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God and Chilean Miner Rescue: Miracle Stories

October 13, 2010

God and Chilean Miner Rescue: Miracle Stories
By Guest Contributor,

The entire Chilean trapped miner episode and their rescue  is filled with stories of their faith and God working miracles.

One of the trapped miners of the Copiapo Chile mining accident has been Jose Henriquez who is an evangelical Christian.  He used his phone call time to request a pastor.  That pastor request fell upon Marcelo Leiva, of Vallenar Baptist Church in Vallenar, Chile who has become a spiritual representative for the whole family camp during the ordeal.   Pastor Leiva had only 10 minutes on the phone and he used that time to pray with Henriquez and provide words of inspiration.   It seems like their prayers were answered as all the miners came out safely and two miners dedicated their lives to Christ during the entrapment.

Pastor Leiva has been able to minister to the families in the rescue camp as well.   He helped one of the miner wives turn her turn her life over to God.   Time Magazine reports that there has been an outpouring religious songs and hymns being sung in the camp and has reflected a church-like atmosphere at times.  Pastor Leiva also wrote down a special Psalm for the Chilean Mining Minister.  Henriquez’s brother has helped spread the faith of the miners from the surface.   His brother printed t-shirts with the scripture verse from Psalm 95:4.  It read, “Thank you Lord.” On the back are the words, To Him be the glory and honor. Because in his hands are the depths of the earth, and the heights of the mountains are His.”

One of the more vocal voices of faith in mines has been of Jimmy Sanchez.  He wrote of faith and of God in his letters to the outside world above.   Sanchez said “There are actually 34 of us, because God has never left us down here.”   His words are reminiscent  of the Bible story of the three Jewish men, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego, sent to the Babylonian furnace but were not burned and were seen with a divinely sent forth person there protecting them.

Sanchez also made this interesting observation,  “But for me it’s like it was yesterday that we got caught here. God wanted me to stay here, I don’t know, maybe so I change from now on. I have thought and I’ll change a lot. I have suffered too much and don’t want to suffer any more. In the hard moments I was thankful of God because I got a daughter. I expect than when my turn arrives everything will be ok. Hugs for everyone.”

Upon rescue the most famous and media celebrated miner was Mario Sepúlveda who was the first to speak to the media.   Mario came out dancing and hugging everyone.   Mario yelled out to the cameras, “I was with God.  I was with the  Devil.  God and the devil were fighting over me and God won.  I always knew they would get me out. I always had faith in the professionals here in Chile and in the Great Creator.”   People are already naming him super-Mario.

Another miner, Carlos Mamani. Came out and immediately went down on his knees, motioning to God he began to give thanks.    Carlos, is the only non-Chilean member of the trapped mining crew with his homeland in Bolivia.   He told reporters that he is not planning to return to Bolivia but rather stay as close to his new miner family as possible.

Omar Reygadas exited the rescue capsule with his Bible.   Like Carlos, he too knelt down and offered thanksgiving to heaven.   His words were “God Lives.”

Everywhere you look you can see the words of thankful men and grateful family members who attest to God’s help in this terrible tragedy with a happy ending.

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Discuss this article

Mom4jesus October 14, 2010

The only miners to survive being trapped for so long.
Why? GOD!

Thomas Blumer October 14, 2010

I have prayed the rosary for these poor, frightened men almost every day since I heard of the Chilean miners who were trapped below the earth. When I was not praying my rosary, I thought about the men. My heart and my prayers went out to them. I lost much sleep. Finally I got an answer to my endless prayers. Jesus and His Holy Mother and St. Theresa of the Andes saved them for many reasons. Each man knows the reason better than I do. Then I realized that God has saved the men through so many trials. There must be a universal reason for His act. I knew the final rescue would be made and I suddenly felt a great calm come over me. I knew they would get out of their predicament safely and they did. I spent the entire day of Oct. 13 in constant prayer. Now I have found a list of the men and at what time they were rescued. Today I have said four rosaries of general thanksgiving: Joyful, Luminous, Sorrowful and Glorius for these men in general. Next I will give each and every man a separate rosary of thanksgiving. This will take me some time, but I will do as I have promised. Thanks for listening to me. Tom Blumer

critic October 14, 2010

I worry we are strecthing this story into a fairy tale a bit.

