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Blasphemy Rights Day is a Farce

September 30, 2016 --

Friday was International Blasphemy Rights Day. On paper, its stated goal appears eminently worth defending: it is opposed to laws, such as those in Muslim-run nations, that punish the free speech rights of those who criticize religion.

For example, it says, “Sometimes religious militants make their own laws, deciding for themselves that expressions of dissent justify brutal killings, like the grisly murders of secularists in Bangladesh, or attacks on religious minorities in Pakistan.”

No one could reasonably argue with this assessment. But upon closer examination, it is clear that those who sponsor this event are not friends of liberty: they are rabidly opposed to religion, harboring a special hatred of Catholicism. In short, the whole project is a farce.

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Portland school OKs After School Satan Club

September 28, 2016 --

afterschoolsatanPortland school OKs Satan After School Club
By Oregon Faith News Note

A Portland School, Scaramento Elementary, has recently approved the After School Satan Club application to become an official after school program. One of the club’s stated purpose is to oppose the existing Good News Clubs which is a Christian after-school outreach program.  Many of the applications in other schools are schools where Good News Clubs exist.

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5 must reads for Science & Faith

September 26, 2016 --

By Derrick Peterson

New Wine Skins Ministry

In the mindset of many, Christianity and science are two entities that have, historically speaking, always been at war.  Much to the surprise of many, no doubt, professional historians rarely-if ever-speak of a historical “warfare” of science and Christianity.  In fact in many (and sometimes surprisingly strange) ways, Christianity helped foster science.  Not only this, but the large scale claim of a “warfare” of science and Christianity is now typically held up a particularly clear examples of how not to do history – grand categories do the lifting instead of careful and charitable historical organization.

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Hawaii first state with kindergarten sex-ed

September 23, 2016 --

Hawaii State Representative Bob McDermott,

In the Hawaii State Capitol, State Representative Bob McDermott hosted an educational event designed to alert, engage, and empower parents with information regarding the recently passed BOE policy mandating sexuality education in Kindergarten. While not yet implemented, the proposal is a cause of great concern an angst to parents, teachers, and principals.

Special guest speaker was Mrs. Sharon Slater chair of the United Nations Caucus on the Family who talked about the “attack on the family” and the sexualization of our youth without parental consent or involvement.

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Stout theology not saving evangelicals

September 21, 2016 --

It’s time to bury the myth that liberal theology is causing the decline of mainline churches in America — and with it, the twin falsehood that because of their conservative creed evangelicals will own Christianity’s future.

For many years now, it’s been treated as common knowledge in some circles that the liberal beliefs of mainline churches have been the instruments of their decline. As the story goes, if you want to know why the Episcopalians, Lutherans and others like them have suffered precipitous drops in members and cultural clout since the 1960s, you need look no further than their acceptance of society’s changing sexual mores, women’s equality and so on.

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400 sing hymn to teacher on death bed

September 19, 2016 --

400 students sing to cherished teacher on death bed
Oregon Faith News Note,

The entire student body of Christ Presbyterian Academy came out to sing to their teacher, Ben Ellis. Mr. Ellis was suffering from esophageal cancer and died 10 days later. Ellsi said, “I felt unity, I’m not alone. Joy. Peace. I also felt very loved; I already felt loved by God, but it was extra meaningful that God poured his love out to me through 500 people who loved me so well,” The video was highlighted by country singer Tim McGraw and seen more than 20 million times. A school official later said “”Ben entered Heaven fully healed; he is home.”

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Macy’s Muslim mishap

September 16, 2016 --

Catholic League for Religious and Civil Rights

Bill Donohue comments on Macy’s mistreatment of a Muslim woman:

Samya Moftah went to Macy’s flagship store in Manhattan in the summer of 2015 looking for gifts for her family. Instead, the Muslim woman found herself locked in a basement cell, charged with multiple crimes, threatened, and mocked because of her Muslim faith. A Manhattan court judge has now ruled in her favor as part of a class action lawsuit.

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Ore. pastor, camp director indicted on child porn

September 14, 2016 --

A Portland Oregon pastor and camp retreat worker has been indicted for producing child porn and transporting it across state lines. James Parkhurst, 56, was arrested in early August on a federal criminal charge and was indicted in Denver, Colorado recently. He worked as a United Methodist church deacon and executive director of camp and retreat programs for the Oregon-Idaho Conference of the United Methodist Church. The illegal pornography images were first produced back in 2010 accordng to court documents. The initail news coverage of his arrest can be seen below on KATU-2 TV News clip.

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Students run Bible camp in Japan

September 12, 2016 --

from Multnomah University


This month, a team of MA TESOL students and professors led an English Bible camp for college, high school, junior high and elementary students in Kobe, Japan. In addition to preparing English lessons for each day of camp, the group also planned games, rallies, campfires, worship services and special activities. Team members spent a week before the 12-day trip studying Japanese culture and taking a collaborative approach to camp planning.

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Graham’s new national video event – Decisions

September 9, 2016 --

Over the last 12 years, millions around the world have heard the Gospel through My Hope, a ministry of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association. My Hope is set to launch an all-new 30-minute program entitled “Decisions” which will be accessible—free of charge—anywhere via television broadcast, internet streaming and DVD.

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