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Portland Archbishop Interview on priest betrayal

August 31, 2015 --

Portland Archbishop, Alexander Sample, gave a KGW-8 TV interview on the priest who fled the country over criminal charges.

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Oregon clergy called to climate change action


Oregon Interfaith Power and Light press release,

“Summer and Fall 2015 Upcoming Climate Change Issues and Actions Guide. Stay informed on upcoming climate change issues and take action with your congregation! The second half of 2015 is packed with opportunities to make your voice hears on fossil fuels and climate on local, state, national and global levels. From the UN conference in Paris to the fossil fuel exports infrastructure here in Oregon, see how you can make a difference!”

More on conference here — see PDF invite.

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Store denied permit over marriage beliefs?

August 28, 2015 --

Members of the Denver City Council are looking to deny Chick-fil-A restaurants a license to operate at the Denver airport due to their public comments on marriage. Watch the Fox News TV video below for details.

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Bakers send love cakes to LGBT groups?

August 26, 2015 --

lovecksBy Faith News Note:

The Oregon Christian bakers who were fined $135,000 for refusing to make a same-sex wedding cake have done something unusual. The bakers made 11 cakes to send to LGBT organizations along the West Coast. More cakes are expected to be created and sent out to other groups across the country.  One of the bakers, Melissa Klein, stated, “They might just throw it in the garbage. They can do that, it’s OK. My hope is that they will see the feeling behind it, and just maybe understand.”

One gay advocacy group who received the cake had a different opinion about the gesture.

One of the groups that received a cake Aug. 20, Equality California, said it considered the package a publicity stunt. The group was planning to invite gay-friendly faith leaders to share the cake, spokesman Jason Howe said.“I think the Kleins are continuing a false narrative that there’s a conflict between LGBTQ and Christianity,” Howe said. “There’s a mainstream that thinks discriminating against people in places of business is wrong.”

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Hayden’s bill empowers mobile medical clinics

August 24, 2015 --

haydenmobileMobile medical clinics get green light
By Taxpayer Foundation of Oregon

A bill (HB 3139) sponsored by Rep. Cedric Hayden was signed into law on May 21, making it easier for mobile medical clinics to go into communities to provide much needed medical and dental care. The law prohibits local government from preventing mobile clinics from parking on private property for not more than 180 days. The nonprofit mobile clinics, staffed by volunteers and supported by donations, serve uninsured Oregonians who otherwise might not be able to afford care. About 5% of Oregonians do not have health coverage.

Some patients may have health coverage but, as Rep. Hayden observed, “Having health coverage doesn’t always equal having access to care.” In rural Oregon many people have no access to health care because the population is too small to justify building a health center.

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President undermines faith based programs

August 21, 2015 --

By Catholic League for Religious & Civil Rights

Bill Donohue comments on the Obama administration’s proposed reforms governing faith-based social service programs:

It has been evident from the beginning that President Barack Obama was never serious about strengthening the faith-based initiatives established by President George W. Bush. The latest reforms prove it.

The White House Office of Faith-based and Neighborhood Partnerships has released reform proposals that were initiated by its Advisory Council. The reforms are designed to enhance government oversight of religious social service agencies; they seek to limit religious expression, not facilitate its reach.

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Oregon Dr. speaks out on assisted suicide

August 19, 2015 --

tofflerWilliam L. Toffler is an Oregon Health Science University doctor and director of Physicians for Compassionate Care. He wrote this op-ed for the Wall Street Journal.

Since the voters of Oregon narrowly legalized physician-assisted suicide 20 years ago, there has been a profound shift in attitude toward medical care—new fear and secrecy, and a fixation on death. Well over 850 people have taken their lives by ingesting massive overdoses of barbiturates prescribed under the law. Proponents claim the system is working well with no problems. This is not true.

As a professor of family medicine at Oregon Health & Science University in Portland, as well as a licensed physician for 35 years, I have seen firsthand how the law has changed the relationship between doctors and patients, some of whom now fear that they are being steered toward assisted suicide.

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Bible lessons from Baltimore burnings

August 17, 2015 --

Metzger-RickBy Paul Louis Metzger
professor at Mutnomah Biblical Seminary

“Please respect our leadership. Please respect the work we’ve been doing and will continue to do. Please come and work with us and not for us.”

These are the closing words to a post from leaders of local initiatives in Baltimore (here is the full post). They are responding to the wave of outsiders coming into their community in response to Freddie Gray’s tragic death and charges of police brutality. The local residents represented in this post have been engaged in the struggle for justice for a very long time. Yet they feel the outside attention has negatively impacted the social fabric in their community. They write that it is “important that the voices of those most directly affected by this on-going crisis are centered, heard, and followed.”

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Another baker in gay wedding cake lawsuit

August 14, 2015 --

In light of the Oregon baker case, another case has advanced in the media spotlight. The case comes from Colorado where the Colorado Court of Appeals ruled in favor with a gay couple over a wedding cake case. The court said the business owner cannot rely on religious beliefs in refusing to service the clients. See video news clip below.

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Ore. Christian college lands in Cuba for baseball

August 12, 2015 --

crbncbbsbllCorban University,
Salem, Oregon

There is a popular phrase: “Timing is everything.” For the Corban University baseball team, that phrase could not have been more true when the Warriors traveled on a historic Mission Trip to Caimanera, Cuba. As the first American baseball team in Caimanera in nearly 60 years, and one of the few American teams to ever play on Cuban soil since the Cuban revolution of 1959, the local Caimanera population was ready for a message. That message that Warrior Head Coach Jeff McKay and the entire team delivered was one that would ring through the streets and set the stage for generations to come. Seeds were planted and bricks were laid. The future for Caimanera and Cuba is now, and that future is bright.

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