Heaven small group DVD

By Randy Alcorn,
Eternal Perspectives Ministries
Sandy, Oregon

A year ago July, I blogged about the days of filming I did for a new DVD about Heaven.  That small group DVD, which is a seven-week discussion guide designed for the book Heaven, is now available as a bonus product in the back of the book.  It’s fun to see the project come together, and fun too to see the little clips with our daughters, grandsons and even our dog Moses. In various sessions, we’re in my office, at our house, in our yard and even our neighbor’s yard. I like the footage filmed in front of waterfalls in the Columbia Gorge, which is in the excerpt below. Every beautiful place we went they asked me questions about Heaven and the New Earth, and my responses have been edited into this DVD.

People have asked when the Heaven book will be available in paperback. The answer is, from a publishing perspective (that’s their decision, not mine), when the sales slow down in the hardcover version. And by God’s grace the Heaven book has sold over half a million copies and is still on the bestseller’s list, as it has been since it came out four years ago. So, that’s delayed the release of the paperback.

The good news is not only that the book is bringing perspective and encouragement to countless people (I’m amazed at the letters we get), and many small groups are studying it, but that because we give away all the royalties, we’ve been able to support great causes all over the world. And now, in the back of every copy of the new edition of the hardcover book, Tyndale House publishers is providing the group study DVD at no extra charge.

Here’s an eight minute excerpt from Session 1 (What Do We Know About Heaven?) of the DVD. There’s a picture of my Mom about a year before she died in 1981, holding my oldest daughter Karina. And at the end, Nanci and my daughters, and three of my grandsons, eighteen months younger then than now.(Click here if you’re unable to see the video.)

Heaven is available from your local bookstore. (But do look in the back to confirm it’s the edition with the DVD.) It can also be purchased from the EPM website.


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