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Movie targets evolution scientists

July 26, 2013

Movie that Debunks Evolution to Premiere in Tenn. Near Anniversary of Scopes ‘Monkey Trial’
By Living Waters Publications,

A controversial new movie that debunks evolution will premiere in Tennessee, almost 88 years to the day after the famous Scopes “Monkey Trial.” Titled “Evolution vs. God,” its producer Ray Comfort says, “Hollywood’s 1960 movie Inherit the Wind was their own fictionalized version of the Tennessee-based Scopes trial, intentionally portraying creationists as simple-minded hicks who had blind faith in the Bible and rejected the evidence for evolution. But this new film is going to show that it is Darwinian evolution that rests on nothing but blind faith, and that it is bogus science.”

According to Comfort, the film is essentially a second Scopes trial, putting evolutionary scientists from UCLA and USC on the witness stand and challenging them to present evidence for the theory. The movie includes a statement by Professor Richard Dawkins about faith, which Comfort believes will “put a nail in the coffin of evolution.” “We haven’t misrepresented the professors in the slightest, but have just taken what they blindly believe and made it public,” the producer noted. “It’s going to show that the emperor Darwin has no clothes. ‘Evolution vs. God’ reveals, from the mouths of the ‘experts,’ that Darwinian evolution is not only unproven and unprovable, but is unscientific. If you believe in evolution, prepare to have your faith shaken.”

In just a handful of days, the new movie’s trailer has already had more than 240,000 YouTube views with thousands downloading the full pre-release version of the film. Ken Ham, Founder and CEO of Answers in Genesis and the popular Creation Museum, said, “‘Evolution vs. God’ will rock the creation and evolution world!”

The Scopes trial, held in Dayton, TN, was decided on July 21, 1925. The world premiere of “Evolution vs. God” will be held on Monday, July 22, one day after the 88th anniversary of the famous decision. Comfort will attend the film’s premiere in Sevierville, TN, at the Answers Mega Conference hosted by Answers in Genesis. For details, see Answers Mega Conference.

“Evolution vs. God” will be released on DVD and YouTube on August 7, and can be seen on

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Will Fraser July 26, 2013

In summary, this movie is nothing more than a disgraceful series of attacks on established science
offering no scientific alternatives.
But lets be fair. If Comfort has evidence or research disproving evolution, he needs to write all that down, submit to a peer reviewed, accreditted science journal for publication, and collect his Nobel Prize.

Otherwise his movie, like his ridiculous fundamentalism articles, will be seen in the scientific community for what it is. Nothing.

Sadly, Comfortr’s movie will encourage those of limited education, or with religious zealotry, mental instability or low intelligence, to simplify their views of science down to Comfort’s level. This simply encourages attacks on
logic reason and the values of The Enlightenment that lifted the world out of a religious Dark Ages,
If critical thinking were being applied, Comfort would understand supernatural events and magic are not part of science but of religion. CRITICAL THINKING IS SCIENCE.

As usual Comforts frenzied brain reveals he doesn’t have that capability so he simply attacks the credibility of science for the gullible. Hey, its a good business for Ray, miseducating others and defrauding people.

John July 26, 2013

This could swing both ways. It could another video set-up job where you try to trap the person, or it could be a chance to vent those questions that never get asked by scientists and professors.

Clyde July 26, 2013

Most documentaries are the traps.
Very unprofessional, all hype.

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