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Thoughts on election results

November 12, 2018 --

By Randy Alcorn
Eternal Perspectives Ministry

By now you’ve probably read and heard all sorts of commentaries analyzing the midterm election results. Whatever your political leanings, you’ve likely been encouraged by some results and discouraged by others. For example, here in Oregon, Measure 106, which I shared about on my blog and which would have stopped tax dollars from funding elective and late-term abortions, was rejected by over 60% of voters. But in more positive prolife news, in Alabama voters approved an amendment to their constitution that says unborn babies do have a right to life. And in West Virginia, voters said “yes” to a constitutional amendment that says there’s no “right to abortion.”

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Pop star bares soul on miscarriage, God, prayer

November 8, 2018 --

By Faith News Note,

Country and Pop star, Carrie Underwood, spoke with CBS Sunday Morning and provided a very intimate and emotional interview about her string of miscarriages and tragedies over the past few years.  Carrie also speaks honestly about her faith struggles and the power of prayer as shared by her own example. Please watch the video below:

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Oregon Abortion Measure 106 Fails

November 7, 2018 --

Oregon abortion tax funding measure 106 is defeated.

By Jim Miller,

Oregon abortion measure 106 to ban government tax dollars from being spent on abortions failed. Oregonians rejected the tax by 64%. Roughly 36% of the voters supported the measure.

Abortion measure 106 revealed a large disparity in the funding of the campaigns. Supporters of Measure 106, Oregon Life United PAC, raised $404,000 in donations whereas the opponents of abortion measure 106, No cuts to Care PAC, were able to raise $3.7 million to defeat the measure. More than half of the $3.7 million was raised by out of state organizations and donors.

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A faith calling for voting

November 6, 2018 --

By Oregon Family Council,

As Americans, we have been given an incredible privilege: we hold the power to choose our elected officials by exercising our right to vote. Each election day is not something to take lightly, for the candidates who win their races make significant decisions with lasting consequences. Either they will enact laws that uphold righteous principles, or they will find ways to increase the scope of government and create statutes that run contrary to God’s Word. Proverbs 14:34 describes this distinction by warning that “Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people” (NKJV). Because America is a democratic republic in which representatives are elected by the citizens, it is our responsibility to place men and women of character into office. This is done through the simple action of voting.

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Nurse stumbles unto Dr. she saved 32 years ago

November 5, 2018 --

By Oregon Optimist,

It was a blast from the past when Brandon Seminatore, a doctor, and nurse Vilma Wong reconnected.

Wong, 54, has worked as a neonatal nurse for 32 years at the hospital in Palo Alto, California.

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60 Minutes: Secret Bishop docs show hiding abuse

November 2, 2018 --

Faith News Note,

The former executive assistant to Buffalo’s Bishop Richard Malone has come forward with copied documents from the Bishop’s office the proves a cover-up and neglect in protecting children from abusive priests.  See the 60 Minutes report below:

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