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False prophets, false doctrine

May 31, 2017

Kevin DeYoung on What We Can Learn from Church History About False Teachers

by Randy Alcorn Eternal Perspective Ministries

Paul warned the elders of the church in Ephesus, “I know that after my departure fierce wolves will come in among you…and from among your own selves will arise men speaking twisted things, to draw away the disciples after them” (Acts 20:29-30).

These “twisted things” often were not outright denials of the Bible. Rather, they were Scripture reinterpreted to fit the widely accepted beliefs of the culture.

More theological battles have been lost to enemies inside the church than to those outside. The evil one has targeted us for deception. Nothing less than the welfare of God’s people is at stake.

Paul also wrote, “If anyone teaches otherwise and does not agree to the sound instruction of our Lord Jesus Christ and to godly teaching, they are conceited and understand nothing” (1 Timothy 6:3-4).

Why is false doctrine connected with conceit? A proud person elevates self over God, believing he is smarter than God’s Word and can improve on it.

In reality, we can’t change what is and isn’t true, but the truth can and should change us. As Christ the living Word is truth, so His written word is truth. Though heaven and earth will pass away, God’s truth never will. Jesus prayed, “Sanctify them by the truth; your word is truth” (John 17:17).

In a recent post, I shared Joe Carter’s article on Broken Wolves. Today’s guest post is a follow-up to Joe’s article from Kevin DeYoung, one of my favorite bloggers. He offers some important points to consider about false teachers:

What Can Church History Teach Us About Wolves?

By Kevin DeYoung

Last week Joe Carter (not that Joe Carter) published an insightful article on the allure of broken wolves. It got me thinking about false teachers in the history of the church.

And by “false teacher” or “wolf” I don’t mean everyone who disagrees with me on a point of theology. As a Presbyterian, I think Baptists and Methodists and Pentecostals are wrong about some important things, but deviating from Westminster Confession of Faith does not make you another Arius or Pelagius. A false teacher or a wolf is someone who snatches up sheep (John 10:12), draws disciples away from the gospel (Acts 20:28), opposes the truth (2 Tim. 3:8), and leads people to make shipwreck of the faith and embrace ungodliness (1 Tim. 1:19-20; 2 Tim. 2:16-17).

Several years ago I did a series on heresies and heretics. Preparing the messages helped me understand church history better and more carefully articulate the orthodox faith. It also helped me notice some patterns (and non-patterns) related to false teachers. I discovered that church history can teach us a lot about wolves.

1. Wolves don’t usually know they’re wolves.

While some false teachers are knowing hypocrites who borrow religious language to fleece the flock, most errors in church history have been promoted by those who sincerely thought they were doing the work of God. As far as we can tell, Pelagius was not a big jerk. The Donatists were entirely earnest about the faith. We shouldn’t think that wolvish teachers and bloggers are trying to lead the sheep astray. People can be entirely sincere and still genuinely mistaken.

2. Wolves can quote the Bible.

It’s hard to know for sure what ancient heretics were like because most of what we know about them comes from the orthodox opponents writing against them. And yet, judging by the controversies left behind, we can assume that Arius knew his Bible. The Trinitarian and Christological debates of the early church, not to mention the soteriological controversies of the Reformation, involved people on both sides quoting Scripture. That doesn’t mean every viewpoint was right. It means that theology can come with Bible verses and still be wrong.

3. Wolves tend to be imbalanced.

Imbalanced may not be the right word. I’m not suggesting truth is always the golden mean between obvious extremes. What I mean is that false teachers have a tendency to let the big themes of Scripture silence specific verses. Wolves ignore the whole counsel of God. They like to take themes like love or justice or hospitality or law or grace and then round off all the edges of Scripture to fit this one big idea. The problem is not in trumpeting glorious truths. The problem is that their understanding of the truth gets truncated, and the application of the truth gets one-dimensional. This often leads to unbiblical conclusions that can sound biblical. Such as: If God is love, then we can’t have hell or moral demands that make me (or my friends) feel uncomfortable or unfulfilled. If Jesus ate with sinners, then we should not be overly concerned about sin. If God is sovereign over all things, then we shouldn’t evangelize. General truths pressed through to unbiblical conclusions.

4. Wolves are impatient with demands for verbal clarity.

False teaching thrives on ambiguity. It eschews careful attention to words and definitions. The Arians were willing to live with doctrinal imprecision. It was Athanasius and the orthodox party that insisted on defining terms. And they insisted on saying not just what was right but what was wrong. Good shepherds are willing to define and delimit. Don’t trust teachers who love to emote more than they love to be clear.

5. Wolves come in different shapes and sizes.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to settling theological disputes. We will not be discerning if we imagine that false teachers are always Pharisees or always libertines. Or if we assume they are always too rigid or always too loose. Sometimes the truth is either/or: there is only one God, salvation is by faith alone, there is no other name under heaven. But sometimes the truth is both/and: one God in three persons, fully God and fully man, divine sovereignty and human responsibility. Sometimes error comes because we pay insufficient attention to an important issue. At other times, the problem is wasting time on “foolish controversies.”

