Online tool helps churches create recurring givers

Recurring Giving Provides Churches with Valuable Online Tool to Increase Giving Church Community Builder (CCB) Adds Recurring Giving Functionality to its Already Powerful Online Church Management Solution.

Church Community Builder (CCB), the original web-based church management solution, has announced that their customers can now offer members and donors the option to schedule automated ongoing contributions through a newly released Recurring Giving feature. Members of the church or ministry community can now schedule repeating contributions directly from a checking account or credit card on a customized basis, including weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual payments. Additionally, church leadership will be able to track these scheduled gifts throughout the year, increasing the level of predictability with which they can forecast future contributions.

“Members must authorize regularly scheduled contributions from their checking account or credit card. Once enrolled, their payment is automatically deducted each month according to the schedule they established,” says Kenneth Scott, vice president of product development for Church Community Builder. “Furthermore, an individual may establish regular contributions to multiple funds. For instance, people can set up a gift of $200 every two weeks to the General Offering, as well as a gift of $100 monthly for 12 months for Missions. Members can then track their giving history throughout the year and see a schedule of upcoming gifts in their private, online profile. This enhances convenience for those who wish to give electronically and maintain their giving on a consistent basis.”

CCB’s Recurring Giving feature works seamlessly with an existing merchant account. Finance administrators are able to view the repeating gifts scheduled for the entire church and run reports on these gifts over time. In addition to powerful internal reporting tools, CCB also offers a direct export to Excel, making it very easy to establish and monitor monthly contribution activity.

Scott adds, “In today’s increasingly web-based world where everything is just a ‘click’ away, Recurring Giving makes giving and supporting the church more convenient for the congregation. It also increases usability and enhances the budgeting process for church leaders.”

For more information or to speak with someone at Church Community Builder about this and other valuable functionality, email [email protected] or call 1-866-242-1199.

About Church Community Builder:  — Founded in 1999, Church Community Builder (CCB) made available the first ever web-based church management software to offer churches a flexible and affordable way to manage every aspect of church. Today, CCB is actively serving over 900 churches around the world including pre-launch church plants on up to mega-churches with over 10,000 attendees. The entire CCB team is committed first to serving the Kingdom by empowering churches. CCB believes that success is realized when doing the Lord’s work in a way that serves the body and honors the Word. If you find these principles appealing and desire to build a well-connected, empowered church, you are invited to take a good hard look at what CCB has to offer.

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