Odd News: During sermon on grace, pastor has wallet stolen.

Odd News: By Guest opinion, Portland.

Rev. Rob Hambry was speaking at the Fort Worrth Presbyterian Church in Texas when two theives snuck into the church office.  They stole his computer and his wallet.  They then proceeded to spend over $2,000 on his credit cards.   Would you believe that the entire shopping spree was completed before he finsihed his sermon? Severallessons could be arrived from the event.

First of all, no one can say that long sermons do not have consequences.   Second, this robbery is similar to others where church office doors are open all Sunday long.  The family atmosphere of a congregation creates a level of openness that thieves notice.  It is always best to keep the basic safeguards in mind when it comes to valuable office property.   Third, when tragedy strikes it is always good to be caught in the middle of timeless message like grace which was lived out that day.    If the pastor would have preached on “blessings”, it would have looked awful.

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