Local Heaven author gets front page spotlight

By Beaver Believer,

Yesterday, Oregon author, Randy Alcorn, was featured on the front page of the Sunday Oregonian newspaper over his best selling book Heaven.  The former Gresham pastor’s book has hit a half million copies.   Here are some excerpts from the article.

A 2005 Newsweek poll found that 80 percent of Americans believe they’re headed to heaven but only half of them think of resurrection as a physical event, one that will include a new body for every believer… Reality or metaphor?  His book “Heaven,” in its 16th printing, is among several recent books that focus on physical resurrection and afterlife as core teachings of Christianity. Their authors disagree with liberal Christians who believe resurrection is a metaphor and that too much emphasis on heaven distracts believers from their role in this life…
New Earth is home, he says, “an actual, physical place — a place promised and built by our bridegroom; a place we’ll share with loved ones; a place of fond familiarity and comfort and refuge; a place of marvelous smells and tastes, fine food and great conversation.” Alcorn says that knowing what awaits Christians is a comfort in times of despair and a challenge to live a more faithful life.

“Knowing the story — the unfolding drama of redemption — knowing where it starts and where it ends is immensely helpful when you’re living in the middle.”

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