Citrus Air Jordan 11 Low GS Release Date

The Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS “Citrus” is set to return in 2015. The last time the Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS “Citrus” released was back in April 14th, 2001.

This Air Jordan 11 Low will feature a similar color scheme as the original release and will come in sizes that will go from 3 – 9.5. The size system for GS models in 2015 will be available all the way up to sizes 9.5, but if the shoe is not a GS the size system will remain the same 3.5 – 7.

That means that if you’re someone (mens sizes) who was unable to cop these back in 2001 and wear a smaller shoe size, then in 2015 you might have a chance to fit your foot into the newly released Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS “Citrus” colorway.

The shoe is fully dressed in a White and Citrus color scheme. Featuring an all-White smooth leather upper with Citrus accents on the tongue tag, back heel and translucent outsole.

Air Jordan 11 Retro Low GS Citrus 2015 Release Date

Check out the additional detailed photos of the Air Jordan 11 Low GS “Citrus” below that will be available in gradeschool to toddler sizes running up to a size 9.5Y on Saturday, June 20th, 2015 at select Jordan Brand retailers. The retail price tag is set at $120 USD.

Let us know in the comments section if you’re happy to see these return in the new GS-size system and stay tuned to Sneaker Bar for further updates as they develop.

Air Jordan 11 Low GS “Citrus”
June 20, 2015

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Citrus Air Jordan 11 Low GS Release Date

Citrus Air Jordan 11 Low GS Release Date

Citrus Air Jordan 11 Low GS Release Date

Citrus Air Jordan 11 Low GS Release Date

Source: Kicks USA

  • Jacob

    I’m gonna Have to cop these

  • Jacob

    I wear a size 8 in men’s


    This is both good & sad news for me. Recently sold my size 6Y pair during the spring time for about $400. Those were my grails, super clean colorway. At least I can get them again, hopefully colors & details are 100% the same

  • OnlyInNY

    Similar color scheme? They better be the same as the OG’s.

  • Mark

    currently questioning whether or not to still cop them legend blues ..

  • Ty

    Hopefully they release my size because these are fire

  • Samuel

    I can’t fuxking wait

  • ShoeEtiquette

    Bruh I’m thinking they gonna release in all sizes like the last couple of summers when 11 lows hit the shelves, it just would be a bad business decision to drop them only in gs sizes to much money lost and left on the table and we all know Nike and JB bout they loot

  • wolf

    I need these in a 10.5 they need to release in Men’s size too, because eBay tripping, I ain’t paying $600+ for them when I can get them for retail

  • MeMe

    Thank God! Just to make sure, a womans size 10 is a mens 8 right?!?

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      9.5-10 Woman’s

    • Ac

      Yes I wear the same size, when shopping men shoes go 2 sizes down, so a 10 in woman is an 8 in men.

  • Hypebeast_killa

    Least they already come yellowed

  • Lakizzy

    I hope they come in a 6

  • Kareem Hudson

    If I Wear A Size 9 In Men , What Size Would I Get In Women ? #Help

    • A

      You’d need a 10-10.5

    • jury

      You would need a woman size 11. You have to go 2 size up.

    • Tyra

      U go 1.5 size up

    • ursneakerguide

      iight so ur a 9 when it comes to gs sizes they read as men so if ur 9 get a 9

    • 33rfgyh

      size 7

  • Destiny Henderson

    If i wear a 7.5/8 which size do i get ! & is it mens on womens sizes !!

    • ursneakerguide

      iight bro I work at footlocker so if go with the 8 and yes they run men sizes so if ur in the 3.5-9.5 go with ur men size

      • bxboriyeaitsabenz

        Bro if you wear a size 4 in men what size do u get in gs

  • Destiny Henderson


    • bxboriyeaitsabenz

      Bro can u help me if u wear a size 6 in men what size do you get in gs or can u even do that ?

      • Marcus D.

        6 in men would be the same as 6 in gs you could have buying less expensive shoes

        • bxboriyeaitsabenz

          A size 4 same also ?

    • Suave Ray

      I wear a 9.5 in men’s so does that mean I can’t cop them

  • mike23ballin

    i have a pair of jordan laney 5 in a size 7 gs if i get these what size do i have to get because people are saying this is a womans shoe so a size 7 in womans well be a size 5

  • Antonio W.

    any size above a 7 in kids is out of luck. They don’t let you choose by womens sizes, you only choose by GS. so if you wear a 9 in mens, thats a 10.5 in mens. and a 7.5+ is mens, which means they wont be able for purchase for sizes larger than a 7.

