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Video: Pastor to destroy gun he won at charity

July 27, 2016 --

The pastor at Christ Church Episcopal Parish in Lake Oswego, Jeremy Lucas, bought 150 raffle tickets for a local softball fundraiser. Rev. Lucas had his sights on winning the rifle in order to destroy the rifle and get it off the streets. KGW_8 has more below.

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The summer of invocation disruptions

July 26, 2016 --

Oregon Faith News Note,

In a telling sign of America’s discord, we are witnessing more controversy and protest occurring in a once sacred space and neutral ground in politics — the invocation. Earlier this summer, a moment of silence in the U.S. House of Representatives following the Orlando shooting, saw several lawmakers walk out in political protest. This week we witnessed the opening invocation prayer at the Democratic Convention being interrupted by boos and chants from the crowd. See video below:

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Rally for Adoptee Citizenship Act

July 25, 2016 --

hltadptbllcptlBy Holt International
Eugene based charity,

This could have been any adoptee. Any adoptive family.  That’s the messages adult adoptee and adoptee advocate Emily Kessel wants to convey in regards to the Adoptee Citizenship Act, a bill that was introduced into the House in June.  “My adoptive parents naturalized me,” Emily says, “but there are thousands of international adoptees who were adopted by U.S. parents who don’t currently have citizenship.”

Over a decade ago, the Adoption Bill of 2000 granted automatic citizenship to all international adoptees, but inadvertently omitted adoptees who were over the age of 18 at the time of the bill’s enactment. This oversight left thousands of adoptees, adopted by U.S. citizen parents, vulnerable to deportation, and prohibited them from many rights granted to U.S. citizens. “But they are really Americans to the core,” Emily says. “They should be treated as first-class Americans, not second-class citizens.” If passed, the Adoptee Citizenship Act will provide automatic retroactive citizenship to internationally adopted individuals who were never naturalized when they were adopted or were not granted automatic citizenship in the 2000 bill. “It’s been over a decade, and we need to get this bill passed,” Emily says.

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Duck Dynasty’s new Faith Film – Torchbearer

July 22, 2016 --

Oregon Faith News Note,

Below are two videos; (1) the trailer for the new Citizen United film, Torchbearer, featuring the narration by Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson and (2) an interview of Phil Robertson on this new film by Fox News while Phil was at the Republican Convention. Please watch below:

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Oregon take on Russian church crackdown

July 20, 2016 --

By Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministries, Sandy Oregon

In 1991, my friend Steve Keels and I traveled to the Soviet Union, where we had the opportunity to observe believers enjoying the new freedoms to exercise their faith. Lenin’s pictures on statues were everywhere, yet on “Lenin’s Day,” his birthday, we had the privilege of going into the public schools and sharing the gospel ten times in ten different schoolrooms, as well as passing out Bibles. We were told this had never happened in that Ukrainian city. Soviet children listened intently as we told them about the one who died for their sins and is coming to set up a kingdom that will not leave them where Lenin left them—empty, hungry, and without hope.

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Luis Palau’s historic Cuba trip

July 18, 2016 --

By Luis Palau Association,

After 20 years of providing online Bible courses to more than 43,000 Christian leaders throughout Latin America, the Luis Palau Bible Institute is planning an historic gathering in Cuba this November. The program, which will focus on live training for hundreds of local pastors, will be a first for the region. It is being accomplished in partnership with the International Bible Society (known as Biblica), Logos Christian University, the Luis Palau Association, and local leaders.

The Spanish-language news outlet Noti-Prensa recently held an exclusive interview with Pastor Arcadis Solano, Cuba Coordinator for Luis Palau Bible Institute who is in charge of organizing the on-site classes in Santiago, Cuba; and Dr. Carlos Barbieri, director of the Luis Palau Bible Institute since its inception in 1995.

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Catholic Rock Band hits 25th release

July 15, 2016 --

Press Release,

Catholic singer-songwriter recording artists Streets Of Rome announced  the release of their 25th original song on iTunes. With its newest Internet single, “Back To The Same Old Thing,” Streets Of Rome continues to redefine the Catholic music genre, creating faith-based songs rooted in real life stories of hope, love, freedom, healing, and redemption. Formed in 2013 in Sonoma County – in Northern California’s wine country – the band features personal lyrics, a variety of musical compositions and production, and performances by special guests featuring some of the most talented musicians from around the San Francisco Bay Area.

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Salem Pastor, former rapist charged again

July 13, 2016 --

Oregon Faith News Note:

The pastor at Our Father’s House in Salem, Mauricio Auguilera-Garcia, was arrested this month and later charged with 25 counts of sex abuse including rape and sodomy. The church has been around for 50 years and rents space from the Solid Rock Church in Salem, Oregon. Aguilera-Garcia was previously convicted for 1st-degree sex abuse in 1985 but was not put on a list as registered sex offender because the sex offender registration law came into effect a few years after. Watch the KOIN-TV report below:

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California bill hurts religious liberty

July 11, 2016 --

By Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministries, Sandy Oregon
Author of Heaven

Whether or not you’re a resident of California, there’s very good reason to understand and closely follow the developments of SB 1146, a bill that if passed would likely set a precedent for similar legislation nationwide. Ed Stetzer writes that the bill “could destroy the ability of numerous faith-based colleges and universities to pursue the mission for which they were created. SB 1146, one of two similar bills recently introduced into the California legislature, would essentially restrict fully faith-based education to seminaries.” (I encourage you to read the rest of Ed’s excellent article.)

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Suicide and the Catholic Advantage

July 8, 2016 --

The Catholic Advantage - NR CoverCatholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Bill Donohue comments on the link between religion and suicide:

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently found that suicide rates in the U.S. spiked between 1994 and 2014. While women are less likely to kill themselves than men, their rate of suicide jumped by 80 percent over this period. But not all women are at risk.

A study released this week by JAMA Psychiatry, an American Medical Association journal, reported that “Frequent religious service attendance was associated with substantially lower suicide risk among U.S. women compared with women who never attended religious services.” To be exact, the researchers studied approximately 90,000 nurses, mostly women, and found that Catholic and Protestant women had a suicide rate that was half that for women as a whole.

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