Tuki Potter October 14, 2010

A fairy tale!!!! It certainly is!!!
And you can never dispute the power of our Almighty God, and if they wish to worship and give thanks to God. So be it!!!

Just sit back and think if you were trapped like that? What would you do? And who would you turn to? THe Fairy God Mother, I don’t think so……

Tressa Ayers October 14, 2010

I think that this was the most remarkable scene as a reflection of what Crhist has done for us.**** There were 33 men that were trapped and for 17 days no one knew there outcome. **** Christ was 33 years old when he died and was buried in a tomb.
+++ Every time a minor was surfaced our emotions were the same.An Unfaded sence of joy for each one.+++ Christ laid down his life for the world but would have done it for just you.
The Bible says that Gods light overshadowed the darkness.
Each one had to wear sunglasses to protect there eyes from the light.\ The scene was viewed from all over the world.\ The Bible says that Christ died for the sins of the whole world.!!! Every time one came forth there was a loved one there ready to greet him.The bible says we need to be ready for the Lords return. The operation was absolutely flawless from the beginning to the end and Gods salvation plan is perfect.

Kay October 14, 2010

God says, ask and it shall be given. These men’s story was meant to be told. It is no fairy tale. It is God answering prayer. Not often do we get to observe it so splendidly and so directly, and not always do we see what He has done, but maybe in this case, even the blind will see.
Thank you Lord.

Was it God? - Pashtun Community October 14, 2010

[…] the outside world worked diligently to get them out. Some have been quick to call this "divine intervention." Rescued miners are suggesting it was a spiritual experience, saying "there were 34 of […]

MickeyD October 14, 2010

Glory to God!

Realist October 15, 2010

This is wrong, He caused the rockfall in the first place. It is quite clear that man has disobeyed God’s will by drilling the escape tunnel and that the miners should have died down there.

Alicerbob October 16, 2010

Realist: what is more real, a loving Father God who gives us all life abundantly as Jesus said He would? He said He is The Way, The Truth, and The Life and He answered our prayers for these men and theirs too! Now that’s real!

More of a Realist October 16, 2010

Realist: You bet God caused the rock to fall in the first place and because He did there are two more souls that were called out of the darkness into his marvelous light, raised out of the horrible pit and out of the miry clay (Psalm 40:2). What a gracious God we have that will bring calamity into our lives and force us meaninglessness of a self-focused life, to turn from our wicked ways and turn TO HIM. If life was a bed of roses no one would ever turn to Christ. We all disobey God’s will if we do not accept Christ offer of salvation, not by drilling or not drilling a hole. Now go, find someone in the pit of dispair, and tell them Christ died for their sins and they can be victorious over them if they will just reach up to Christ, step into the escape pod He has sent down for them, and receive the gift of (eternal) life. Your right, everyone of those miners deserved to die down there, and so did I and so did you because of our disobedience to God. But praise be to God who has purchased us from the pit of hell through the blood of his Son Jesus Christ so that they didn’t have to die down there. Thank God that I don’t get what I deserve because I don’t deserve anything less than death and hell and to be forever separated from God my Creator.

sherwood October 17, 2010

I see no reason to blame God for disasters in a world where we go our own way and do not regard God in all we do.
I see every reason to thank God for not acting in judgement against humanity.
I see every reason to believe in a God who loves so much that he gave His only begotten Son to bear our sins and shed his blood on calvary that we might live – if we give our lives to Him

In this the miners are an example as is the Chilean President – they all know the score and those waiting up top and those trapped below appealed to Him who could help for they knew human effort alone was not suffecient.

Besides this after death the judgement and we are all trapped even if our prison is a comfortable one – to be rescued from the penalty of sin is more important than being rescued from death in a mine

Brian Marshall October 17, 2010

To GOD be The Glory, Great things He has done. Believe on The Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved. Jesus is The way The Truth and The Life, no one comes to God with out HIM !

thinkforyourself October 17, 2010

God seems to get the credit for the success stories. No one every asks why he didn’t save, other trapped miners around the world, like the ones in China. Or provide clean drinking water for the 5000 children a day who go without.