    • Strive man

      Whats up man

    • femalesneakerhead

      you will cop a 7 as always

  • NewBoss

    These js are a must. But I’m unsure on what size to get, because I wear an 8.5 in women, but a 7 in boys.. The GS sizes make me think that the boys n women sizes are mixed.. ????

    • Marcus D.

      Gs is the same thing as boys most retro jordans say Gs but some other say boys or girls so it’s just kids size

  • jw

    Are they coming out in all cities? Also I wear a 9-10 in women’s and a 7-8 in mens I think. What size would I need in gs sizes?

  • Bootyeater

    i dont get does it mean if your a men size 9 u wont be able to have them

    • rashiaaaa

      your good!! anybody that wears a size over a 9.5 in men cant cop!

      • Bootyeater

        thx bruh

  • Donnei

    Everyone that has questions about sizing….on the box it says
    Gs 7.5 = women size 9
    Gs 8 = women 9.5
    Gs 8.5 = women 10
    Gs 9 = women 10.5
    Gs 9.5 = women 11

    I know this because I got the Air Jordan Retro 10 Verde in extended sizes.

    • Sneaker head

      Is it a girl or boy shoe

      • kyyluciano


      • Erick Wright

        GS standing for grade school… So kid sizes meaning boy’s and girls.

        Not women sizes

  • blanco

    These do not run in women sizes. You guys put to much effort in finding your sizes. All sizes are true to size. An 8 in GS is an 8 in men’s. I got the watermelon 7s in a 8.5 because I’m a men’s 8.5. There is no trying to figure out the sizes as people are trying too confuse you. If you are a man that runs from 7.5-9.5 in men sizes you get your men size not a women’s size or you’ll get a shoe that doesn’t fit. Only a women’s size you convert and Jordan doesn’t run in women’s sizes just gs. Women would have to convert their size to fit a GS.

  • banned_mozza1974

    so let me get this straight.. im new to this sneaker game :)

    what exactly does the shoe title mean… does the GS mean girls sizes?

    some conflicting advice below, if i wear a US mens 9.5.. what would i look for in these? a us 9.5 still or something else..

    cheers for any replies


      grade school

  • Cejric

    Do you need a ticket for these


    I’m soo glad to see new pics, I miss my pair. Glad I sold mine for a good $260 last year. Would deff double up on these though, very slept on release back in 01

  • Guest

    What size do I get an size 9

    • Cejric

      I think 10.5

    • sager_ltgr

      Get 9 grade school

    • Cejric

      A size 9 in grade school

  • Cejric

    What size do I get,
    I wear a size 9 what size should I get in women’s?

    • Bootz


      • Cejric

        To little

        • sager_ltgr

          Get 9 in grade school. same thing

          • Cejric

            Will It be small? Do you think I should get one size bigger to get more room?

          • sager_ltgr

            No. The GS sizes 8-9.5 fit like actual size. GS doesn’t go up to 10.5. This isn’t a womens release. Same for verde 10s, get your true size.

          • Cejric

            Ok thanks

          • Cejric

            Or they long or small like a size 6.0

  • Guest

    I think a size 10.5

    • Cejric

      Are they long like retro 1’s?

  • Aldrian Moore

    So I wear 8.5 in Men go to a 9.5 in gs?

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      8.5 men = 8.5Y
      Think of Youth sizes as boys size. That should help

    • Cejric

      No get a size 8.5 these shoes are true to your size


    Happy to see new pics, can’t wait to pick up. Quality looks on point compared to the OG’s

  • Timothy

    You’ll be good with the size 9.5Y bro that is equal to about a size 10 in mens

    • coins

      Nah kids sizes r da same as men so a 9.5y is da same as a 9.5 but women wud have 2 subtract 1.5 4rm their size 2 convert 2 kids sizes

    • Cejric

      They will be to little

  • amarie

    So are These pics showing the GS sole? Or is the sole going to look different possibly ?

    • Cejric

      It probably will be different

  • Lucas

    So If I wear a size 10, will I still be able to fit in a size 9.5y?

    • guest

      Probably not. Unless you want them to be really tight on you

      • mars

        I wear a 10 but I feel like I can do it. My gmp pack and my grapes are 9.5,

        • Cejric

          They will be hurting your feet you will have corns on your feet

          • mars

            I’ll still buy. If I can’t fit, then it stays in the collection

          • Cejric

            Waste of money

    • Cejric

      They will be so little

  • ☆Dizzy Story☆

    Nah it only stop at a 9.5 … which I have a chance

  • ShoeEtiquette

    This is a major fuck up by jordan brand not releasing these in men sizes i realize that the og dropped in gs sizes only in 2001 but one of the super clean colorways in my opinion to ever grace the 11 low and jb leave all that loot on the table. Ill take these over the bred lows any day

    • Cejric

      I have a chance I wear a size 9.0

  • GreenMeanie

    I would wager that many people who are hating on these just happen to wear a men’s size 10 or larger.


