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Fine in Christian baker case upheld

September 7, 2016

cnnw-logoBy Christian News Northwest

State lawyers contend that the $135,000 fine for discrimination levied by a state official against the Christian owners of a Gresham bakery was appropriate.

As reported by The Oregonian, the lawyers, responding to an appeal by Sweet Cakes by Melissa owners Aaron and Melissa Klein, made their points in a brief filed last month.

Oregon Labor Commissioner Brad Avakian ordered the Kleins to pay the huge penalty to a lesbian couple for whom the bakery owners had refused on relugious grounds to make a wedding cake in 2013. That business decision and the resulting controversary has garnered national attention.

The appeal was filed by the Kleins to the Oregon Court of Appeals in April, backed by H. Boyden Gray, former White House counsel for President George H.W. Bush. The Kleins contend that Avakian’s order violated state and federal laws. They said the labor bureau violated the Kleins’ rights as artists to free speech, their rights as Oregonians to religious freedom and their rights as defendants to a due process. They also claim that the fine was excessive and that Avakian, who praised an LGBTQ advocacy group on Facebook the year before the hearing, should have removed himself from hearing the matter.

State Attorney Geneal Ellen Rosenblum and Solicitor General Benjamin Gutman disagree. They say Avakian’s final order did not violate free speech rights, because refusing service is conduct, not protected speech. The order targeted discriminatory conduct and not the Kleins’ religious beliefs, the lawyers argue.

They also say Avakian is not biased against the Kleins and that on Facebook and in news interviews Avakian expressed his grasp of the public accommodations law.

Furthermore, the lawyers say the $135,000 award is fair because the same-sex couple who were denied the cake, Rachel and Laurel Bowman-Crier, testified extensively about their deep emotional distress over the incident.

With the help of thousands nationally in a crowdfunding effort, the Kleins paid the damages last year, but the money is in an escrow account until appeals conclude.

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Roderick2016 September 22, 2016

They are baking a dang gone cake.

Something they have done thousands of times before.

They aren’t required to sit through the wedding ceremony.

At most they would have to drop the cake off at the wedding venue.

If they don’t want to do that maybe a friend of the couple can drop by and pick up the cake.

If these religious nuts want to play this game well what if I worked at a gun shop and I sold a gun to someone who used that gun to commit murder.

Using these people’s logic I would be an accessory to murder.

Stop the stupid just stop.

Camarah Rivera January 11, 2018

A lot of times businesses will post that they have the right to refuse service to whoever they choose. This scenario smacks of a Nazi State State mandating that you have to serve anyone and everyone that walks through your door, that you DO NOT have the right to choose how much business you can or will not handle. Even though, you own the business and PAY YOUR TAXES, PAY FOR ALL OPERATING COSTS, PAY FOR INTIAL PURCHASE COST OF ALL EQUIPMENT AND THE FACILITY ITSELF WITH WHICH TO OPERATE YOUR BUSINESS.

If the couple didn’t like it it by the same token, they should have just taken their business elsewhere, instead of throwing a hissy fit and seeking to destroy these business owners because of unhealthy levels of anger and selfish emotions of not getting their way. Geez, I thought they would be used to being butt hurt by now.

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