Adoption story: From being left for dead to becoming an accomplished musician

Holt International,
Eugene, Oregon

One day in Seoul, Korea, a newborn baby boy was found in the garbage and taken to Holt in the hopes that his life could be saved. He was soon adopted and raised in Michigan by his parents along with his sister, who is also adopted from Korea. Over 40 years later, this same boy, now a grown man, lives a healthy and happy life of service to others.

Kim Deardorff has a profound adoption story and exceptional talent for music. He is a self-taught pianist, composer and recording artist. His musical skills have afforded him the opportunity to travel the world, working for Fortune 500 companies such as Walt Disney, The Discovery Channel, The Kennedy Space Center, Universal Studios and many others. But Kim considers his most recent opportunity to be the most meaningful.

He is currently touring with the Christian music group, NewSong, sharing his adoption story from center stage at the largest Christian music event of the year, Winter Jam—for the purpose of raising up new sponsors for children in Holt’s care. The 2009 Winter Jam concerts feature NewSong and many other Christian artists.

“Never does a day go by that I don’t feel God’s hand guiding my life, knowing that I was rescued from an impossible, helpless situation,” Kim said. “It has always been a dream of mine to work with the organization that saved me and gave me a chance to live out God’s purpose for my life. Every time a child gets sponsored I feel like I am getting sponsored all over again, and as part of the Holt family I am honored to speak on behalf of my little ‘brothers and sisters!’ My message each night is: ‘No matter where or how you start out in life, God has a purpose and plan for everyone.’ Out of all the wonderful things I have been privileged to do throughout my career, this is by far the most exciting and most rewarding thing I have ever been a part of.”

Kim and NewSong have a rigorous tour schedule lined up through March and Holt needs as many volunteers as possible to attend Winter Jam concerts to help new child sponsors sign up. Click here to see where Kim and NewSong will be and sign up to volunteer. To learn more about Kim Deardorff, visit his website. You can also hear him tell his own story at a recent concert.

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