    Hopefully the retail pair doesn’t come with those extremely dark soles. Cant really see the jumpman on bottoms

    • Cejric

      I like it like that

  • Cejric

    Yep you will not be able to cop these

  • t man

    I will switch the laces with legend blue 11 laces but the laces may be a little too long but I can wing it im sure

    • OG_KiCKS_NJ

      Way too long

    • Jade Booth

      ㅋ◐◐◐◐◐◐◐◐Get More Info ☛

  • Ajay

    Confused as fuck imma a size 8.5 in men’s what should I do

    • Corrina Blake

      Get an 8.5 example sz 8 is sx 8 men

    • Cejric

      Get a size 8.5 in grade school girls

  • Sneakerboi

    I wear an 8.5 so im straight might get 8 just in case

    • Cejric

      No get a 8 these shoes are true to size

  • Sim Siang Wei

    Off topic I am size us7.5 can I cop aj11 legend blue 7y?

    • Cejric


  • Corbin Faircloth

    I’m a men’s size 11 what size should I get

    • Cejric

      You can’t get them

  • Lana

    I wear a size 9 in men’s what size should I get?

    • Cejric

      Get a 9 in Grade school girls

  • maya

    I wear an 8 in men’s what size should I get?

    • Cejric

      A size 8 in grade school

  • Kswiss

    I actually like that they come in only girls, because a lot of shoes I like only come in men’s and I can’t get them. And also the air max milans came in women’s and they sold out so fast because men got them. It sucks being a girl and loving sneakers

  • jasmin

    So where can i order these at ?im a size 8.5

    • KingZay


      • Jasmin

        Thank You

  • Thomas

    If these only come and girls and I wear a nine in women’s what size do I get in these for girl size ?

    • Chas Closertomydream Williams

      I would get a size 7 to be on the safe side!!

  • Lauren

    If I’m a size 9.5 in women’s which is a size 8 in men’s. What size do I get in gs?

    • Chas Closertomydream Williams

      Size 8

  • redd redd

    Hello good AFTERNOON I WAS wondering if was there a pair of these 11 citrus..w/pink camouflaged into the orange or peah/pink …if not I want summmm on my pair… ps..someone had a pic of 11citrus like that ..but I just found out that those could be fake…but tht pair made me want them like today…look more peach n pink… Ps#2 how can I get tht pair ?
    That’s more for tha girls look n the plain citrus for your hubby look alike .. The his n hers pair 11 for me if possible… #huhtellme…

  • d d

    if i wear a size 9 in men will they remain 120$

    • Chas Closertomydream Williams


      • d d

        whats size should i get and how much would it be

        • Cejric

          The size you wear in men’s it will be 120 dollars

          • d d

            how much would it be if i go to the store

          • Luis Raul Valentine

            If im a sz 9 in men what sz do i get for the low 11 citrus

    • Cejric


  • d d

    Im a size 7/5 but how much will it cost

    • Cejric

      120 dollars

  • Francisco

    I’m a size 8/5 in men, what size should I get and how mucho?

    • Cejric

      A 8.5 in women’s they will remain 120

      • Francisco Perez

        Thaks and you know where can I buy?

      • Francisco Perez

        Where can I buy them?

        • Cejric

          Any Nike stores close to you

  • Meek

    If im a size 10 in men what size should i get and how much is it.

    • d d

      cant get them gs sizes only go up to a 9.5

    • Stevie Fresco

      Can’t get em unless you can fit an 9.5 because that’s what the sizes go up to on men for this release

    • Cejric

      You can try a 9.5 and if you order off line you get them for 120.00 if you get them in stores they will have to tax em

  • biancaa

    How can I order or pre-order them ???

    • Cejric

      You can’t

  • Destiny Henderson

    if i wear a 7.5 what sise should i get ?? need answers asap && is the shoe in girls ? or ?

    • d d


    • Cejric

      Shoe is in girls and you get a 7.5 in girls

  • johnathan

    I wear a 9.5 in men. what should I get

    • d d


      • Cejric


    • Stevie Fresco

      You Get a 9.5

    • Cejric

      Get a 9.5

  • Nayeli

    If I’m a 12.5 in men what size should I get?

    • Stevie Fresco

      Can’t get em they only go up to a 9.5 in men

    • Cejric

      You can not cop these

      • Luis Raul Valentine

        Can i cop them if im a sz9 in men and if so what sz do i cop in ??

