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3 clergy start gun ban petition

March 21, 2018

By Faith News Note,

Three Oregon clergy members have started a petition to ban certain rifles and hope to gather 88,000 signatures by mid-summer to qualify for the 2018 November ballot. W. J. Mark Knutson, pastor of Portland’s Augustana Lutheran Church in Portland told the Portland Tribune, “Now is the time. We can’t wait any longer. Given the momentum and energy and the networks we have, both interfaith and secular, we are ready to roll. It will be a tight timeline, and there will be opposition, of course, but we are going to make an incredible effort.”

Knutson is one of the chief petitioners along with pastor emeritus of St. Philip the Deacon Episcopal Church Rev. Alcena boozer and a Rabbi from Congregation Beth Israel, Michael Cahana. Petitioners hope to capture the moment in light of the tragic school shootings in Parkland and others across the country. Below is a Portland KGW-TV news clip on the petition effort.

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Josh Hixon March 21, 2018

Started a petition to ban certain rifles? That’s a pile of crap.. Actually read the proposal. It’s essentially anything that hold more than 10 rounds. 95% of handguns used for home protection, shotguns used for hunting it also requires registration of ammunition and a background check before purchasing ammo. This is a full-frontal gun grab and a Rabbi is behind it? Maybe these guys should read a little history.

Craig March 21, 2018

Maybe it’s time Churches that are taking on political action be reported to the IRS and have their tax exempt status removed.

Andy March 21, 2018

Not only anything that can hold more than 10 rounds. Many hunting rifles have thumb hole stocks and would be classified as an assault weapon because of this measure.

Timothy Barringer March 21, 2018

You poor ignorant fools, when guns go away thats when christians get targeted and murdered

Fred A. March 21, 2018

Why are you trying to threaten their non-profit status with the IRS? Pastors have the right to speak on issues. Is it OK for them to criticize abortion but not guns?

Patty Trost March 21, 2018

The ignorance of you hateful anti gunners is sickening. Trying to take guns away from law abiding citizens is unconstitutional. If you think this will stop bad people from finding a way to get a gun, then you truly are stupid.

Peggy March 21, 2018

We banned these assault rifles before, we can do it again.

We will only be safer.

Larry Sparks March 21, 2018

These left wing Pastors do not even believe in the bible, why would anybody pay attention to them.

William dinwiddie March 21, 2018

Maybe it’s time to remove the churches tax exempt status since some clergy wants to get involved in politics

Phil March 21, 2018

If I thought this would solve the problem I would be all for it. When these measures come up the weapons have their sales skyrocket. It’s counterintuitive

A fellow Lutheran

Mitch March 21, 2018

I didn’t think we could possibly be more divided. I was wrong. The chasm between those that want control and those that want to be left alone just widened. This will not turn out well. Hoping and praying for unity in spite of our differences.

Ron Glynn March 22, 2018

Once again, liberals in Portland are trying to control the destiny of every Oregonian. The 3 Leftist Clergy behind this petition are backed by Ceasefire Oregon, headed by Penny Okamoto. Kate Brown and Okamoto are fellow travelers.

If you are interested in fighting against their efforts, you need to do more than leave comments. Join the Oregon Firearms Federation.

Pete March 22, 2018

If clergy are getting into politics then clergy AND their churches should be taxed.

Bee mac March 22, 2018

We Oregonians MUST begin to stand up for our Constitutional and civil rights or lose them. Oregon is going down the slippery slope because we Patriots are silent. Write letters to the editor; talk to your neighbors about the necessity to be able to protect ourselves, homes and family; to have the right to defend our nation from tyranny; to keep and eat arms. I agree that churches should not advocate against our Constitution. That is not their purpose. I am becoming more and more distressed seeing my beloved Oregon constantly under attack from the insane liberal agenda. Stand up Oregonians and say “enough!”.

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