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8 Christ Passion relics on display in Chicago

April 18, 2019 --

By Apostolate for Holy Relics

Eight rare Relics of the Passion, with a unique program focused on the Passion of Christ, will be presented at two churches in Northbrook, Illinois on Palm Sunday and on Monday, April 15. This is the only presentation of these relics being held in the Midwest for 2019. The program, entitled “Call from the Crucified Heart,” is a one-hour presentation of The Passion that couples holy relics with supporting meditations and musical pieces that serve as a guide to help you accompany Jesus through His suffering during the Passion. It ends with personal veneration of the relics.

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OR, CA, WA debate removing missionary statues

April 17, 2019 --

By Julie Zander & M. Martin, NW writers.

California, Washington and Oregon have all been having a debate about switching out their state statue figures in the halls of Congress with new ones.  The three targeted for removal among the three states just happen to be all Christian missionaries.

Here is the latest:

Oregon legislators are attempting to remove the statue of Jason Lee that represents the state in the nation’s capital, a regular assault on the state’s Christian heritage launched six of the past seven years.

Sen. Arnie Roblan, a Coos Bay Democrat, sponsored this year’s rendition of the bill to remove the statue of Rev. Jason Lee, a missionary and pioneer who founded the city of Salem, Willamette University, and Oregon’s first provisional government. Senate Bill 446 would replace the state’s two statues in the U.S. Capitol’s Statuary Hall—one of Lee and another of Dr. John McLoughlin, a fur trader and medical doctor who founded Fort Vancouver and retired to Oregon City—with bronzes of Nez Perce Chief Joseph and Abigail Scott Duniway, a women’s rights advocate, according to John Fortmeyer, publisher of Christian News Northwest. Lee and McLoughlin have represented Oregon in the hall since 1953.

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Case pitted sexual orientation laws vs. religious liberty

April 15, 2019 --

By Pacific Legal Foundation,
California based rights organization

The Brown County Circuit Court has issued a written decision which harshly criticizes a city’s attempt to impose sexual orientation and gender identity mandates on religious organizations.

The City of De Pere, which is near Green Bay, sought to categorize religious organizations as “places of public accommodation.” As such, they would have been subject to non-discrimination mandates on gender identity and sexual orientation. The ordinance applied not only to public accommodations as traditionally defined but also applied to housing, employment, and advertising.

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Pope takes tough questions head on

April 12, 2019 --

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Catholic League president Bill Donohue comments on recent remarks made by Pope Francis:

Pope Francis had a busy Sunday, offering interviews aboard the papal plane and to Spanish television. As the media are wont to do, much of the conversation centered on their favorite topic: sex.

Referring to the sexual abuse of minors, the pope said, “The global scourge is great, but to say this is not understood without the spirit of evil.”

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SB 579: Same day suicide bill

April 10, 2019 --

Oregon Right to Life Press Release,

Senate Bill 579 is the second physician-assisted suicide expansion bill to have a hearing in the Oregon Legislature. Oregon Right to life opposes this bill.

SB 579 creates a dangerous loophole in Oregon’s physician-assisted suicide law. The bill removes waiting periods in the law designed to prevent abuse and same-day suicides as well as protect vulnerable Oregonians from being coerced into ending their lives.

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To those with cancer…

April 8, 2019 --

By Randy Alcorn,
Eternal Perspectives Ministries,
Sandy Oregon

Stephanie Anderson is 32 years old, wife of Dan and the mother of two adorable and delightful daughters. (We raised two of them ourselves so I know them when I see them!)

Stephanie has worked for Eternal Perspective Ministries for over 12 years. Among other things, she manages my blog and Facebook and Twitter feeds, helps edit my books, assembles and designs our magazine and graphics, produces beautiful covers for some of my books, and responds very thoughtfully to questions we get on social media.

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Today show praises host for her faith

April 5, 2019 --

By Jim Miller,

After being one of the most recognizable faces in morning talk, Kathie Lee Gifford , is finally retiring from the Today Show. On her last day she was surrounded by her co-hosts who shared their favorite memories. Overwhelmingly the co-hosts shared about Kathie faith and times of prayer.

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This Oregon campus shooter plot was stopped

April 3, 2019 --

By M. Martin,

We need to celebrate the good news and heroes who help stop shootings. It was just a few years ago when Oregon was shocked over the Umpqua Community College shooting which killed eight innocent people. The same type of shooting almost happened at Oregon State University. A 911 tip helped lead police to a threatening Twitter account. That helped police find and stop Christopher Adam Strahan from carrying out his acts. Strahan has pled guilty.

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Lawsuit: Evangelism, Free Speech, State Fairgrounds

April 1, 2019 --

By Pacific Justice Institute,

Sacramento, CA—A new lawsuit has been filed challenging speech restrictions at the California state fairgrounds, known as Cal Expo.

The suit is being filed by Burt Camenzind, who is represented by Pacific Justice Institute (PJI). In addition to the California State Fair, Cal Expo hosts millions of visitors each year at a wide variety of festivals, concerts, trade shows, sports, and other events.

In late November 2018, Camenzind attended a Hmong New Year festival at Cal Expo. He attends many such events and enjoys interacting with people from different cultures. Faith is an integral part of Camenzind’s life, and he typically carries Christian literature, known as tracts, when he goes to such events. Camenzind has tracts, as well as small coins imprinted with scriptures, in dozens of different languages. He finds that people are thrilled to be given literature and objects in their native language, and it facilitates communication when there is a language barrier.

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