Worship Without Borders helps worship leaders around the globe

Dr. Tim and Maryl Smith in Aloha, Oregon, started Worship Without Borders in 2006 to facilitate and release worship around the world. His desire is to encourage, impact and serve worshipers internationally, regardless of style or methodology. For the past 33 years Tim’s life-calling has taken him around the world. Worshipers in many nations including Uganda, Russia, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Japan and Indonesia, have benefited from his insight and inspiration in the area of worship. Worship leaders from all over the world have studied under his expert supervision.

In December 2007, they went to Uganda and worked with pastors and leaders, as well as ministering to AIDS orphans and widows on Bussi Island in Lake Victoria (second largest lake in the world with over 3000 islands!). Thousands of worshipers were released in worship as Tim and Maryl taught and initiated times of stirring worship both on the islands and on the mainland in Kampala through seminars and conferences. Through donations raised from many friends and organizations around the Northwest, they were also able to bless the orphans and widows on Bussi Island with two dairy cows (one is pregnant too!), medical supplies, medicine, wash basins, washcloths, towels, toothbrushes, treats, crayons, paper and pencils, scarves, hand drums and much more. They were also able to bring in reading glasses, a guitar and bass guitar for others in Uganda. On Zinga Island, Dr. Tim received his first ‘missionary offering’ of a rooster and two pineapples! They rode boda-bodas (motorcycle taxis) through the jungles of the island late at night to get back to their sleeping quarters in a hut by the orphanage. They sang and danced with hundreds of Ugandans in great celebratory meetings, oftentimes with only drum accompaniment. (Tim’s dancing technique greatly improved on this trip!)

In March 2008, Tim and Maryl went to Kamchatka, Russia, to teach pastors and worship leaders and assist in the start of a brand new school of worship in Petropavlovsk for two weeks. It was a delight to train budding songwriters to write songs in their own language, using their own indigenous styles for worship instead of just copying Western-style music. They are now singing many of those songs in their meetings throughout Kamchatka.

In May, they spoke at a worship conference in Puebla, Mexico and they have been invited back in 2009 to start a large choir and full orchestra in this growing congregation.

In July, Tim taught at the International Worship Institute in Dallas, TX, with hundreds attending from all over the world. In the fall, they have been invited to come to Australia, Malaysia and the Philippines to do conferences and work with worship teams. 2009 is now filling up with Mexico, India, Japan, Nigeria and Ghana all on the horizon.

Tim and Maryl minister as worship missionaries on a free-will basis wherever God takes them and appreciate the prayerful support of all those who desire to partner with them to help release and facilitate vibrant worship in local churches around the world.

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