response to grave conflicts, provided that several criteria are operative. The Vatican has made it clear that the mass murder being committed by Islamic State terrorists meets that standard.

No one has been more pointed than Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Holy See’s Permanent Observer to the United Nations. He said this week that “there might be occasions in the life and in the relations between states when dialogue, negotiations, fail and large numbers of people find themselves at risk: at risk of genocide, at risk of having their fundamental, their basic rights violated.”

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NW mega-pastor steps-down

August 27, 2014 --

Oregon Faith News Note:

Seattle pastor Mark Driscoll has a church in Seattle and Portland and is a top voice among mega-churches in America. A total of 21 former pastors have filed a complaint with church elders regarding harassment and bullying. Watch the video below.

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Who’s side is God on?

August 25, 2014 --

By Paul Louis Metzger

Multnomah University Professor
New Wine Skins Ministry

All too often, religious folk like me tend to think God is on our side. The question is not, “Is God on our side?” The question is, “Are we on God’s side?” Even that question is difficult to answer. How do we know if we are on God’s side? Presumption and hubris so often set in, as we maintain we can do no wrong because God has blessed our plans. A great deal of wrong is often done based upon such over-confidence.

People in the North and South during the Civil War claimed that God was with their troops in battle against the opposing forces and that their cause was just. Preachers across the land proclaimed biblical support for the rightness of their respective sides’ war efforts to devastating effect on the battlefield.

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Catholic group turns table on CNN

August 22, 2014 --

By Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights

Bill Donohue comments on a article, “The Lavish Homes of American Archbishops”:

CNN, playing its Pope Francis card, is stunned to learn that “10 of the country’s top church leaders defy the Pope’s example and live in residences worth more than $1 million.”

Rebel #1 is New York Archbishop Timothy Cardinal Dolan. He is living in a house that is attached to St. Patrick’s Cathedral, was built more than a hundred years ago, and cannot be sold separately because of its landmark status; it also houses offices, living quarters for other priests, guest rooms, a dining area, etc. What is inexcusable are Dolan’s red carpets—CNN claims they are “thick.” I can attest that the accusation is accurate.

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New Planned Parenthood ice cream?

August 20, 2014 --

whtsthscpFaith News Note:

A Portland ice cream shop called What’s the Scoop has gained wide attention for a new fundraising flavor in support of a Planned Parenthood  summer event.   The flavor is called Rose City Revolution, which features rose candies in the ice cream, and is being used to raise funds for Planned Parenthood.

Here is more from the original story…

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How our kids compare to the world

August 18, 2014 --

chart-infogrphcfthrpBy Holt International
Based in Eugene Oregon

Sometimes, nothing makes a point as well as a picture…

An infographic compiled by a website for healthcare administrators and those looking for research about the medical field titled “The Kid’s Aren’t Alright” combined data from World Bank, UNICEF and International Living to subjectively rank countries on the quality of life they offer children, based on per-capita GDP, infant mortality, safety and more.

When you choose a variable in the infographic, such as the percentage of children  vaccinated against polio or enrolled in primary schools, watch the map transform into a color-coded index illustrating which regions perform the best and worst in that area. Countries colored red scored the worst, while countries colored seafoam green excel. There are six color-ratings possible, following a rainbow spectrum.

Naturally, at Holt, we zoomed in on the countries where we work. We noticed some immediate trends — many of which directly relate to the work we do overseas combating child abandonment, poverty and family instability.

Below, we break down how the infographic rates in countries where we work, and what we are doing to battle some of the issues most prevalent in the region.

Check out the infographic here.

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Grandparents prayer day Sept. 7th

August 16, 2014 --

Make National Grandparents Day on September 7, 2014
A Day of Prayer for our grandchildren.

Our grandchildren are living in a desperate moral and spiritual climate navigating in a world hostile to truth. Satan has launched an aggressive attack on our families, schools and our nation to desensitize our children to truth and righteousness. Perhaps at no other time in our history is a call to prayer more urgently required than it is today for our grandchildren.

God has given grandparents a sacred trust s an opportunity to imprint another generation with His love and faithfulness. Grandparents need to be intentional about the power of prayer to keep the hearts and minds of their grandchildren from falling captive to the enemy’s deception. We are engaged in a spiritual battle that requires prayer as the weapon.

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Push to bring pro-life license plate case to top court

August 15, 2014 --

Thomas More Society supreme-court

The Thomas More Society filed an amicus brief urging the United States Supreme Court to hear a case involving “Choose Life” license plates, in order to resolve disputes among lower courts over how to treat specialty license plates. The brief is brought on behalf of Choose Life America, Choose Life Wisconsin, and Illinois Choose Life, and urges the Justices to hear the case and uphold broad free speech rights for license plates.

“Every American should have the opportunity to purchase a ‘Choose Life’ license plate,” said Peter Breen, Thomas More Society vice president and senior counsel. “While most states allow a broad range of messages on specialty license plates, the ACLU and its allies have diminished free speech by preventing Americans from obtaining ‘Choose Life’ plates in many states. Because some lower courts have agreed with the ACLU and silenced free speech, we urge the Supreme Court to reaffirm the broad free speech rights of citizens to have the message of their choice on their license plates.”

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Formal charges made in Gresham same-sex cake case

August 13, 2014 --

By Christian News Northwest

CNNW publisher

Melissa and Aaron Klein — Christian bakery owners from Gresham who a state agency determined had discriminated against a same-sex couple — are now facing formal charges on the matter.

In response, the Kleins, through their legal counsel:

•counter that no discrimination took place;

•contend that the Kleins’ religious and free speech rights are being overtly violated by the state;

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