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The Real Hugh Hefner Legacy

September 29, 2017 --

Catholic League for Civil and Religious Liberty,

Hugh Hefner’s legacy cannot be adequately assessed without addressing the sociological fallout of “The Playboy Philosophy.”
Hefner founded Playboy in 1953 and he quickly succeeded in making it an important cultural marker. He rebelled against his conservative Protestant parents, whom he called “very repressed,” and set out to rectify the problem by targeting Christianity.

In 1962, Hefner made his case for sexual freedom in his series, “The Playboy Philosophy.” While it is a stretch to call it a “philosophy,” it was much more than mere musings about matters sexual: it was a clarion call for libertinism, and a wholesale rejection of Christian sexual ethics.

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7 Oregonians sought for Harvey challenge

September 27, 2017 --

By Faith News Note,

Three local charities have been recruiting volunteers help for hurricane Harvey in Texas. The first was the Red Cross which held quick volunteer training classes and immediately sent local people into the disaster area to help.

The next has been the NW organization, Forward Edge International a Christian ministry in Vancouver, Wash., that helps vulnerable children, restore victims of disasters, and serves the people in need around the world. They are currently trying to recruit 7 Oregon volunteers to serve on a short-term trip to Texas to help in the important rebuilding effort.   Seven people is all it takes to form a trip, but without seven such trips are cancelled.  Sign up for a short-term mission trip here or you can donate to make the trip possible here.

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College football and blind morals

September 25, 2017 --

Football glory shouldn’t mean moral bankruptcy

Via Tom Krattenmaker

College football fans, your new season has arrived. Here come the parties, the pageantry, the action, and if your team is as good as you hope, some stirring victories and bowl game glory ahead.
Sorry to spoil the fun, but are these worth it if your football team is cutting moral corners to get to the Promised Land? If the coaches, athletic department, and university administration are turning blind eyes to star players’ sexual predations?

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Gospel for Asia, spreading awareness for exploited children

September 22, 2017 --

Child Labor Awareness Message Urges Greater Care for Exploited ‘Precious Ones’

Via Christian Newswire

In a part of the world where many children are valued only for the small amount of money they can earn through long hours of hard work, some communities have been reminded of the young ones’ great worth in God’s eyes.

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Christian aviation mission helps in Maria’s aftermath


Hurricane Maria Leaves Destruction Across the Caribbean, Mission Aviation Fellowship Providing Assistance

Chris Burgess, Mission Aviation Fellowship

Christian Newswire

Hurricane Maria has ripped apart homes and caused destruction across Dominica, Barbuda, and other islands already reeling from the effects of Hurricane Irma earlier this month. As families in the Caribbean struggle to recover, Mission Aviation Fellowship (MAF) has staff on the ground and in the air providing assistance.

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Pope’s comedian visits Portland

September 20, 2017 --

By M. Martin,
Oregon writer

Last Friday, comedian Jim Gaffigan came to Portland on his Noble Ape comedy tour. He has been called the Pope’s comedian for his role in an opening act for Pope Francis’ Philadelphia visit last year. Gaffigian shared with the Portland audience about that experience. He recounted that he only was given 15 minutes and how nervous he was. Being in Philadelphia, Gaffigan made a joke about a controversial moment in the city’s past (1968 Santa incident) that upset some in the crowd — which only provided more comedic fodder in the retelling.  The comedian also had a chance to meet the pope in person on that special day.

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God bashing film ‘Mother!’ suffers epic flop

September 18, 2017 --

Darren Aronofsky’s relentless God bashing film, Mother!, is record money losing flop
By M. Martin
Oregon writer,

Darren Aronofsky, the director behind the film “Mother!”, is becoming one of Hollywood’s most sacrilegious anti-Christian filmmakers and coincidently just joined the hall of shame as the Mother! Film just became a record bust over the weekend.  Mother! tanked in epic fashion both in reviews and box office ticket sales.

First look at the spiritual warning of the Mother! Film review by Plugged-In online said.

“The last twenty minutes of the film seem designed to deliver a damning perspective of God and those who would follow Him. Indeed, this film’s take on Christianity might be the most scathing, contempt-filled attack upon it that I’ve ever seen onscreen.”

Catholic News Service said,

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In walks a nun with a chainsaw

September 15, 2017 --

And for your Friday funny.

Chainsaw-Wielding Nun Caught No Cam Clearing Debris From Irma



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Gorge fire, Max stabbing response reveals our dark side

September 13, 2017 --

Three summer tragedies reveal Oregon’s dark side.

By M. Martin
Oregon writer

As if it weren’t enough to see Oregon’s precious Gorge go up in flames from careless youths; after 18 hours of firefighting, one crew member returned to find his fire station looted. The thieves stole $100,000 worth of goods, including personal gear, a bike, a Jeep and a fire station pick-up truck.

This “hero gets looted” scenario is similar to the Max train stabbing incident this summer. Ricky Best was stabbed while heroically protecting two women from a knife attack aboard a Max train. As he lay bleeding and dying on the ground, another man, George Tschaggeny, stole Ricky’s backpack, wallet, and even his wedding ring. Tschaggeny was caught by police wearing the dead man’s wedding ring.

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Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise

September 11, 2017 --

5 Practical Steps for Seeking Wisdom Through Mentorship

by Randy Alcorn

Eternal Perspective Ministries 

Who are your mentors, the people who are helping you grow in your faith? Proverbs 13:20 says that “Whoever walks with the wise becomes wise, but the companion of fools will suffer harm.” 

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