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Church leaders restart gun ban petition

March 29, 2018

First 1000 plus signatures turned in for Petition #43 the Oregon gun ban petition
By Oregon Faith News Note,

Three Oregon church leaders submitted the first 1000 signatures for a statewide imitative petition (petition #43) to ban assault rifles in Oregon and require current owners to register the ones they have with the state. To start a petition the state requires the submission of 1,000 sponsor signatures. The campaign turned in 3,443 and if certified by the Secretary of State the petition will go through a ballot title review process and following that the petition will be ready to circulate.  Over 80,000 signatures will need to be gathered by early July to qualify for the November 2018 ballot.

The Petition reads

“The people of the State of Oregon find and declare that a reduction in the availability of assault weapons and large capacity ammunition magazines will promote the public health and safety of the residents of this state.”

The three chief petitioners are W. J. Mark Knutson, pastor of Portland’s Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland, Rev. Alcena boozer who is pastor emeritus of St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Church and Michael Cahana who is a Rabbi from Congregation Beth Israel.

Critics of the petition, like the Oregon Firearms Federation have said that the measure is flawed and that it “bans things that don’t exist like threaded barrels that accept forward pistol grips.” (read more here)

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Fred A. March 29, 2018

I can’t tell if this gun control support i see on the news is real or just on TV? I think the petition will be a good barometer.

Jan March 29, 2018

The more churches get involved in politics, the more likely it will be for government to get more involved in churches. This is a slippery slode they tread upon they need to stop this nonsense.

Cathy April 1, 2018

These are liberal churches..

Dan Dorman April 3, 2018

To have the Jews come out in support of this petition baffles me. The Jews rely on firearms for self preservation in Israel and must have wished like the devil for any means even guns for self defense in Nazi Germany. With the number of Muslims now in our country they are setting themselves up for another terrible reckoning. A poster above stated how churches may be treading in deep water getting involved in poitics and I agree even more. Dealing with Progressives and believing anything they say is total stupidity. This petition is not only after the so called assault rifle and 30 round mags, read the dang thing. They are after nearly every gun you own. Page 2 has the meat of this thing and most petition signers do not or will not take the time to read the whole thing. Take note, of all mass murders in the last 5 years, only six of the killers used AR`s as their weapon of choice.

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