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Christians face digital persecution

October 31, 2018 --

Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministry
Oregon based ministry

For years people have told me, including some who’ve read my novel Safely Home, that there is no more persecution of Chinese Christians. True, compared to earlier decades, religious persecution in some parts of China has not been as extreme. In some places there may be little or no persecution. Local officials may look the other way, even if they suspect Christians are meeting illegally (as most Christians in China do).

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Clackamas man charged with 29,000 child porn files

October 30, 2018 --

Oregon US District Attorney,

Nicholas James Stacy, 24, of Clackamas, Oregon, made an initial appearance in federal court before U.S. Magistrate Judge Stacie F. Beckerman. He was ordered detained pending trial.

The court unsealed a criminal complaint alleging Stacy possessed in excess of 9,000 videos and 20,000 images depicting child pornography on his iPhone and uploaded at least 94 files containing child pornography to his Gmail account. Stacy’s online activities were first identified by Google and the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC).

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Portland Archbishop’s letter on Measure 106

October 29, 2018 --

Portland Archdiocese Press Release,

A message from archbishop alexander sample

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Praised be Jesus Christ!

With your help, Oregon voters were able to get an important, state-wide citizen initiative on the November ballot. Measure 106 is the Stop Taxpayer Funding for Abortion measure.

Through the Oregon Health Plan, Oregon taxpayers fund ten abortions every day. It is heartbreaking to know that our public taxes are used in a way that not only results in the death of a child in the womb, but also harms women and families.

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Ohio Governor invokes God in caravan debate

October 27, 2018 --

By Faith News Note,

Governor John Kasich made headlines this week by suggesting that it may be the Lord’s will to open America more to immigrants and the recent caravan of immigrants coming from Guatemala.  Kasich said “Let’s stop putting up walls around ourselves and not understanding the plight, the trouble, and the problems of others. It is not right, and the Lord doesn’t want it. And our people, at their hearts, want to reach out to others. Look at what they do in these storms — they go and they rescue people they don’t know. They put ’em in their homes. They feed them. That’s America, not all this garbage and this division, and yelling, and screaming, and hatred on all sides”

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New Billy Graham film debuts

October 26, 2018 --

Billy Graham Evangelistic Association,

Billy Graham: An Extraordinary Journey — a film commemorating the life and impact of world-renowned evangelist Billy Graham — will come to DVD and digital HD beginning Nov. 6.

“It’s an extraordinary journey,” said Franklin Graham, president and CEO of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. “How God took a young boy off a farm in rural North Carolina in the South and then from there to the ends of the earth. God used one man to touch the world like it’s never been touched before — Billy Graham was just part of that journey.”

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Treating politics as a religion

October 24, 2018 --

By Tom Krattenmaker
Oregon author
Featured often in USA Today, Religion News Service

They pore over Nate Silver’s political data analyses with the rapt attention of day traders sizing up the stock market. Every day brings emotional peaks and valleys with each up and down in the polls and the president’s approval ratings. They tend to understand themselves and others primarily on the basis of political allegiances.

They are progressive activists, demonstrators and politics junkies — followers of what some chroniclers call the new “religion” and ultimate source of meaning for those who have left organized religion or never joined.

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Unions, Abortions and the Supreme Court

October 22, 2018 --

Oregon Right to Life Press Release,

Until this year, public sector unions in Oregon have been taking mandatory dues from government employees, even non-union members. Millions of those dollars are then diverted to fund pro-abortion groups.

These groups then support pro-abortion candidates for office who are committed to keeping this cycle going. If you are a public employee, you can finally do something about this, thanks to the Supreme Court decision Janus v. AFSCME.

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Hidden Video: Victims meet abusive priest

October 18, 2018 --

By Faith News Note,

Two Pennsylvania men, Sean Dougherty and Brian Sabo, were abused by their local Priest as young middle school boys. The Priest has since come forward and confessed to his crimes which included other children. The revelation helped Sean Dougherty and Brian Sabo to reconnect since they were childhood friends and have not seen each other for 30 years. They decided to meet with their abuser and ask a news outlet to record their conversation to help others understand.

Please watch the video below:

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Documentary: Kids dying from Oregon faith healing

October 17, 2018 --

Faith News Note,

A new A&E cable TV documentary looks at Oregon’s role in children dying from the Followers of Christ church in Oregon and Idaho. The A&E documentary is called “No Great Law” and debuted this fall.

See a video news clip below of when the documentary debuted in September.

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Rep. Bonamici: $1.5M for Easterseals, homeless

October 16, 2018 --

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici Press Release,

Congresswoman Suzanne Bonamici (D-OR) announced that Easterseals Oregon will receive $1.5M in federal funding over three years to provide employment services for homeless veterans in Multnomah, Washington, and Clackamas counties. The funding allows Easterseals Oregon to expand beyond Multnomah County and offer these services for the first time in Washington and Clackamas counties.

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