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Bob Dylan speaks faith in new album

September 16, 2012

Dr Bradford, Templehouse Publishing,

Dr A T Bradford, author of The Jesus Discovery, which identified Jesus’ earthly father Joseph using first century Judean Roman history, also wrote the book Dylan, Depression and Faith two years ago. This analyzed Dylan’s recent works and found numerous references to the Bible and to active Christian faith. Dr Bradford has now reviewed Tempest and found many references to the Christian faith, confirming his previous findings regarding Dylan’s on-going use of Scripture to communicate his beliefs.

Bradford quotes the following lyrics from Dylan’s latest offering:

Duquesne Whistle: “I can hear a sweet voice gently calling, must be the mother of our Lord …”

Soon After Midnight: “I’m searching for phrases to sing your praises, I need to tell someone …”

Narrow Way: “It’s a long and narrow way, I can’t work up to you, you’ll surely have to work down to me someday”… “Look down angel, from the skies, help my weary soul to rise”… “I heard a voice at the dusk of day, saying ‘Be gentle, brother, be gentle and pray …”

Pay in Blood: “I’ve sworn to uphold the laws of God … Man can’t live by bread alone, I pay in blood, but not my own …”

Tin Angel: “He renounced his faith, he denied his Lord …”

Tempest: “He read the book of Revelation …”

Roll on John: “I pray the Lord my soul to keep”

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone magazine about his new album Dylan said: “I wanted to make something more religious. I just didn’t have enough [religious songs]. Intentionally, specifically religious songs is what I wanted to do. That takes a lot more concentration to pull that off 10 times with the same thread – than it does with a record like I ended up with.”

Dylan, aged 71, continues to play 100+ shows a year. Could he still be communicating his faith? Bradford’s book, Dylan, Depression And Faith – The Messages Behind The Music Of Bob Dylan, shows that he is.

Dr Bradford can be contacted at Templehouse Publishing,

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Tim September 17, 2012

Spot on. Dylan is now speaking of Christ as ‘our Lord’ – i.e. his Lord.

Kris Asaro September 17, 2012

I was wondering what you think of Duquesne Wistle, to me it sounds like Dylan is warning of a possible up coming hollacost (burnt sacraphice) the Duquesne whistle is the sound of the biggest blast furnace in the world, dorthy 6. Telling people to go north by getting on that Duquesne train, stoping in Carbondale then riding it both night and day…. And what’s with his backdrop in concert? The all seeing eye with the crown of thorne on it? Last, if he’s paying In Blood, but not his own, is he paying with the blood of our lord?
Thanks kindly…..

Kris Asaro November 23, 2012

Another good point to fallow is in the song tempest at the end when the the captan of the ship looked into the compass saw his face and the needle was pointing down he knew he had lost the race. Well a compass needle never points down, he was referring to the fact that the captan knows he is going to hell for intentionally sinking the ship and taking out the only people capable of stopping the federal reserve from forming.

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