Finding serenity in Oregon's outdoors

By guest opinion,

Summer is here, yet people’s idea of getting away is the same as if it was December.   When the weekend hits there is a natural rush to hide in a dark movie theatre, rent a DVD or visit a busy restaurant.   Summer is your best chance to get outdoors and we need to use it not just for ourselves but also for our spirit side as well.

Oregon has an unbelievable treasure of natural sights, Columbia Gorge, Silver Falls, Crater Lake and even the newly created Stub Stewart park.   A pastor once said that God made nature beautiful to woo us and romance us into appreciation of Him.   The use of nature as evidence of God’s handiwork is a constituent theme in biblical literature.  My strongest recommendation is to head out to a park or nature trail and bring along the Book of Psalms.   Read, ruminate, reflect and meditate on the numerous creation passages.

How can the Divine ever get a word in edgewise if we so consistently barrage our heads with hours of manmade media messages?   There is a beautiful spot just for you out there waiting for you to be alone with your creator.  Jump on it, there are less than 50 days left of good weather.

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