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Oregon Ad Battle: Atheist vs. Hobby Lobby

September 16, 2018

By M. Martin, Oregon writer,

The nature and narrative of America’s religious history is being battled out with full page ads in the state’s largest newspaper.  First it was Hobby Lobby placing a full page in The Oregonian on Independence Day (Independence Day ad here). Now this weekend, the Freedom from Religion Foundation, used the upcoming Constitution Day, September 18th, as perfect timing to place a full page ad in the Sunday Oregonian and Monday’s Oregonian entitled “Celebrate our Godless Constitution”. The ad also highlights the phrase “In Reason We Trust” and features six American Founding Father quotes that speak about their secular observations or their criticism of modern religion.

Local Portland Director of Freedom from Religion Foundation said the Hobby Lobby ad included, “Misleading sources and distortions were used to attempt to falsely imply that we are a Christian nation. Our Portland chapter, with FFRF, is very pleased to record set straight. A secular government gives all of us the freedom to believe or disbelieve as we like. This is true religious freedom for all.”

The outspokenness of secular and atheist Americans reflects a growing trend in the nation.

Here is the Hobby lobby Independence Day Ad


Hobby Lobby also does many seasonal full page ads across the nation promoting holiday inspiration messages, see below for their 2017 advertisements.  See more.

In another high-profile media case, the Freedom From Religion Foundation erected billboard in Denver reminding readers that they exist and they too participate in our democracy.



What are your thoughts on the debate on America’s history and heritage?


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Discuss this article

Thomas September 17, 2018

I don’t understand why they say the Constitution is godless? What point are they making?

Brother Roy September 17, 2018

So the Freedom From Religion has 2 ads, Hobby Lobby 1. Be fun to see Hobby Lobby’s response.

no name September 17, 2018

New secular dawn.

lloyd September 17, 2018

Christians and atheists have long argued about creation. A Christian believes that man was made by God in His image. An atheist believes that man is just a product of evolution, that man evolved from a monkey. I believe both views are true. If in doubt about a persons origin, there is a very simple way to determine those who are made by God in His image and those who are modern day monkeys. Just ask the person.

Jon September 19, 2018

I believe the big problem is that this fight is being conducted by most people in the policies America implements.
Instead,we should go back to secular government, leaving religion out of all things government. The most obvious example is the fight over Intelligent Design in schools. We should reinforce what Science backs up and can be verified, and once students arrive home after school each day the government has no right restricting a parent’s religious education of their child.

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