Georgene Rice Radio: Randy Alcorn on the Pro-Life movement

Georgene Rice of KPDQ-FM 93.9FM, Thursday Jan 22nd, Interview with Randy Alcorn, founder and director of Eternal Perspective Ministries on the Anniversary of Roe v Wade decision.   Here is an excerpt from that interview:

At the march in Washington, D.C. there was the largest turnout to date of 200,000 and over 80% were young people.

Alcorn: A poll came out that indicated the number of adults who did not approve of abortion under any circumstances was 18%. The number of teenagers was 32%. This was the generation that was growing up on nothing but pro-abortion propaganda. But, at the same time in our post-modern era our youth have become more sensitive to people’s needs.  There is a sense in which this little vulnerable child being taken just for the convenience of the adults…
Georgene: There are a lot of other issues in the continuum of being pro-life.

Alcorn: Historically, it has centered in advocacy of the unborn, but it’s not going to end there. The time is going to come when we are going to be talking about disabled and elderly and taking their lives as well.

Georgene: If you follow the logic of taking the life of the unborn child, it stands to reason that is precisely the argument that would move forward.

Alcorn: Peter Singer, a Princeton professor and Naturalist, called the single most influential philosopher in America and has influenced legislation, has advocated no child be declared alive until 28 days after birth, giving the parent time to decide whether they want to raise the child.  He also says we should not feel any reqret about taking the life of a disabled person and the elderly.
Caller: Even though young men don’t go through the abortion they are affected by it. When 18 I supported a girl in an abortion and years later regretted it.  For those out there that may have experienced the same thing, there is salvation in the grace of God.

Alcorn: In both books I talk about the effects of young men on abortion and encourage them to stand up and be a man. First, to stand up for purity, but then do not punish a child. This culture leaves the man out. Let’s be fathers from the first moment. This is not simply a woman’s issue. It is a human issue and it is one that God is deeply concerned about.

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