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Dalai Lama and Desmond Tutu win Fetzer award

September 30, 2009

Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu to be Awarded First Fetzer Prize for Their Work to Advance Love, Forgiveness and Compassion

Fetzer Institute will present each a $100,000 prize at 2009 Peace Summit in Vancouver, Canada. is Holiness the Dalai Lama and Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu will be awarded the Fetzer Institute’s Prize for Love and Forgiveness this Sunday at the 2009 Peace Summit in Vancouver. Each will receive a $100,000 monetary prize to support their work and a handcrafted, inscribed journal. The Archbishop Emeritus’ daughter, the Reverend Mpho Tutu, will accept the prize on his behalf.

The Institute’s Prize honors the courage and persistence with which His Holiness and Archbishop Emeritus Tutu have both worked to bring love, compassion and forgiveness to all that they do, as well as their ability to inspire these same impulses in others around the world.

“Love, compassion and forgiveness have the power to change, the power to heal and the power to transform any situation–no matter how violent or troubled–into something that is generative and life-giving,” said Tom Beech, president and CEO of the Institute. “The Dalai Lama and Archbishop Tutu are renowned, revered, respected and loved the world over. In giving this award, the Fetzer Institute celebrates their humanity and the consistency with which their lives stand for compassion in the face of isolation, love in the face of fear and forgiveness in the face of violence.”

By presenting the Institute’s first Prize for Love and Forgiveness jointly to both men, the Fetzer Institute recognizes the rich friendship and profound joy shared by His Holiness and Archbishop Emeritus Tutu. The men dedicate their lives to promoting human dignity–lending their voices and leadership to a broad spectrum of issues.

As part of the Fetzer Institute’s work to promote the awareness of the power of love, forgiveness and compassion, the Institute is the primary sponsor of the Charter for Compassion, a collaborative effort to build a peaceful and harmonious global community. The Charter is the result of noted author and scholar Karen Armstrong’s one wish to change the world. The Charter for Compassion will be unveiled formally in Washington, D.C., on Thursday, November 12, 2009.

“As the Charter’s primary sponsor, Fetzer will have an exciting opportunity to support a worldwide conversation about the need for greater compassion in the world,” noted Shirley Showalter, Vice President of Programs.

Through the Prize, its sponsorship of the Charter for Compassion and other key programs, the Fetzer Institute hopes to inspire people everywhere to advance love and forgiveness in their own lives and communities–forming deeper connections and calling all people to act compassionately.

The award ceremony will be Web cast at 12:30 pm ET, Sunday, September 27. To view the Web cast, and to learn more about the Fetzer Prize for Love and Forgiveness and the Charter for Compassion, visit


About the Fetzer Institute: The Fetzer Institute is a private operating foundation based in Kalamazoo, Mich. that engages with people and projects around the world to help bring the power of love, forgiveness and compassion to the center of individual and community life. Founded by broadcast pioneer John E. Fetzer, the Institute carries out its mission by sharing compelling stories of love and forgiveness at work in the world; by convening conversations to help community leaders explore the practical application of love and compassion in their work; and by supporting scientific research to understand how to increase the human capacity for love, compassion and forgiveness. While the Fetzer Institute is not a religious organization, it honors and learns from a variety of spiritual traditions.

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Paul September 30, 2009

Tutu should stay out of partisan politics and work for Christianity rather than left-wing political causes. He tends to forget his professed calling rather too often.

Craig Cobb September 30, 2009

HH stopped and waved at me, and even Maria Shriver’s aid took my flyer. She and 350 other people. But HH never showed on scenic Hastings Street.

Open Letter to HH Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama of the Gelug-pa Yellow Hats of The Fast Way Vajrayana
About Educating the Heart As It Considers Preventing the Coming Nearly Inevitable Extinction of the The White Race

HH Tenzin Gyatso, 14th Dalai Lama of the Gelug-pa “Yellow Hats” of “Fast Way” Vajrayana (as differentiated from Mahayana “Middle Way” and Hinayana “Slow Way”, and Vajrayana “Red Hats” and “Black Hats”)…we beseech you to please hear our supplication! Like the Tibetans, Our People are a Precious Minority on this Teeming Dark [Hearted] Planet of Desires who have gifted the world greatly– in our case, via the inventions and discoveries of the internet; the microprocessor; the bicycle; the airplane; the railroad; the photovoltaic cell; the telephone; electric lights; television; radio; the finding of the elements; marvelous allopathic and surgical techniques; the sending of humans to another heavenly body (by Wernher Von Braun et. al.); democracy (Icelanders having instituted Althing, the oldest continuous parliament since 930AD), and the first and original discovery of North America 22,000 years ago by the “subsequently genocided” Solutreans who originated from Solutré in the Mâcon district, Saône-et-Loire, in what is present-day eastern France (ref. Discovery Channel/Smithsonian Ice Age Columbus DVD).

Like Tibetans, we are now rapaciously set upon by a Hasbara-inspired global political systemic and its flying monkey MSM hate minions, which closed-heart, evil-making apocalyptic obsessed riders have cripplingly denuded and deracinated our youth; our confidences; our women’s inborn love of reproduction; our very palaeolithically indigenous continent of Europa.

