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Oregon Abortion Measure 106 Fails

November 7, 2018

Oregon abortion tax funding measure 106 is defeated.

By Jim Miller,

Oregon abortion measure 106 to ban government tax dollars from being spent on abortions failed. Oregonians rejected the tax by 64%. Roughly 36% of the voters supported the measure.

Abortion measure 106 revealed a large disparity in the funding of the campaigns. Supporters of Measure 106, Oregon Life United PAC, raised $404,000 in donations whereas the opponents of abortion measure 106, No cuts to Care PAC, were able to raise $3.7 million to defeat the measure. More than half of the $3.7 million was raised by out of state organizations and donors.

The small fundraising effort by the Oregon Life United represented the grassroots campaign nature of the measure. They were able to raise 150,000 signatures from nearly 10,000 volunteers without using paid signature gatherers. This was a first in along time for a petition effort in Oregon.

Supporters and endorsers of Measure 106 came from Oregon Life United, Oregon Right to Life, Randy Alcorn of Eternal Perspectives Ministry, Portland Archdiocese and a wide collection of individual women from various backgrounds.

Opposition and endorsers against Measure 106 came from a variety of groups such as Planned Parenthood, Portland City Club, Oregon Medical Association, the Americans Civil Liberties Association, Oregon State Fire Fighters Council, Oregon AFL-CIO and the Oregon School Employees Association.

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Discuss this article

Louise November 7, 2018

Lord, Jesus Christ please forgive Oregon Christians for being silent on this abomination. Since 50% of Oregon’s population is Christian that means this massacre continuing falls at our feet.

Sorrowful in Bend, Oregon

Apostle Dr. C.N.Turrell November 7, 2018

I guess killing baby’s in the womb is ok? But one day people that voted to allow this will have to answer for their sins of murder unborn babies.

Larry Sparks November 7, 2018

If 50% of the Oregonians are Christians, then Christians did not vote for Measure 106. What is wrong with christens? Do Oregon Christians not have the courage to vote for biblical principles? I suspect 50% is incorrect, it is more like 30%.

Sam Wise November 9, 2018

Oregon Christians clearly weren’t silent – they voted against the measure because they realize that unintended pregnancies and lack of contraceptive care and education are the top leading factors to cyclical and systemic poverty.

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