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Family-Faith Film Review: The Last Airbender

July 3, 2010

Family-Faith Film Review: The Last Airbender
By Catholic Office of Film and Broadcasting

The Last Airbender—Strained 3-D fantasy adventure, set in an alternate world where some human beings have the power to “bend,” that is, control, one of the basic elements of fire, earth, air and water, and where a brother and sister (Jackson Rathbone and Nicola Peltz) assist a child (Noah Ringer) who is the latest incarnation of a global peace-giver in his quest to restore order to society by ending the oppressive rule of a warlike, imperialist nation (led by Cliff Curtis and Aasif Mandvi). Though free of objectionable language or behavior, writer-director M. Night Shyamalan’s live-action adaptation of an animated TV series — which also features Dev Patel as a disgraced prince out to prove his mettle by capturing the boy wonder — fails to gain dramatic traction, bogging down in stilted dialogue and endless explanations of its back story, some aspects of which suggest pantheism or nonscriptural beliefs. Potentially confusing religious themes and much nongraphic martial arts and combat violence.  A-II — adults and adolescents. (PG) 2010
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Douglas July 4, 2010

Pray Shyamalan never directs even a home movie again. Two of my sons and I are major fans of the tv show, and my oldest and I have seen the movie and we both want our money back. Fire benders who carry torches or throw heaps of burning stuff into an area so they can bend. Please, if you are a earth or water bender and you see those, you smother or douse the burning stuff or the torch and oops no more fire bending. Shyamalan says he watched the show with his kid, obviously he was asleep when the show was on because this was so far from the TV show that he should be ashamed to call hyimself a director. Maybe if he had left the Kyoshi warriors parts in , the movie might have had at least one part that might have been good. At least Seychelle Gabriel was the only part of the movie worth looking at. My 17 yr old son thinks she is hot and since she is 18, I can say that also lol. Lets hope we see her again, but if she has any sense, if any of the actors in this disaster have any sense, they will never accept another call from Shyamalan again. Noone should, dude, you should have gotten a 12 yr old to direct this, they could have done a better job. Please do the world a favor, never – ever make another movie.

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