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Faith and Millennials

April 28, 2017 --


How do Millennial Christians Make Decisions?
Lindsay Nelson

GOOSE CREEK, S.C., Christian Newswire/ — Teleios Research conducted a survey by placing advertisements on InstaPray, a Christian Instagram account In total, 858 individuals participated, with the majority being: evangelicals (77%); college students (51%), females (67%), and 80% US residents. The average age was 23 ± 10 years.

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People rally behind local woman with mystery illness

April 26, 2017 --

by Nicholas Comerchero
Oregon Optmist

Katu news recently honored Edwin Young of Portland in its “everyday heroes” feature. Edwin has demonstrated remarkable devotion to his wife, Jovan, while she has struggled to recover from a mysterious illness which confined her to the hospital for several months.

Doctors have been unable to provide Jovan with a specific diagnosis, and although she has been released from the hospital, she can’t walk, and requires extra care from her husband. “Edwin cooks my food,” Jovan told Katu. “He helps me change my bed if I need to change my bed; he washes all of my laundry; he does the dishes.”

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The King’s Fate

April 24, 2017 --

MLK beyond the dream

By Tom Krattenmaker


The country, he charged, had “gone mad on war.” Poor and black soldiers were being killed and maimed in a far-off country fighting for freedoms they themselves did not enjoy in places like Georgia and East Harlem. America’s soul, he said, was poisoned by hate.

It’s not part of the feel-good story we like to tell on Martin Luther King Day. But on April 4 exactly 50 years ago, King gave a damning and historically important speech at Riverside Church in New York that, while seldom discussed these days, deserves to be remembered — and heeded.

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Church vs State heads to Supreme Court

April 21, 2017 --


Bill Donohue


The U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in an important religious liberty case. The issue is pretty straight forward: when it comes to the disbursement of public funds for a secular purpose, can a state treat a religious entity in a manner that is different from a non-sectarian institution?

Trinity Lutheran Church in Columbia, Missouri applied for a state grant to pay for a playground that serves its preschool. It was turned down: aid to churches is forbidden by the Missouri Constitution. Trinity Lutheran filed suit, arguing that its religious liberty rights, as affirmed by the First Amendment, have been violated; it also maintained that the Fourteenth Amendment’s provision ensuring “equal protection before the law” has been sundered.

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April 19, 2017 --

Via Christian News Northwest

CANNON BEACH — Exhibits can already be seen in the lobby of Cannon Beach Bible Church as they are built, but the church is on track by fall 2018 to host inside its building a full museum on dinosaurs.
The museum, to be known as the Cannon Beach Dinosaur Tracker Field Station, will feature dinosaur tracks and other fossils visitors will be able to touch and learn about.

“I don’t like putting exhibits behind glass,” said Steve Hudgik, the church’s pastor and curator of the planned museum. “As much as allowed by security concerns and the need to protect fossils from damage, we’ll have fossils available for people to touch and learn how they feel. For example, it is easier to feel the pads on a dinosaur’s fossil footprint than it is to see them.”

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NW students dig through Holy Land

April 17, 2017 --

Two Hebrew students selected for research trip in Israel
by Trevor Sikorski
Multnomah University

Multnomah seminary students Chad Woodward and Alyssa Schmid will embark on a one-of-a-kind research excursion this summer in Israel. The two Hebrew students will partake in several archaeological digs, take various tours of the Holy Land and learn about Israel’s history from the Bronze and Iron Ages up through the modern day.

Woodward views the trip as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. “It’s always been my desire to experience the Holy Land and see the places mentioned in Scripture,” he says. “I think this trip has a great mix of work and sight-seeing.”

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Trump slashes revenue to PP

April 14, 2017 --

Christian Newswire/ — The following is submitted by Bill Donohue:

President Donald Trump signed a bill today that allows the states to strip funding from Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion mill in the nation. He did so following a Senate vote in late March where Vice President Mike Pence was called in to cast the deciding vote.

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Joining the Fight to End Sex Trafficking

April 12, 2017 --

By NW Baptist ConventionAndrea Benson and her family have made a commitment to join the fight against human trafficking with a permanent reminder in the form of a tattoo. Using the acronym BRAVE in the tattoo, for “Beautifully Restored and Victoriously Empowered”

After graduating from California Baptist University, all Andrea Benson wanted was love, marriage and a family. Instead, she began a journey filled with pain for herself and her family.

Andrea, now 27, was a firstborn for Jim and Kerry Benson of Portland, OR. The family became part of Pathway Church (formerly Greater Gresham Baptist Church) 20 years ago and quickly became involved in church life and ministries.

“I had a picturesque Christian family,” Andrea said. “I was teased as a teen about how boy crazy I was, but was involved in youth group and after a trip to Africa, I knew I wanted to become a missionary.”

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International Palau group refocuses on Eugene

April 10, 2017 --

By Christian News NW

Christians in Lane County last month announced a major two-year evangelistic partnership with the Portland-based Luis Palau Association — including an outdoor festival here in the summer of 2018. The announcement from One Hope Network, a coalition of churches and ministries throughout the county, said it is a result of “years of prayer, dialogue and relationships between local leaders and the Palau team.” Goal of the effort is that “the gospel would be presented to our community in fresh, widespread ways.”

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Ex-Atheist, bestselling author debuts movie

April 7, 2017 --

Faith News Note,

Lee Strobel was an investigative reporter for the Chicago Tribune and a devoted atheist.  In the quest for truth he changed and would later write a bestselling book called The Case for Christ.  The movie on his life will be hitting theaters soon.

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