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Xmas vacation helping caravan asylum seekers

December 17, 2018 --

Oregon mom finds a way to help out the caravaners seeking asylum. Watch the KATU-2 news above.

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God is Dead author dies

December 14, 2018 --

By Catholic League for Civil and Religious Rights.

God isn’t dead, but the author who famously declared He is is. Thomas Altizer passed away though few people took note of it. He was the subject of the April 8, 1966 cover story of Time magazine. The black background and bold red lettering shouted out, “Is God Dead?” Time chose the Easter season to roll out this gem.

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Oregon as abortion destination state

December 12, 2018 --

By Jim Miller,
Oregon writer

In 2015 Oregon was rated the best state to have an abortion.   Now the customer traffic numbers seem to be showing that those laws are generating people’s attention.  Federal data from 2015 shows that 11.2 percent of the 8,610 abortions conducted in Oregon were done on women from outside the state, according to an article by Markian Hawryluk for The Bend Bulletin.

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Parent Alert: Groundbreaking screen time study

December 10, 2018 --

By M. Martin,
Oregon writer

60 Minutes did a special on a new study involving 11,000 kids, 21 research sites and $300 million dollars on the study of the impact of screen time on kids’ brains. This is the largest study in the world on the subject and worth noting.  The study showed some effect but it leave more questions than it answers. Other research shows a rise in depression and loneliness in youth. This is serious and yet too few are talking about it.

I see youth on their phones more than I see them not on their phones.

I encourage you to watch the 60 Minutes video below.

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Reggae Rapper pens books on abuse

December 6, 2018 --

Tyrone Short,

For young girls who lose their innocence in violation, this book is designed to encourage victims to speak up.

Within the pages of Tyrone Short’s book, Speak Up Child and Be Saved, readers will find a book depicting what it means when a young girl loses her innocence, which is very precious, and when it’s taken against her will, more than just her innocence can be lost. Innocence lost without justice gained is a double jeopardy leading to further loss.

“Many people in society have been a victim to this crime. Many of them are living in silence and want to speak up. I believe that this book can provide them the motivation and courage to speak up,” says Short.

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NW florist-gay wedding case before top court

December 5, 2018 --

By Christian News NW,

Alliance Defending Freedom attorneys representing floral artist Barronelle Stutzman of Arlene’s Flowers in Richland, Wash., filed their opening brief here Nov. 13 with the Washington Supreme Court. The brief on behalf of Stutzman comes after the U.S. Supreme Court vacated the state high court’s previous ruling against her and ordered the Washington court to reconsider the case in light of the Masterpiece Cakeshop decision.

In the Masterpiece case, the U.S. Supreme Court reversed Colorado’s ruling against cake artist Jack Phillips for living and working consistently with his religious beliefs about marriage, According to ADF, Stutzman tried to do the same, but has been opposed by Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson and the American Civil Liberties Union.

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No-cost refuge ranch for pastors

December 3, 2018 --

By Multnomah University

Multnomah University  alum Eric Weber is fighting burnout — one ministry leader at a time. While earning his biblical education degree at Multnomah, Weber developed a passion for honoring the local church by caring for its leaders. After graduating from MU in 1980, he went on to found Kerith Springs Lodge with his brother, Dr. Stu Weber. The 3,000-square-foot lodge, nestled in the middle of 200 acres of Central Oregon ranchland, provides a private oasis for ministry workers and their spouses.

“Kerith Springs is a place where pastors and missionaries can come and relax for some much-needed rest,” says Weber. “We love to bless, strengthen and encourage them with some time away at no cost.”

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