Movie Review: The Watchmen

Dennis Smirl,
Movie reviews with a faith perspective

I can’t recommend ‘Watchmen’ although it got a lot of advertising and build up via TV commercials. I was warned at the box office the first 15 minutes or so was very violent. It was. In the beginning ‘The Comedian'(one of the Watchmen), is violently murdered. The rest of the movie is one of the Watchmen trying to figure out who killed the Comedian while all of the Watchmen- actually 1980’s superheroes- trying to figure out their inner selves and ward off nuclear war. The script takes great liberties with altering history- claiming Nixon won a third term in office when we all know he was forced to resign in his second term.

100 Critics Score: 65%
My Grade: D
Things to Like: Special Effects Galore.
Things to Caution: Blatant nudity, Graphic Violence and ‘Adult Situations.’

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