Top 10 Videos for Easter Service

Weekend National News Focus:

MEDIA ADVISORY, April 9 /Christian Newswire/ — Church attendance skyrockets every Easter, giving pastors a unique opportunity to share the story of Jesus Christ. Because we live in a culture driven by media, videos are one of the best ways to connect with these rare attendees, leaving them with lasting impressions of Christ’s death, burial, and resurrection. To help you find the best videos with the highest impact, Faith Visuals has selected the Top Ten New Easter Videos of 2009.

He Was Crucified — Beamer Films
This video offers a moving look at Christ’s crucifixion. Though Christ suffered, it was for us. Through Christ, we are redeemed.

Resurrection — Hyper Pixels Media

This video portrays the power and hope found in Jesus’ resurrection.

Mystery — The Work of the People
This video is a testament to the beauty of life, reminding us of the New Covenant between God and man.

The Wonderful Cross — Steelehouse
This video features Chris Tomlin’s arrangement of “The Wonderful Cross” as a visual illustration artistically explores the salvation that was won through Christ’s death on the cross.

A Story of Life — Floodgate Productions
This video depicts Easter from many different perspectives. Each perspective comes down to one word that best describes Christ’s sacrifice: Life.

It’s Not Over — Igniter
In life there are situations where you declare, “It’s over.” But the God we serve does miraculous things, restoring hopeless situations. This video explores how God’s ultimate declaration at the Cross was, “It’s not over.”

Alive — Restoration Videos
In this video people share how they know that Jesus is alive and what it means to them.

This Is Love — Big Pie Publishing
This artistic rendering, set to moving worship music, is a powerful reminder that God loved us enough to send his only Son to die for us.

A Simple Message of Hope — eleven72
This video shows how the story of Jesus’ death and resurrection is simple and beautiful, yet it has the power to change lives forever.

Bring It to the Cross — Media Fuel
This video explores how Jesus confronted our sin and pain on the cross, so we can lay our troubles and hardships at his feet. is a resource of Christianity Today International in existence since 2006. The site is dedicated to help bring truth into focus through visual media and is an online resource for preachers, teachers, and production teams. Find thousands of high-quality videos, worship backdrops, and still images useable in sermons and worship services, or in lessons, classes, and discussions.

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