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Coexist fad goes awry, robs founder

June 10, 2016 --

The Coexist bumper sticker and t-shirt craze has reached new heights, but is quite far from its founder who had been left with a stolen idea and a much marred re-make of his own work. Apparently peace and harmony does not apply to marketing something about peace and harmony. Watch the Vox video news clip below:

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How God used Muhammad Ali

June 8, 2016 --

aliHow God used Muhammad Ali
By M. Martin,

The life of Muhammad Ali had an impact on many faiths beyond his own. Consider how former opponent, George Foreman, spoke on how Ali helped his life transformation and his Christian ministry.

Fox News interview:

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Religious “Nones” Become Something

June 6, 2016 --

Krattenmaker-tomBy Tom Krattenmaker
Award-winning Portland-based writer
Tom’s article also featured on Yale University Reflections

Ten years out from the barrage of best-selling “new atheist” manifestos, something different is happening in the gathering wave of those who check “none” when asked for their religious affiliation.

Among the newer atheists (plus agnostics, spiritual-but-not-religious people, and the otherwise nonreligious), it’s not just the absence of God belief and church participation that defines the conversation and exploration. It’s interest in, and pursuit of, questions like: What do we believe in? How shall we live and treat others? What can make our lives meaningful?

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Gospel according to Marvel?

June 3, 2016 --

holyheroesBy Judson Press,
What does a comic book superhero have in common with the gospel of Jesus Christ? Readers will learn this and more in the new Judson Press title “Holy Heroes: The Gospel According to DC & Marvel” by pastor and author Scott Bayles.

Likening the legends of superheroes to modern-day parables, Holy Heroes connects the timeless truths of God’s Word with the stories of Batman, Wonder Woman, Cyborg, Spider-Man, Green Lantern, the X-Men, and others. With fascinating insight and surprising depth, Bayles unpacks those truths and helps superhero fans draw near to the heart of God in a relatable, relevant way.

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Abortion initiative moved to 2018

June 1, 2016 --

cnnw-logoBy Christian News Northwest

To better confront expected legal challenges, an additional two years is now needed to get an initiative on the Oregon ballot to end state funding of abortion, according to initiative sponsors.

Although Corvallis-based Oregon Life United had initially sought a statewide vote this November on the issue, legal challenges from several organizations have forced a change in the initiative’s timetable, Jeff Jimerson, director of Oregon Life United, announced last month.

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