Grants Pass gets early preview of Roe V. Wade movie

By Guest Opinion, Portland

Grants Pass was among a select list of cities that saw an advanced screening of the movie “Come What May”.  Over 800 people turned out for the movie at the local Performing Arts Center.   The movie was created by a pro-life producer as it deals with a student who has a mother who on the U.S. Supreme Court.   The movie delves into the legal battle over Roe V. Wade.  Dr. Michael Farris, who has argued before the US Supreme Court, provided legal guidance for the script.  In a show of support 40 home-schooled students participated in the filming.  This grassroots film making is similar to how the faith inspired movie Facing the Giants was staffed. In Facing the Giants it was mostly church members volunteering their services as actors and crew.  
Proponents of the film are already talking about how the film might be a controversial factor in the presidential election based upon the film’s timing and message.  To see details on the film visit the film’s website at  Advent Film Group

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