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God Particle gets faith defense in new book

August 25, 2012

God Particle-Religion Fires Back

Recently the scientists at CERN (European Laboratory for Particle Physics) ignited fireworks around the world with the announcement of the discovery of the Higgs boson, a.k.a., the God Particle. Congratulations are in order for Professor Peter Higgs and the thousands of scientist around the world who labored to detect the illusive subatomic particle.

The discovery is a great milestone in physics research and deserves honor due the intelligence and hard work. However the spin doctors are turning up the volume with various predictions of the impact such a discovery as it relates to science and religion. The age old discussions and arguments continue about the role God play in proven science discoveries.

Some suggest that the discovery of the Higgs boson have finally put God out of creation. Others have proclaimed God is not needed, He is irrelevant and redundant to scientific data, and His validity questioned. The overwhelming amount of scientific data from the super intelligent human brains has somehow buried the Creator. These obituary type statements have been made throughout the ages. However God has some ‘data’ to add to this discussion.

God proclaimed the God particle over 1900 years ago. Hebrews 11:3, “Through faith we understand that the worlds were framed by the word of God, so that things which are seen were not made of things which do appear.” KJV

Contrary to logic, and without instruments, God states everything that can be seen (matter) was made of things which cannot be seen; elementary particles which include the Higgs. The “footprint” of the Higgs was detected. As stated in the bible, it can’t be seen and yet gives mass to other particles so they can be seen, no shenanigans needed. Peter Higgs theorized it in the 1964, CERN discovered it in 2012, God proclaimed it 1900 years ago and He created it billions of years ago; it is God’s particle.

In addition to the God particle, the bible proclaimed proven scientific discoveries as it relates to the creation of the universe. In his book, What is Time? -Answers: Did God Create the Universe, Tate Publishing, release scheduled for retail November 2012. ( Author Gary Driver describes and illustrates God’s proclamations in the bible of these scientific discoveries: time, fabric of space, elementary particles, flat universe, expanding universe, law of physics, Sun orbit Milky Way, jet stream, Earth hangs on nothing, Earth is round, Moon influences tides, accelerating universe, the Doppler Effect, gravitational red shift and others. It is also God’s expanding, accelerating, and flat Universe

God has been proven by the empirical scientific data. By this we know the bible is of divine origin because the Bronze Age illiterate peasants surely could not deduce such knowledge.

There is no conflict between proven science and God. Scientific research is necessary to better understand how God created this great universe.

What Is Time? – available now in paperback and eBook versions at

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Bob Wright August 25, 2012

Trying to find God in the physical universe is a low-percentage proposition. It just gets you into “the god of the gaps”, which is a steadily diminishing space. The “obituary-type statements” have indeed been made “through the ages” – that is, in the last few hundred years – and each time, they’ve been correct. Each time, “real physical universe God” has been pushed back farther. Now he is relegated to an unimaginably tiny subatomic particle, and the same weak arguments are laid out to try to suggest that that’s what he meant, all along.

Islam, for some reason, is quite big on the “scientific proof of the Koran”, and they trot out these tortured arguments to try to demonstrate that this or that sura or hadith actually refers – if you squint a little – to the latest state of scientific understanding. It would be helpful to look at some of these claims, where you don’t have a dog in the fight, as it were, to see how weak they are unless seen through the lenses of faith.

“Things which are seen were not made of things which do appear” could mean pretty much whatever you’d like it to mean, but the most obvious intention here is that the world is made of spirit, and not of little things. This turns out to be wrong (again, depending on how hard you want to twist it). The whole point of the likely proof of the existence of the Higgs boson, for example, is that it *is* apparent. Making it appear is the same general kind of process as making oxygen and nitrogen appear in the air. We can’t see them with our naked eyes, but they appear very clearly to our extended senses, and we know that they are the main constituents of the invisible air around us. Air is not made of spirit, but of molecules in the form of a gas. The bible offers no guidance in this, just as it appears not to have any inkling of the major form of life on our planet – microbiological organisms and viruses.