It seems to me that what got these miners out was a combination of technology, human Ingenuity and the focus of the worlds media. End of! No God required!

Roy Miller October 18, 2010

Yes Brian, There is a God required to save us from ourselves and redeem us, and give us an eternal home if we will properly receive the salvation for us. An eternity without him would make one piece of sand in a desert nothing to the whole desert. That one piece of sand represents the time those guys spent down in the hole, compared to those now redeemed who will rejoice forever with Christ.

Norman October 18, 2010

Dedicated to Camp Hope, San Jose Mine, Phoenix capsule, Luis Urzua + Ariel and Elizabeth Ticona’s baby
Can be sung to No 315 in Methodist Church “Hymns and Psalms” published by Methodist Publishing House 1983

1. To survive in this crazy old race
with the needforspeed you need God’s Grace
and if your desperate….. like wives
watching days of their lives,
you can’t cope….. without the hope
and that is not to be found in a soap.
If your looking to Oprah or Phil
shop non-stop or pop a pill,
the void won’t fill but the sin will kill
until you love the …..oneonthehill
the same one that went to that hill.
Is ruling victoriously still

2. Lay back in your lazy boy chair
watching miners ascend to the air,
nah your not gonna find it there.
You won’t find air there
No American Idol or Council Tribal
Can give you the and saaa to finding your pa.
C. S. ain’t got a clue. S.V.U. What a to do!
No MP3 or those on CD or TV or DVD
can save either you or me.
can save any one of we three.

3. CNN ran out of News
here’s a headline that you must choose.
It’s not a simple life Paris Hilt IN,
treading thin ice living in sin.
You can be an apprentice for Donald Trump
eat fear factor fast food from a rubbish dump
you can be a hitter or a winner
or Fox news no spin spinner
but here’s summ’ut that you best check out
In the life your livin’ there’s nought for nought
so make sure your sins are forgiven
make sure your sins are forgiven

4. I bet cha 50 cents……
Elvis came and he went,
eventu a leee every black-eyed-peee,
…. wanna-be on T V
And fancy chicks that think they can sing,
There gonna see some real cool bling
Even miners will see the king
We are all gonna see the king
Luis’s best mates with the king
Esperanza’dad will sing to our king
The king of the kings of the king of the kings
Auditioning our songs to the king

5. Don’t care if your Len O or Bono.
Some things that you just got to know.
Some day your gonna diebro.
Then where’re you gonna go?
Hey, i’m not talking some irreverent punk .
Tucked up in a bunk …..way back then.
not a preacher feature on CNN.
that you need to like now and then.
Real superstar is Christ. the way, the truth and not all those lies.
One day he’s gonna split the skies.
One day he’ll reveal all those lies.

6. Christ is the brightest of lights
and the highest of all of the highs
and so what I came to say and what I’m saying today
is don’t buy that stupid stuff they sell you
it’s all lies and not at all true
It makes you really dead not the 1st time that’s been said
here is the bottom line that bottom line within my rhyme
Why give your life to God…. stitches in time save nine (or cause there still is some time).

Acknowledgement to Tamara Lowe “Jesus rap” on You tube.

Hymn No 315 Alan T Dale

7. GOD’S spirit is in my heart;
He has called me and set me apart.
This IS what I have to do–
What I have to do:
He sent us to give the good news to the poor
Tell miners that they are prisoners no more
Tell blind people that they can see,
And set all lost souls free,
So go tell everyone
The news that the kingdom of God has come
And go tell everyone
The news that the kingdom has come

8. Just as the Father sent me,
So I’m sending you out to be
My witness throughout the world-
The whole of the world
He sent us to give the good news to the poor
Tell miners that they are prisoners no more
Tell blind people that they can see,
And set all lost souls free,
So go tell everyone
The news that the kingdom of God has come
And go tell everyone
The news that the kingdom has come

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