Oregon author delves deep into self-esteem, self-image issues

By Dale Fulton,

Kimberly Davidson authoring “I’m Beautiful?  Why can’t I see it?”.

Kimberly Davidson founded The Olive Branch Outreach to offer hope to people who struggle with eating disorders and low self esteem.  From her own experiences, she is able to offer wisdom and support to those seeking to change their lives.  In her late teens she became so obsessed with her weight that she fell into the practice of purging to keep the pounds off.  As time passed her obsession developed into the vicious cycle of bulimia. She became entangled in a web of guilt and shame that she was unable to face people and bring her problem out into the open.  Instead she tried going at it on her own.  This proved to be fruitless and only served to deepen her sense of isolation.  It wasn’t until she found the courage to reach out and start connecting with compassionate people that her life started to change.

Through her testimony, Kimberly shares the truth that people suffering from unhealthy eating patterns and low self-esteem need unconditional love, acceptance, and forgiveness. They also need to learn how to forgive themselves and others that may have harmed them.  There is no real freedom without addressing a perhaps distorted perception of God, an understanding of their own identity, the work of the Holy Spirit, and how they can truly resolve anger and forgive others.

It is not the purpose of Olive Branch Outreach to proselytize anyone, but rather to be there as a support for people who are struggling with shattered self images.  Their mission statement says it best…

Regardless of what spiritual path you follow, or even if you are not “spiritual”, we accept you. Although we may disagree on spiritual issues, we are not here to convert you. We believe it is God who changes hearts and fosters healing, not people. We love, accept and want to help you if you are hurting. Regardless of your beliefs, we have all been hurt like you. And if that is all we have in common, it is enough.
It takes great effort to recover from an eating disorder – sometimes years. If you don’t think of yourself as religious, at least acknowledge that you have a spiritual side. People with faith are able to utilize God’s strength, in addition to their own strength, to recover. However you view God (some call Him “Higher Power”), just know He can help you. He will lead you to caring and loving people who can help you explore your past and future recovery.

Ms. Davidson is an author and counselor who speaks mostly to women about eating disorders and how they are related to low self esteem.  Her latest book, “I’m God’s Girl? Why Can’t I Feel It?” is due to be released soon.  It is written as an encouragement in helping people defeat depression and the “blues”.  It is a follow up to her other book, “I’m Beautiful? Why Can’t I See It?” which offers encouragement to promote healthy eating and positive self esteem.

For more information please go to: https://www.olivebranchoutreach.com/

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