Catholic campaign against poverty begins. Where funds go.

By Archdiocese of Portland,

The annual collection for the Catholic Campaign for Human Development (CCHD) will be taken in the parishes of the Archdiocese of Portland the weekend of November 22 – 23. The CCHD is the program of the Catholic Church that works to eliminate the root causes of poverty and promotes economic justice in the United States. Founded in 1970, the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is the largest private provider of funds to organizations initiated and led by poor people. The Campaign helps put Catholic social teaching into action.

The mission of the Catholic Campaign for Human Development is: 1) to raise funds that support organized groups of poor and low-income people working to support economic strength and political power, and 2) to educate Catholics about the need to implement the Church’s social teaching by addressing poverty in the United States and promoting a sense of solidarity with the poor.

In the summer of 2008 CCHD grants totaling $160,000 were awarded to eleven programs in Oregon. Seven programs received local CCHD grants totaling $35,000 and four programs received national CCHD grants totaling $125,000.

Programs receiving local CCHD grants of $5,000 each were:

Metropolitan Alliance for the Common Good’s: “Moving from Debts to Assets”
This program offers low-income Portlanders financial literacy classes and support in conjunction with local financial institutions.

Sisters of the Road Cafe’s: Systemic Change Program
This program builds skills in the homeless community around issues of empowerment and civic engagement.

Umpqua Community Action Network: Community Garden Project
This project aims to make healthy, sustainable food available to low-income residents.

African Women’s Coalition: Leadership Development Program
This program offers political education and leadership development to African immigrant women.

Community Alliance of Tenants
This organization works to educate low-income tenants about their rights, and to ensure safe housing for everyone.

Street Roots Newspaper:
This newspaper gives a voice to the homeless community and offers suggestions for community action.

VOZ: Workers Rights Education Project
This project focuses on support, training, and educational opportunities for migrant laborers in the Portland area.

Programs receiving national CCHD grants were:

Lane Independent Living Alliance: $40,000
This organization empowers people with disabilities to advocate for equal access and quality care.

Verde: $35,000
This organization offers environmentally-friendly landscaping services, with a commitment to fair employment and empowerment of its workers.

Victory Alliance: $10,000
This organization builds community organizing skills and political education for people with disabilities and foster children.

VOZ Workers Rights Education Project: $40,000

This project focuses on support, training, and educational opportunities for migrant laborers in the Portland area.

In 2007 Catholics in Western Oregon contributed $115,905 to support the Catholic Campaign for Human Development. Catholics are asked to be generous in their support for the CCHD collection this year.


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