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Christian bakers appeal case. Still under gag order

March 3, 2017

Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery owners, Melissa and Aaron Klein take their case to Oregon Appeals Court.
By M. Martin
Guest opinion,

The ongoing case of the Oregon Christian bakers and the lesbian couple who were denied a wedding cake order continues to make national headlines.   This week the Gresham bakers, Melissa and Aaron Klein have taken their case to the Oregon Court of Appeals.   The Klein’s were interviewed on Fox News and interestingly they could not talk about the case on national television because of a gag order by the Oregon Bureau of Labor.   They simply could not answer questions from the TV news moderator Tucker Carlson.

The story surrounds a lesbian couple, Laurel and Rachel Bowman-Cryer, who were shopping for a wedding cake. The Kleins stated that doing so was going against their personal religious beliefs. A discrimination case was filed and the Kleins and Sweet Cakes by Melissa bakery were fined $135,000. Now the Kleins are arguing that the Bureau of Labor and it’s commissioner Brad Avakian are violating state and federal law with the fine.

The couple at the center of the case told the Oregonian this week in their side of their story saying,

“If we prevent this from happening to another couple, it feels worth it,” Laurel Bowman-Cryer said. “I don’t want a future where we have signs in the window saying, ‘you’re gay, you’re not allowed.'”

You can read the front page Oregonian article here.


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Chuck Anziulewicz March 3, 2017

There was nothing about the cake the couple wanted that screamed “LESBIAN.” The reason the Kleins ran afoul of the law is because they would not sell a wedding cake to a lesbian couple, even though it was the sort of cake they would sell to anyone else.

Business owners have the right to set their own hours, choose which products and services they want to offer customers, and even enforce dress codes …. as long as all those decisions affect all paying customers equally. But you don’t to deny products and services to customers just because you have theological disagreements with them.

Imagine this scenario: A Straight (i.e. heterosexual) couple comes in wanting a unique cake for their wedding. They want four tiers, all enrobed with peach-colored fondant, with white piping and pink roses. “No problem,” says the baker.

So imagine a Gay couple coming in and requesting exactly the same cake. No “two groom” toppers, no rainbows, nothing that screams “GAY.” Should the baker be able to decline this order simply because the couple in question is Gay? THAT’S what I’d like to know … because if he would turn away a Gay couple for a cake he would ordinarily be happy to create for a Straight couple, that is flagrantly in violation of anti-discrimination laws, if those laws include sexual orientation.

Fred March 3, 2017

How does one balance enforcing discrimination verses religious liberty?

Robert Benson March 3, 2017

If the gay couple can find another bakery that will make what they want, then no harm, no foul. The bakery owners have followed their own religious beliefs and the gay couple get their cake. After all, everyone in this scenario has certain basic rights, not just the gay couple.

Oshtur March 7, 2017

There is no gag order, if Aaron actually said that then he is doing things God hates. The directive the BOLI gave is a word for word quote from Oregon Revised Statute 659A.409 that prevents a business from using discriminatory language. Word for word! The Kleins have closed their business last fall – they can say anything they want. This is just a dog and pony show by a couple that is milking the crowd sourcing gullible for all the money they can.

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