Even as millions upon millions of our heartily welcomed ethnic Chinese, East Indians, Mexicans, black Africans, Arabs, and multitudes of others have wisely sought and found solace and refuge amongst the salubrious “host” social/economic climate of Our People in North America, our numbers are the only numbers which are declining on the planet. Indeed, the U.N. says we now comprise a mere 8% of the globe’s population, and we are predicted by the U.N. to constitute an ” ‘no-return-from’ extinction level” of just 2% by the year 2101, slightly over 90 years from today! We have not confidently taught Our People for well over 2,000 years that we are and always have been the Center of The Universe; rather, we have only lately learned that we are really precariously endangered in 2009 to beyond.

We know that all non-white peoples love us and our many technological and spiritual gifts and sensitivities to this realm. Were our predicament known–were it not for the Hasbara-hate of billionaire MSM, we know that many respected foundations populated by all the peoples of this world would exist to preserve Our People. On Sept. 24th, 2009, Ministry of Finance, Corporate Registry of B.C. Registry Services denied me the right to register “Whitepeace – Save White People From Global Extinction Society”, saying that name “SHOULD BE” (in an even more perfect Hasbara-hate racial envy Orwellian Marxian world, perhaps?) “OFFENSIVE BY SOME” (B.C. Registry Services’ actual capitalizations shown).

HH Tenzin Gyatso, do not let the dark and dire predictions of Kalu Rinpoche, William Gayley Simpson, Dr. William L. Pierce, Dr. Kevin MacDonald, and Alex Linder come to be. Help the story of 1970 Nobel Prize winner Aleksandr Isayevich Solzhenitsyn’s Two Hundred Years Together about the NKVD Marxian Holocaust of 20 to 30 millions of Our People finally get published in the West in the English language. Help the B.C. and Canadian Human Rights Commissions to ban from all Canadian public libraries and schools Dwight David Eisenhower’s voluminous Crusade in Europe (Doubleday, 1948) which makes not a single mention of gas chamber death or existence in Auschwitz, a glaring omission constituting a horrible mental torture of cognitive dissonance upon our little schoolchildren! Even the government of Israel has acknowledged its Holocaustal responsibility for, and censured Genrikh Yagoda, and by logical extension– Lavrenti Beria, Lazar Moiseyevich Kaganovich et. al. in the deaths of 20 to 30 millions of white Ukranians and Russians in the Ukraine and Gulag. This, despite the now 34 year old U.N. Resolution 3379 which declares Zionism “a form of racism and racial discrimination”! There was geopolitical fear abroad in Germany after they witnessed the horrific Ukraine and Gulag slaughters of the early to mid 1930’s. Just as there is pandemic fear now from our Marxian governmental/NGO opponents of our culturally traditional free speech.

HH Tenzin Gyatso, please be aware and teach that the same “slick wordsmithing-inspired” operative system manifestng as PRC Hasbara inspired hate of Moses Mordecai Levy (fake name Karl Marx) and Lev Bronstein (fake name Leon Trotsky) which is preventing your return to Tibet and (in the most ignominious murder-fest which Earth has ever had misfortune to host) has annihilated well over 100 million souls, is also oppressing Our People…such as those pitiable wraith beings cast aside and living on the sidewalks beside grocery shopping carts on Hastings Street in Vancouver. I have visited both Bombay (Mumbai) and Calcutta. Both mega cities are, in my opinion, more humane to their poorest unfortunate wretched. MRI scans have shown that the very brains of “ice” users, the “feeling sense organ of the body-mind” are– in the worst cases, permanently, irrevocably Swiss-cheese wormhole-wracked by crystal methamphetamines made from liquid chemicals frequently illegally smuggled by the 40 gallon barrel from abroad– often directly from the PRC or Korea. I once met a woman whose 19 year old addict son is institutionalized and wears diapers for the rest of his life. Other victims have enlarged hearts the size of grapefruits. This condition means they have just six months or less to live. I personally invite you to come with me– walk the curbs of the most forlorn, decimated blocks of Hastings Street and visit the Dantean Carnegie Centre rather than just the toney, hoighty-toighty Orpheum Theatre; compassionately meet societal Cacophony, and Impending Death with me for yourself. Educate the Heart with me before their hearts soon suddenly stop on Hastings Street.

Lastly, help our wonderful but sweetly superstitious “Rosemary’s Baby anciently propagandized” people learn more about Tibet by recommending they read A Stranger In Tibet: The Adventures Of A Wandering Zen Monk, author Scott Barry. The volume recounts the adventures of the Japanese Zen monk Kawaguchi Ekai who crossed from Nepal into Tibet in July of 1900, becoming the first Japanese to visit Tibet and meet the Dalai Lama.

I personally implore and beseech Your Holiness these things in the name of my slated-for-extinction, current planetary minority people, the white race.

“If you can’t talk about it, that’s not freedom”. – Alex Linder, VNNFORUM.COM

Craig Cobb, dual American-Canadian white civil rights activist, 36 A.C., Sept. 29, 2009, 431 East Pender, #7, Vancouver, B.C., Canada,V6A 1V2, Cell # 77-888-99-714

This document is a legal Creativity Religion Outreach.

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