  • Jw

    I wear a 6 to an 7.5 on men what size should I get?

    • Jonathan

      7.5 or 8

    • Cejric

      A 7.5

  • Paris

    I’m a 10.5 / 11 in women’s. What size should I get? Please help meeeeeee

    • ChelseaNoClinton

      you would get a 9 or 9.5. Just like in mens.

      • Stevie Fresco


    • Cejric

      Grade school sizes for women’s stop at 9.5 so you can’t cop these

  • Tj

    Im a 10.5 in mens °.° wht size would i get Lmao

    • Cejric

      You can’t get these grade school sizes for women’s stop at 9.5

  • dre

    I wear a size 10.5 11 in men what size do I get?

    • Cejric

      You can’t cop these stops at 9.5

  • kaya

    where these shoes will come out at? west palm ?

  • cdelsys

    If I’m 7yr which size should I get in women???
    HELLPPP!!! MEEE!!!

    • Cejric

      7y in women’s

  • tyieka

    I wear a size 4 1/2 thank u

  • milkyway

    I wear a 9 in womens wat size should i get??

    • Cejric

      A 9

      • Luis Raul Valentine

        If im a 9 in men what sz do i get the low 11 citRus

        • Briana Cook

          you would get a 9

    • Briana Cook

      I wear a 9 in women and get a 7 or 7.5 in sneakers.

    • Tonya Kyle


  • Ashley Anderson

    If I wear a 9.5 in women what size should I get?

  • zoriah mason

    Do you need a ticket for these?

    • Tonya Kyle


  • Ranayshia Davis

    I wear a 6

  • Gina

    I wear 7 in women(23.5 inches) and I checked regular Gradeschool size should be 5.5, what size should I get for the Citrus?? Thanks!

    • Briana Cook

      Get a 5.5

    • nah bruh

      5 but you may wanna go up to a 6

  • Randy A Stoner

    If I wear a 7.5 in men’s what size should I get

    • Briana Cook

      GS is not men or women sizes. Men- if you wear a 8 originally, get a 8. Women if you wear a 6 in sneakers, get a 6.

  • Shyla Hemphill-Moore

    If I wear a 10 I’m women I would get a 8.5 in youth boys right?

  • Shyla Hemphill-Moore

    If I wear a 8 in men what do I get? But at the same time I wear a 10 in women?what size do I get a 8 or 8.5 because they cut true to size

  • Miajordanfan2000

    how do i pre order these ?

  • Mir Mir

    I wear a 9.5 what sz should I get.

  • Pthompson

    I wear a 10 in women’s what size should I get in the retro 11

  • Jmw

    I wear a 10 in women’s what size should I get?

  • Leena White

    if i wear a 8.5 in woman’s would that be a 6.5 in these ?

    • guest

      I believe its a 7

  • Destanee

    Where can i buy these online?

  • Bigg Steve

    Bruhhhhhh,,why cant they release these in a mens size…the fuuuuccck!!!!

    • Smoke The Dope

      They up to a 9.5 men’s…

  • Ju

    These shoes are hell yes getting coped and I’m size size 6 what should I get

    • Cejric

      Same size

  • Bobby

    are all the sizes the same price ? $120 right ? and do I need a ticket for these .

    • Cejric

      Better if you order offline

      • Bob J

        Where can you get them online??????

        • Cejric

          Any store you get your shoes from I got to finishline

  • Mutee

    Air these going to be sold at Foot Locker?




    WHAT STORES ARE THESE SOLD @cejric:disqus

    • Cejric

      You get them from finishline yes you do need a ticket And you get your regular size


    @cejric:disqus WILWILL THEY HAVE THESE IN A 9 OR 8.5


    i wear a8.5 or 9 what do i get

  • Randy A Stoner

    Do I need a ticket for these?

  • Sneakman86

    If any grown ass men think these are fire that’s a damn shame I saw them yesterday in hand and there a straight chick shoe

  • alaina

    I wear I size 5 and were do I stand in line and do I need a ticket

  • Alex Silva

    If I wear a 9 what should I get and is this more of a girl shoe then a men’s opinions?

  • wiya kiya

    Im 14 me and friend want to go to footlocker to get the shoe but what’s a ticket why do we need a ticket?!

  • Jocelyn

    I’m very confused becuz I bought 8.5 in my forces and they’re BIG but I wear a 9.5 to a 10 in women’s so what size should I get @cejric

  • Brianna

    I’m at 8.5 in men. What size would I be in GS? Plz help

    • Journee Carnegie


      • GloKid Q

        - Imma size 6 what would I be ?