We can’t solve all our problems the same way. We can’t always assume the more conservative answer is the best, or that the liberal answer is always true. If we are flexible in some places, it doesn’t mean we should be flexible in every place. If we are rigid over there, it doesn’t mean we need to be just as rigid with this issue over here. Wolves and false teachers don’t know how to use wisdom to settle different disputes in different ways.

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mass May 31, 2017

i saw my blood circulated on the star of david , i found myself on a stone trone at the right of the devil (a vision in 2008)

i saw god in 2009 (in other vision)

traduct in your language

2008: j’ai vu la terre vu de l’espace , elle a commencé a trembler et des branches d’arbres ont commencé a sortir sur les coters de la terre pour ensuite
se transformer en arbre immense .
2008: j’était dans une caverne , en face de moi il y’avait un moine au visage caché , habillé en brun et une capuche au visage noir , en dessou de lui
il y’avait une pierre qui arrivait plus ou moin a hauteur de ses jambes, sur cette pierre il y’avait l’étoile de david gravé dans la roche .
il avait les 2mains tendues au dessu de la pierre et au dessu de la pierre une sphere descendait elle avait plusieurs barre pointues autours de la sphere, j’ai tendu le bras droit
ensuite j’ai vu mon sang circulé sur l’étoile de david .
il a tendu le bras vers un mur en pointant le doigt , la j’ai vu un rocher s’écarter de droite vers la gauche et derriere il y’avait un trou avec du feu,
une échelle est apparue que j’ai posée contre un mur.
j’ai vu 2trones en pierres en face de moi , je me suis vu m’installé sur celui de droite , ensuite j’ai regardé sur ma gauche et j’ai vu le diable tourné sa tete
vers la droite en me fesant un avait 2 grosses cornes qui montait vers le haut et la peau rouge .(j’était habillé en blanc)
2009: j’ai encore vu le diable , il était a coter d’une fontaine , il fesait sombre et rouge , il m’a regardé et il m’a diten pointant du doigt” regarde massimo ,
c’est Dieu , c’est lui qui m’a créé , il ne se montre jamais ”
j’ai vu une lumiere apparaitre et un homme avec la peau bleu avancait vers moi en souriant , il avait la barbe courte entre le blond et le brun , les yeux brun ,
les cheveux rasés, beau visage , la trentaine environ , torse nu .
avant que je ne réveille il m’a fait un clin d’oeil.
2009: le jour ou mickeal jackson est décédé, je l’ai vu cette nuit la en reve , j’était encore dans une caverne , il était en face de moi avec un couteau en main ,
il y’avait l’étoile de david gravé sur le sol , il s’est enfoncé le couteau en pleine poitrine , j’ai vu du sang giclé sur l’étoile de david , et je l’ai vu tomber
par terre avec ses 2genoux sur le sol . ensuite j’ai regardé sur la droite et il y’avait le diable avec les bras croisé qui souriait.
2010: j’était dans un endroit assez paradisiaque , il y’avait de l’herbe et derriere des montagnes , j’ai revu le moine avec le visage noir , j’était assis a coter de lui
accroupi et lui debout , il était toujours habillé en brun , et je voyait toujours son visage noir , quelques secondes apres , il a levé la tete et il ressemblais tres fort a jésus.
il n’a pas parlé .(il avais les yeux brun , une barbe brune , la peau bronzé , beau visage) (habillé en blanc)
-je dormais , je ne fesait pas de reve cette nuit la c’était un reve noir , j’ai entendu une voix criez pendant la nuit ” je me suis réincarné dans un homme”
une voix assez effrayante.
-j’ai encore vu la terre vu de l’espace , j’ai entendu des voix parlé elles ont dit ” il voit? une autre voix a répondu ” oui il voit et il entend”
et la j’ai vu la terre entouré de satelittes.
-j’était dans une école , j’était immobile , il y’avait des élèves qui marchait devant et derriere moi sans me regarder , ensuite j’ai vu barack obama vu de loin
il m’a regardé en souriant , il m’a fait un clin d’oeil .
mai 2012: j’était dans un reve , tout d’un coup j’ai eu une coupure dans le reve et le diable m’a encore montré sa tete en souriant (il avait la tete penché)
2013: je dormais , un moment j’ai senti une main toucher mon front , j’était paralysé , j’ai ouvert les yeux et je descendais dans un tunnel en levitation , quand je suis
arrivé en bas du tunnel , il y’avait un homme beau visage qui me regardait en souriant , il avait des ailes blanches, il était assis sur une pierre et derriere lui il y’avait un mur.(il était habillé en blanc)


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