Two news books and one movie you must see

By Dan Merchant, NW Filmaker
Lord Save Us from Your Followers

I wanted to let you know about a few new books/movies to keep your eyes peel for.

Angry Conversations with God by Susan Isaacs is a sharply written, funny confessional of a book by a talented creative woman trying to come to terms with her relationship with God…by taking Him to couples counseling. Cleverness aside, the book stands on terrific writing, valid questions and Susan’s willingness to bare her soul.

Churched by Matthew Paul Turner is a spot on memoir about growing up in a fundamentalist church from the point of view of a young boy seeking God, despite all the “church” in his way. Turner’s warm and yet direct storytelling style offers meaningful revelations and many knowing laughs.

Train Master is a sweet children’s adventure film directed by fellow Portlander and all-round nice guy Phil Bransom. Here’s the Amazon link to Train Master. You get a nice discount. trainmaster1

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