New book 'Play to Win' combines football and faith

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There comes a single moment in many people’s lives that defines who they have been and who they are destined to become. For some people it comes at the most unexpected of times. For Jerry Glover it came at a moment that was one of the lowest in his life. Play to Win (published by iUniverse) by Jerry Glover uses a collection of stories based on his time as a force in Alabama football as a vehicle for sharing his views on spirituality and his relationship with God.

Play to Win utilizes the concept that wining in life is similar to winning in football. Glover recounts stories from his sixty-five years of life as a roadmap both to success in life and salvation with God.

Glover begins Play to Win with the story of how he came to Jesus. From there he tells many stories about his time both as a football coach for various Alabama high school football teams and his time working for the legendary Coach Bear Bryant. Play to Win is written for any one who is lost and in need of guidance or for those who just need a gentle reminder of what is most important in life.

“I attempt here to give an accurate play-by-play account of my sudden change from being a very disturbed and lost sinner to being a transformed man, filled with a new winning life, twenty years in the making. The events described along this journey each play a role in determining the final outcome of this most vital of all contests. The winning of the big game is really the greatest achievement of all.”

Jerry Glover was born in Portsmouth, Virginia. He attended the revered University of Alabama and managed the ‘Crimson Tide’ under the now legendary Coach Paul William “Bear” Bryant. After graduating Glover went on to coach football and become a successful business owner. Glover now lives in McCalla, Alabama with his wife of thirty four years, Karen. Jerry has lived a colourful life with plenty of highs and lows.

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