Movie Review State of Play

Faith Review: ‘State of Play’.
By Dennis Smirl,

Another conspiracy movie involving Iraq, Afghanistan and the military as backdrops. A military contract corporation sends a female operative to work for a Senator (Ben Affleck), whose committee in looking into illegal military operations. Complications set in because she falls in love with him and they become ‘involved’ and she lands up dead, along with two other people. Russell Crowe plays Cal McCaffrey, a reporter who is supposed to be a on a one-road journey to uncover the truth of why people are being killed. Being a fan of 24 and NCIS, it was most disturbing to see everyone seeking the truth but never realizing basic security measures were needed- you know, to keep people alive. Very violent movie, but well directed. Adult situations discussed but never anything onscreen.
RT rating: 80%.
My rating: Also 80%.

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