Oregon ministry fighting global prostitution featured in USA Today

USA Today featured Oregonian Mike Mercer of Compassion First and hs efforts to stop global human trafficking and prostitution.  Mike recently finished a midnight New Year’s fundraiser run to raise awareness and funds for his project.  Here is the USA Today story except:

“Now that he knows the name of a young enslaved prostitute in Indonesia — it’s Eka, pronounced “Ecka” — Mike Mercer is all in. The human-trafficking resister from Oregon is committed not just to the reclamation of Eka’s freedom and her pre-slavery lot in life, but also to her enjoying life prospects far brighter than if she had never been trafficked and had never crossed his path.”

“As a Christian, I can’t be satisfied knowing there are people living in such a condition,” says Mercer, 37, a onetime youth pastor at an evangelical church near Portland and the founder and director of a fledgling non-profit called Compassion First. “As a Christian, I’m a steward of the image of God. And every person on the face of the earth bears that image. I became responsible for Eka the day I met her.”

Full Story here.

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