In sum then, the argument that science has ever proven the existence of God keeps on getting made, and keeps on turning out to be based on hope rather than sound reasoning. “As stated in the bible, [the Higgs boson] gives mass to the other particles so they can be seen” doesn’t actually make sense even in the vague and shifting context given here. Other constituent sub-particles, other subatomic particles, other atoms, other molecules, and other quite complex and vast molecular structures all cannot be seen. It’s better just to leave scientific paradigms alone, and not try to find a way to squeeze God into their gaps. It makes both you and God look foolish.

A Christian August 25, 2012

While the previous commenter is perhaps unduly harsh (making “both you and God look foolish”), one must admit that there is no fundamental difference here between the Higgs boson and other particles. None can be seen by the naked eye. All (that we have discovered so far) can be observed by us. Indeed, that’s how we’ve discovered them.

I don’t see how the Higgs boson proves God’s existence more than any other particle.

But why do we, Christians, constantly need God proved? It is as if we want to defend ourselves against others. As if we feel threatened by science.

I, for one, do not feel threatened by science. God exists. I know that, and I feel no need to convince those who do not wish to be convinced. I don’t need the Higgs boson to know my Lord and Savior.

If we could prove God existed, would this not hurt God’s Divine Plan? We show our mettle through our belief. If science proved God, there would be no more distinction between us and unbelievers. They would believe, too – not through knowing the Truth in their hearts, but through their precious scientific evidence. It would mean nothing to God.

For this reason God will never be “provable”. The atheists are right about that, if about little else. Let us be happy God operates outside of their narrow bounds of “provability” and the holy Science cow.

Do we really want God dissected in some CERN laboratory? No – God is ours, for we have Faith and Love. Let the atheists keep their science! It will not help them much in the afterlife, useful though it may be on this planet.

King E. Hall Jr August 25, 2012

In response then comments made by A Christian on August 25,2012. Amen!

G. Driver August 25, 2012

For thousands of years before the advent of ‘science’ God required man to believe He is the Creator by the marvel of His intelligence and majesty of His creation. We can see that in the book of Romans. We as Christians do not need God to prove Himself through science. Jesus did not turn Thomas away, He asked him to touch His wounds to help his faith.

If God created ‘everything’, that includes science. Science certainly does not belong to the atheists. They attempt to use science to prove there is no God. As God used the principal portrayed in the betrayal of Joseph’s brothers to fitful His purpose, He uses the scientific discoveries to show His foreknowledge. (Not saying that Scientist are evil) God is Omniscient

No need to try to muddy the water with a reference to Koran or even releigion. This is a total reference to the book we call the Bible translated 1611.

The scripture matter is made of things which are not seen is a simple statement of fact, no gap to fill. Regardless of what level or composition of the unseen you may refer, the statement is still true and made over 1900 years ago. It is not in a spiritual context because the things which are seen are ALL natural and in turn are made of things which the eye cannot see. TOTALLY NATURAL REFERENCE. That which is seen is made of that which is unseen, is this not a true statement?

I guess the twelve times that the Bible state the universe is expanding is trying to fill some gap. The same goes for the bible claims for an accelerating universe and a flat universe. Which was proclaimed thousands of years ago? The bible illustrates the Doppler Effect which is the same principle as the gravitational red shift. Also the universe is immeasurable, and operates under a set of laws (physics).

Either the illiterate peasants knew more than we do today or God declared them.

G. Driver August 25, 2012

BTW, my artticle acknowledges the Higgs boson. It is REAL.

The god of the gaps concept is for those issues that is not known to man whereby it is believed that God is attributed to the unknown. As man discovers more, God is propoted to only reside in the reducing unknown areas. This old argument do not apply to here.

In the article and in my book, What Is Time-Answers Did God Create the Universe, the ONLY reference to God and science is proven science. No reference to any religion. The references are to a book that was translated to English in 1611.

I have a question in the book that maybe someone out there can answer. How can the Big Bang or any other outwardly propelling force cause the FABRIC of space to move faster on the perimeter than within as evident with the accelerating universe?

The accelerating universe discovered in the late 1990s causes major problems for the Big Bang. In the past it was believed that gravity would slow down the expansion. Inflation is needed to help the Big Bang to fit the accelerating universe. The old 1611 book has the answer.

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